Jack and Brad Fight

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Jack knows Brad spent the night with Katie. Carly decides Katie deserves her settlement check. Alison learns a little bit about Cole's schemes.

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Carly decides to call Jack. She tells him it won't take long to talk but he hangs up on her. "What did you expect?" she asks herself. Carly calls WOAK looking for Katie!

Parker and Jack talk in the kitchen about the court hearing to change Parker's last name. Jack calls a judge friend. Brad arrives, whistling, and Jack asks where he has been. Brad admits he was out all night. "What's it to you?" he asks. He tells Jack that he spent the night with Katie and Jack is shocked. They begin to argue about Katie. Emma walks in and tells Jack to either go to the barn or go to the parlor but to leave her kitchen. He heads for the barn. Alone with Brad, Emma turns her anger on Brad! Brad blames Jack for their fight. As they argue, Jack walks back on to the porch and listens as Emma asks why Brad decided to stay in town. Jack goes right inside and asks what is keeping Brad in town now. Frustrated, Emma leaves them to their argument. Brad tells Jack he was only being a friend and listening to Katie but Jack doesn't believe him. They begin to argue and Brad points out that Jack was never really truly in love with Katie; Jack doesn't want to hear it but he listens. When he's done, Brad storms off. Emma returns with Parker and takes a few pictures of Jack and Parker in their suits. Jack and Parker head out. Brad returns. Katie calls him and ask Brad if he can come to the diner for a WOAK segment. He says he'll be right there.

Cole angrily tells Aaron to butt out of his and Sofie's lives! Aaron walks away.


In the hall, Gwen asks Sofie what her plans are for the child. Sofie will only say that her decision won't be easy. She is about to tell Gwen about the adoption when Cole walks up and starts a fight with Gwen. Gwen apologizes for how she has treated Cole in the past but he is unforgiving. Gwen walks away. Cole turns on Sofie and asks what she said to Gwennie! He tells her that she shouldn't tell Gwen their secrets because they need to focus on themselves right now. Sofie buys his explanation. Cole suggests they move away to LA once the baby is born. Sofie asks how they can move to and live in LA when they can't even afford a baby.

Katie is talking things over with Henry and Vienna at the diner. Vienna side with Katie and says they should have expected nothing less from Carly; Katie points out that Carly wouldn't have been able to pull Jack along with her if he didn't want to go in the first place. She says things are over between her and Jack! Katie starts working on the stuffing with Vienna; both Henry and Vienna want to know why Katie is pushing Jack away. They become even more worried about her when she mentions that Brad was with her the night before. Henry asks how far things went with Brad and Katie insists they were just friends spending time together. Henry tells her Brad was just trying to get lucky! Katie can't believe them. Vienna goes back to the kitchen. Katie tells Henry that life was a lot easier when she was a schemer and a liar. Vienna returns with cookies. Katie tells them about the sweet things Brad has done lately and assures them she is in control of the situation.


Aaron is walking in Old Town and runs in to Alison. She asks what's bothering him and offers to listen if he'd like to share. Rather than talking about Cole and Sofie, Aaron tells Alison he isn't looking forward to Thanksgiving because of Holden and Lily's divorce and Luke's paralysis and the situation with Jack and Carly. Allie had no idea things were so hectic at the Snyder farm. She realizes that isn't all that is bothering Aaron, though, and asks for the rest of his story. They chat a bit more but Aaron doesn't tell her about Cole. Aaron leaves to grab some more cider and Cole steps up and begins flirting with Alison! He comes on to her, asking her to come have a real drink with him. Aaron sees - and hears! - everything Cole says! Allie shoots Cole down. When he is gone, Aaron tells her exactly who Cole is. Aaron tells Allie that she should pretend to go out with Cole so they can learn the truth. Allie is completely offended and tells Aaron to leave her alone. He apologizes and says he didn't mean she should prostitute herself for Cole but Alison won't listen. He walks away. A few minutes later Cole returns and Allie throws caution to the wind and goes with him to have a drink!

Carly is headed out of her house to find Katie. She runs into Gwen and tells her sister that she was going to give the settlement money to Katie! "This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of," Gwen says! She tells Carly that the best thing she can do is steer clear of both Jack and Katie for a while. They start walking and wind up in Old Town. Gwen leaves Carly outside the diner. Through the window Katie and Carly see one another! Gwen goes inside to try to keep things calm. Seeing Carly, Vienna and Henry ask her to stay out of the diner. Katie hurries to them and says its fine and Carly can come stay if she would like. Henry and Vienna return inside but Katie and Carly stay outside. Carly offers Katie the settlement check, which only makes Katie angry. She tells Carly that a payoff won't fix things between them and without letting Carly get a word in edgewise, says Jack deserves better but Carly will never let him have better. Katie goes back inside and Gwen comes out. She tells Carly maybe she should try giving the money to someone who doesn't hate her. That gives Carly an idea.

Carly stops by WOAK and runs in to Brad, who is picking up a few things before meeting Katie at the diner. She tries to give him the settlement check but Brad won't accept it. He tells her that he doesn't want any part of her schemes or her money any longer. He wants to be a better person! Carly leaves. Katie arrives at the TV station and one of the sound techs accidentally pops open the microphones in the room where Brad and Carly are arguing. Katie hears Brad admit to knowing Carly's secret! The sound techs turn it off but Katie asks them to let it play. Katie can't believe what she is hearing.

Gwen returns inside the diner and apologizes to Henry for her part in the Carly/Katie scene. He forgives her. She asks about Maddie and he says she won't be home for Thanksgiving. He asks about her and Gwen tells him they are going to adopt a baby. Henry is excited for her; Gwen says she is trying to get excited. Brad arrives but Vienna won't talk to him.

Cole and Alison wind up at Yo's. He starts to drink but Allie sticks with water. He begins to talk about moving to LA and coming into a lot of money very soon. He suggests they go on a roadtrip!

Parker and Jack are in Old Town, getting ready for the court hearing to change Parker's last name. Jack gives Parker a new letterman's jacket with "Snyder" on the front! Parker calls him Dad for the first time as Carly walks up. She asks where they've been and Parker tells her about the hearing. Carly says she would have liked to go and Parker says he didn't want her there! Angry, Carly tells Jack that Parker is still her son. Jack says it was Parker's decision; he and the kiddo leave.

Back at The Lakeview, Aaron and Sofie talk about how great Cole is being. Sofie walks away; Aaron wonders what Cole is really up to. Alison walks in and tells Aaron that Cole is up to something and it will be very bad for Sofie!

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