Is Meg's Baby In Trouble?

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Craig and Meg receive baby news; Craig questions Eli. Rosanna hides the videotape from Paul. Carly takes the kids to a festival; Kit and Sam are there. Jack tries to talk Katie out of her relationship with Brad. Craig learns the truth about the baby!

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Jack stops by Carly's and she tells him she already go the message and won't butt in any more. He says he needs her help! He asks Carly to take Sage and JJ to a community event and is about to leave when he spots Sam's dummy. Carly tells him that Sam is harmless but offers to pick the kids up at the farm so that they don't have to see or meet Sam. Jack leaves. Kit and Sam return. Carly tells them about the community event; Sam and Kit offer to tag along and buy the kids cider! Carly tells them it's a bad idea because of Jack and they agree to stay behind. Before leaving Carly asks Kit to choose their new glasses for Metro so they can open by New Year's!


At WOAK Katie can't get Brad and their lovemaking off her mind. Brad gives her a peck on the cheek and she becomes angry. Leading him into her office, she tells him to stop with the PDA! One guest, Mia, arrives and they begin prepping for the show. Katie pulls Brad, who is flirting Mia, away and tells him to stop flirting and start being professional. She storms back out. Brad follows her and tells Katie she is jealous. She denies it. He asks her to dinner but Katie refuses dinner, too, saying it would be too much like dating. Brad walks off. Jack arrives and surprises Katie! She angrily asks why he keeps showing up and Jack asks her for coffee so they can talk. Brad watches them leave. Mia walks up and asks Brad out for a drink. He turns her down but Mia flirts a little and Brad accepts!


Jack and Katie arrive at the diner and Jack starts in on her about making babies with Brad. Katie tells him he is too late and she may already be pregnant. Jack laughs at her and that makes Katie angry. He tells her that she will get attached with Brad because of the kind of person she is but reminds her that Brad never becomes attached to anyone! Katie tells Jack she can handle Brad and walks out. Katie returns to The Lakeview and finds Mia and Brad, very comfortable, in the lounge. She waits until Brad leaves and comes up to Mia. She tells Mia that she and Brad are trying to make a baby and Mia needs to leave! Mia makes her excuses and as soon as they are alone Katie plants a hot kiss on Brad! They go upstairs but Brad slows things down, asking Katie why seeing Jack (he saw them leaving WOAK together) has her hot for him. Katie says Jack has nothing to do with her wanting to make a baby and kisses him again. Brad doesn't totally believe her but they make love anyway.


Carly arrives at the farm to pick up the kids. She finds piece of cloth in the trash and asks Parker about it. He says Jack threw it out because of her! Without asking why he thinks that, Carly asks Parker to stop being angry with her because she is trying to back out of Jack's life. He agrees to put on a happy face for Sage's sake and walks off. Carly and the kids arrive in Old Town for the festival and find Sam there with Cowboy Jack! Carly sends the kids off in another direction and asks Kit what they are doing there. Kit says it can be explained to Jack as a coincidence and points out that Sam needs to build his reputation. The kids, meanwhile, have already sees Sam and the dummy. Sage and JJ become his first clients! Carly realizes Parker is gone and asks the kids where he went. Parker returns and wonders why she is so stressed out, pointing out that if she wanted to hook up with Kit and Sam she didn't have to drag them all along. Carly calls him on his attitude but Parker could care less if he is hurting her feelings. They return home just as Jack arrives. He sends the kids off to bed and tells Carly that it is too late to save Katie from Brad. Carly tries to comfort him but Jack is having none of that. She leaves. Parker returns downstairs and tells Jack that Carly didn't take them to the festival because he asked - she did it to help Kit and Sam. Jack is very angry at this news.

Carly returns home. Kit has bad news about the glass order. Carly shrugs it off. Kit asks if Jack is okay with them being at the festival and Carly says she didn't see any need to tell him about a coincidence that didn't hurt anyone.


At Fairwinds Rosanna is thinking about the videotape when Paul returns home. She hides it behind her back and asks Paul to give the cooks a message about dinner. He won't and asks what he has behind her back. Rosanna makes up something about a gift and makes Paul close his eyes. She hides the tape in the desk. Paul tells her that he agrees with Will's side of things now and wonders why she is being so understanding of what Barbara did. Rosanna brings up Meg's baby and says even if Meg's baby were his, she wouldn't allow him to return to Meg because she has hurt him enough already. Paul says it wouldn't matter if he was the father because he doesn't want Meg back. Rosanna is still unsure. Changing the subject she asks him if they can go get a Christmas tree. Once Paul has gone, Rosanna grabs the videotape and takes it somewhere else to hide.


In the hospital coffee room Meg is beginning to freak out about what Dr. Bullock might want. The doctor walks in and asks them to come into his office. The doc tells them that Meg is a carrier of Gauchers disease and that could be a danger to the baby if Craig is also a carrier. If they are both carriers, he says, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the baby will be affected by the disease. The doctor is called away and Meg breaks down. Craig tells her everything will be alright and goes after coffee. Eli pokes his head in and Meg demands to know if Craig is a carrier. Before Eli can answer, Craig walks in. Eli tells them both that he isn't qualified to give the results. The doctor returns and Eli hands off the documents. The doctor tells them that Craig is a carrier, too! Eli is listening at the door. Craig wonders why he wasn't tested before with his other children and the doctor reminds them that the baby is only in danger if both parents are carriers and that even then there is only a slim chance of harm to the fetus. Meg tries to be relieved. Craig leaves to track down Eli. Craig tells Eli that with the number of DNA tests run on him in the past the disease should have been found before and asks Eli to put him in touch with the doctor who actually ran the tests. He returns to Meg and reassures her that things will be fine.


Eli calls Rosanna, who is shopping with Paul in Old Town, and insists that she come to the hospital immediately. She makes a few excuses to Paul and hurries off. When she arrives, Eli tells her that he faked the results the doctor gave to Meg and Craig because the father is a carrier - but Craig isn't! She says they can fix the next round of tests, too, and Eli says it will cost her! Rosanna points out that she has already paid but he insists. She hands over some cash to keep him quiet. Neither notices that Craig is around the corner!


Meg walks in to the diner where Paul is just getting ready to leave. Seeing that she is upset, Paul asks what is wrong. Meg tells him things will be find because they caught the disease in time and then calls the baby a "he". Paul is obviously affected by learning that Meg is having a baby boy. Meg keeps talking and as Paul is preparing to leave stops him - because she just felt the baby move!


Rosanna returns home to find Craig is there waiting for her! He says he knows what she did and Rosanna tries to play dumb. Craig pulls out the videotape and asks if watching it together might job her memory about switching the paternity test results!

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