Hearts Get Broken

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Carly realizes Simon is not over Katie. Will tells Gwen that Jade is pregnant. Dusty and Lucy must deal with Barbara. Maddie and Casey come to a very good agreement.

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Carly and Simon are on the bed, going after it hot and heavy when Simon gets sick from drinking too much. He runs to the bathroom and lies beside the toilet. Carly brings him some water and wets a cloth, she puts it on his forehead and sits down on the floor with him. He says, now where were we? Carly climbs on top of him and begins unbuckling his pants. Simon says yes, yes, take control. Carly tells him it's not foreplay, she's just helping him out of his pants. Simon tells her the worst part of getting a divorce is having no one to share day to day stuff with. He says goodnight, but Carly drags him up and tells him he needs a shower. She gets him under the cold water to sober him up. He drags her in the shower with him and they are laughing. Back in the hotel room, Simon is wrapped in a towel and Carly is in a kimono. She says it's probably a good thing that he got sick, they probably weren't meant to be together. He says maybe she wasn't ready, she says she was ready for him, the problem is that Simon isn't ready for her. He starts kissing her again. She says that it's not physically that he's not ready, emotionally he's a mess. He wanted to get drunk because he doesn't really want Carly, he wants Katie. He says that's wrong, he wanted to get HER drunk to show her a good time. She tells him she had the bartender water down her drinks.


Carly gets serious, she looks Simon in the eyes and asks him if he really wants her. He says he does, and it's not just sexual. She knows his past, she challenges him. He says they are going to pick up tomorrow afternoon where they left off. Carly says no, not anytime soon, they need to finish the building first and think of being together intimately as inspiration. Simon says, so let me get this straight, the sooner we finish the building, the sooner we canyou know? Carly leaves him lying on the bed, frustrated. Then Carly gets back in bed with Simon, she says she misses being married, he falls asleep and she gets up. She leaves the room.


At the movie theater, Dusty and Lucy are having a really good time. Lucy bought a toy for
Johnny. He says why don't you give it to him yourself, why don't you come home with me? When they get there, Lucy gives Johnny the toy she bought him. Lucy says he's the most spectacular child ever. Dusty says he gets his strength from his mom. Lucy brings up Craig which upsets Dusty. She can't help thinking of Craig when she looks at Johnny, but Dusty is his dad.

Barbara comes in. She is shocked to see Lucy
there and makes her feel really unwelcome. Lucy goes to the restroom to get a stain out of her shirt. Dusty demands to know what Barbara thinks she's doing. He tells her he knows about the chat she had with Lucy telling her that Dusty was on the rebound. Barbara says you are my son in law, I care deeply about you. He says give it to me straight, what is your problem with Lucy, Barbara says she's dangerous for him and Johnny.


At the memorial service, Dr. Hughes concludes the service for the kids who were murdered by The Slasher. One of the girls who had been shunning Maddie walks up and apologizes to Casey. In a private room of the chapel, Margo talks to Maddie about moving back in with them. Henry arrives, he's just come back from telling their family what has happened. He says Maddie moving in with Margo's family is a great idea.
Maddie wants to know why he is sending her away, she says that he DOES blame her. Henry says they have a problem, he can't say no to her. She needs Margo, Margo is tough, maybe she can help Maddie get past what's happened to her. They will see each other all the time. Maddie says what if she kicks me out again? Then Henry realizes that Maddie living in the same house with Casey would be a bad idea, him and his red blooded hormones. Margo begs Henry to let Maddie come live with them, she will take such good care of her. Casey and Tom come in. Everyone is happy, Casey says if Maddie is going to be living in their house, he's not living on campus. The adults all say that won't work. Maddie asks to speak to Casey alone and the grown ups leave the room. Maddie tells Casey she really needs to feel safe right now. She wants him to move out, to live in the dorms. He says he wants to help her, she says the best way to help her is to jump into college and have the best freshman year ever, be free, and give her time to heal. He says he doesn't want any of that if he can't be with her. Maddie says she needs him to be normal, because if he is, maybe she can be too. He agrees, as long as she will come to the dorms and hang out and he can come home and be with her.

The crowd congregates after the service, talking. The kids who weren't murdered realize how lucky they were. Barbara tells Kim seeing all these parents who have lost children makes her want to protect what she has. She wants to go check on Gwen and Will, but Dr. Hughes and Kim talk her out of it, Dr. Hughes says didn't you promise them you wouldn't interfere so much?


Gwen and Will are talking outside the chapel when Jade walks up and asks if she can help. Will insist Jade leave. When Jade walks back in the chapel, Dallas apologizes to her for being rough during the investigation. Luke walks up and Jade hugs him. Luke wants to know what's going on with Will and Gwen. Outside, Gwen is afraid Will has fallen in love with Jade. He says that's absolutely not true, but tells Gwen that Jade is pregnant. Back inside, Dallas and Casey talk about Maddie, Dallas promises to keep an eye out for her. Casey tells his dad he doesn't want to go home. He wants to be with Maddie tonight.

Gwen cannot believe Jade is pregnant and that she's going to keep the baby. Will says he still feels the exact same way he did about her, that nothing will change. But Gwen goes ballistic. She says she has forgiven him over and over, but this time, everything is not going to be ok, it can't be the same, she can't accept this. She takes off running with Will following him. Jade rushes out, Luke chasing her down. She wants to go to Will, she says he needs her. Luke says Jade being pregnant is not going to make Will stop loving Gwen. Jade and Luke walk up on Will trying to call Gwen on his cell phone. He asks Jade if she's ok. She says she is. As they walk away, Dallas and Jessica walk outside and he asks Jessica what she knows about Jade
Taylor. Jessica says she knows she's trouble. Will continues to try calling Gwen on his cell phone. Jade tells Luke she left her sweater in the chapel in a pew. When she goes in and opens the door, she finds Gwen alone.

Next on ATWT: Emily is up to something, while Meg and Paul are making love Meg hears a noise. Gwen finds Will in the chapel praying.

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