"I'm Sorry"

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Will tells off Barbara and so does Paul. Then he defends her. Gwen goes to see Sofie. Meg and Craig see the doctor. Rosanna pays off Eli!

Aaron arrives at Sofie's and tells her that he wants to help. Angry that everyone wants to fix things for her Sofie tells Aaron that she can handle her life on her own and asks him to leave. Aaron doesn't want to leave but Sofie insists and he finally does go.

Barbara calls Will and Gwen to see how things are; Will tells her they don't want Babs in their lives and hangs up on her. Gwen asks Will is he is sure and he says he is positive. Gwen calls to him from the other room and says she has changed her mind. "I don't want a baby any more," she says. Stunned, Will sits down. Gwen tells him that she is tired of the emotional rollercoaster they have been on and reminds him of all the time and energy they have expended on babies. She also doesn't want him to turn his back on his mother! Alison arrives and interrupts their conversation. She apologizes for her part in the baby fiasco but Gwen and Will don't blame her at all. Alison turns to leave. Aaron is waiting at the door! He tells them about Sofie being alone at the Wagon Wheel because Cole dumped her. He and Allie leave. Gwen turns to Will, upset of Sofie's behalf and wanting to help her. Gwen leaves.


After Will hangs up on her, Barbara spots Alison and confronts her about interfering in the baby situation. Allie won't take any guff from her and tells her that this is all Babs' fault! Alison storms off. With nowhere else to go, Barbara heads to Fairwinds, where Paul and Rosanna have just arrived. Babs tells Paul and Rosanna, hoping they will understand but neither can understand why she tried to buy Will and Gwen a baby. "I was trying to give him a family," Barbara cries. Angry, Paul tells Barbara that he won't help her get back in Will's good graces! Rosanna listens as Paul goes off on Barbara for trying to foist a child on Will and Gwen. She recalls switching the paternity results and begins to feel guilty. She tells Paul to leave Barbara alone! Rosanna says she can understand why Barbara did what she did. Paul is shocked. He puts on his coat and agrees to talk to Will for Babs. Barbara thanks Rosanna for helping her. Barbara leaves. Once she is alone Rosanna calls Eli. When he arrives she has a stack of cash ready and offers it to him in exchange for his silence - and the video tape! Eli assures her this is the only copy and hands the tape over. Rosanna gives him the cash and threatens him that if he comes after more money she could have him put away!

Paul arrives at the cottage and gets right to the point: he thinks Will is being too harsh toward Barbara! Paul points out that Barbara was only trying to make up for her past actions but Will refuses to listen to him. He tells Paul that he is no different from Barbara!

Aaron and Alison walk around Old Town, talking about the problems with Sofie and Will and Gwen. He asks what he has to do to cheer Allie up!


Gwen arrives to see Sofie. Sofie tries to shut Gwen out but Gwen insists on talking to her. She apologizes for what Barbara did! Saying they never would have gone forward with things had they known the truth, Gwen tells Sofie that she is sorry for what happened. Sofie tells Gwen she doesn't know what to do anymore. Gwen offers Sofie a shoulder, saying she has been in the same situation before.


Meg spots Craig at the hospital and reminds him for their doctor's appointment. Craig promises to be right there and then makes a beeline for Eli's office. Inside he asks Eli about Rosanna! Eli pretends not to know what Craig is talking about but Craig keeps pushing him for information. Before Eli can break, Meg's doctor walks by and Craig leaves with him. In the OB room, Meg and Craig hear from the doctor that they are having a baby boy! Craig becomes very quiet. Meg turns to him and he is speechless. She places his hand on her belly. They return to The Lakeview and Meg freshens up. Craig pulls out a picture of him with Bryant! Sitting on the bed, Craig talks to the picture. Meg returns from the bathroom and listens to him, touched that he still cares so much for his other son. As Craig apologizes to the picture for the bad things he did to Bryant, Meg begins to cry. They have dinner and then Meg's doctor calls and asks them both to come in because he has the results of the CVS test!

At the farm, Emma offers Noah and Luke cookies. When they are alone again, Luke slowly walks across the room to stand by Noah! He tires very quickly and returns to the wheelchair. Noah asks if he has told his parents and Luke says he isn't going to tell them until Christmas. They talk about Christmas and Luke asks Noah to spend the holiday with his family! Noah is surprised and says he'll stay on one condition: that Luke doesn't hog all the covers! Before Luke can reply Emma returns and asks Noah to stay to dinner. He agrees but has to leave. Alone with Emma, Luke asks if Noah can stay with them over the holidays. Emma says there isn't any room and Luke says they can both stay in his room! Emma isn't comfortable with that. Luke leaves the kitchen. A few minutes later Holden comes in and Emma tells him what she did, saying she feels badly about how she handled the situation. Holden points out that Emma would have done the same with Meg and even Holden if they had suggested spending the night with a boyfriend or girlfriend in Emma's home. She feels better about that. In the yard Luke tells Noah that Emma isn't comfortable with Noah spending the night. They are still talking with Emma comes outside and tells Noah he can stay but only if he agrees to sleep on the couch! "It's not because you're gay. I would be the same with anyone," she says. The boys feel better and Noah agrees to spend the holiday at the farm! Back inside Holden and Emma begin dragging out the Christmas decorations. Emma brings up Craig, wondering how that will go. Holden doesn't like the idea of Craig attending their family Christmas at all but Emma tells him they have to accept Craig into the family. She asks Holden where Lily will be for Christmas. He says he doesn't know and Emma brings up the kids. Holden says if Lily wants to see her kids she can come to the farm, otherwise he doesn't care!

Next on As The World Turns:

Meg and Craig get bad news about the baby.

Eli realizes another paternity test will have to be run - and the truth could come out!

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