Tempers Flare

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Emily is losing it and it's not pretty. Gwen's poor heart is broken because Jade can offer Will something she never can. Dusty is not going to let anybody stand in the way of his friendship with Lucy.

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Dusty tells Barbara that his relationship with Lucy is none of her business. Lucy walks in and says that whatever Barbara has to say about her she needs to hear it. Barbara says Lucy has no idea how it feels to bury a child, they all pretend to be happy for Johnny's sake. She says she's afraid that Lucy and Dusty will forget
about Jennifer and walk off into the sunset. Dusty takes Lucy into the hall, he tells her that he needs her for a friend and that he believes Jennifer would have approved. Lucy leaves and Dusty goes back into the apartment, lights into Barbara and tells her if she pulls that again, he and Johnny are out of there. Barbara apologizes, she's just so afraid of losing the memory of Jennifer. Dusty says he just looks into Johnny's eyes that he can't forget one second of his and Jen's time together, but it's not Lucy's fault. He asks Barbara to treat her better then next time she comes around. He asks her to watch Johnny while he takes a walk. As soon as he walks out, Barbara calls Lucinda on her cell phone with Lucy sitting there. Barbara tells Lucinda they have a big problem. Lucinda goes to Dusty's apartment. Barbara tells her that Dusty will break her heart. Lucinda says at least she will know she's alive. Barbara says Dusty will never love another woman. Lucinda says it would be a shame if Dusty's life, and Barbara's, ended with Jen's. When Lucy leaves she goes to the bar at the Lakeview and has a glass of wine. Lucinda joins her. They talk about what happened with Barbara and then about Lucy and Dusty at the movies together and how nice it was. Lucy tells Lucinda she never stopped loving Dusty, but it doesn't matter, the guy she's in love with is still in love with his dead wife. She says that when Dusty first told her he was in love with Jen, she pretended to be happy for him, but she wasn't. Lucinda all she needs to do is be his friend and not let Barbara interfere. As the two women talk about Lucy and Dusty, he sits down next to Lucy at the bar and they talk about doing things together.


Emily comes over to visit Henry. She tells him how worried she's been about him. She tries to take his martini away. She tells Henry that Paul is missing, she wants Henry to pick up his scent, find out where he went for old time sake. Henry refuses, Emily says she'll break into his apartment, find the itinerary because Dr. Schiller is making noise about genetic testing for the baby and she needs to find Paul now. Henry disguises himself as a blind man and Emily puts on a brunette wig and they break into Paul's apartment. Henry waits in the hall. When Emily comes out of the apartment, he hands her the cane, says she's the one who's blind. Then they listen at the door to Meg and Paul arguing. Emily slams into the apartment and threatens Paul.


Paul and Meg are like kids, thrilled to have this time together in his apartment away from Emily, with Emily thinking he is gone out of town. They kiss and laugh, talk about how they wish they were in Tahiti then become very romantic. They are drinking tropical drinks, kissing, getting ready to become sexual when Meg hears a noise. She gets up and finds Emily in the living room. Emily tries to tell her about the test they are doing and how she needs to find Paul right away. Meg's nursing knowledge calls this out at a lie.


Emily says she's going to tear the apartment apart until she finds Paul. She starts rummaging through Paul's stuff, she sees his laptop. Meg tells her if she touches one more thing, she's calling the cops. Emily says Paul will probably be in touch with her soon anyway. She leaves and Paul comes out of the bedroom, ask Meg if she's ok, she is very upset, she says she wants to drop kick a very pregnant woman across the room, so no, she's not ok.


Gwen and Jade are alone. Gwen wants to know why Jade is doing these things to her, after she was her friend, and now that she's finally found someone who really makes her happy. She asks Jade if she hates her that much. They start arguing fiercely, Gwen gets up in Jade's face, says how many guys there have been? And she accuses her of lying about being pregnant. Jade says that Gwen is no better, gets just as nasty, says that Gwen slept with Casey. Gwen screams that Casey wasn't married. Gwen calls Will and Jade stands watching in the background.

Luke brings Jade her sweater, she tells him that Gwen is blaming her for everything. Jade being pregnant won't change Will's feelings for Gwen.


Will keeps calling Gwen on his cell phone from the chapel where the memorial service was held. Luke walks in and tells Will that Jade told him she was pregnant. Gwen finally returns Will's call, she says they need to talk. Gwen goes to the chapel and finds Will alone, praying for them. As Gwen cries, her back to him, he tells her it's not God's forgiveness he needs, it's hers. Gwen asks him if he remembers the first time they brought Billy home? They talk about how wonderful it was. But this time, it's his baby, with Jade, Gwen says.


Will says he loves her so much, she tells him she loves him too, enough to let him go, she can't spend the rest of her life watching Jade give him the one thing she can't.

Will begs her not to leave, they sit down and he says that he can breath when he's with her, she feels the same way. She says she is trying to tell herself she can be big about this. Will tells her that this can never replace what they had with Billy. Gwen says it will, that Will can be a real dad now. Again they say how much they love and need one another.

Gwen says she's got a pretty good idea how things are going to play out. Things will be ok for awhile, but then he'll get closer to Jade because of the baby. That's why she can't go home. She gets up and leaves him standing in the chapel alone.

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Meg shows Emily her engagement ring, tells her that she and Paul are getting married. Lily, in a white light, touches Holden on the arm. Is it a dream?

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