Is Maddy Losing Her Mind?

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Simon whisks Carly off to New York, Jack calls her room and Simon answers. Dusty is worried about Lucy’s involvement with Damian and wants to get involved. Lucinda begs him not to. Damian comes on to Lucy but Sergio shows up. Maddie thinks she’s losing her mind. Margo suspects that Maddie may have hurt herself and wasn’t attacked. Gwen confronts Will.

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Carly and Simon in hotel room.

At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Dusty that Damian is a great guy. Dusty is worried about Damian's motivations with Luke and wants to know why Lucy would hurt her family by moving in with Damian. Damian shows up and hugs Lucy, he says that he will be happy to get rid of the problem if there is one, meaning Dusty. The two men exchange an evil look.

Carly and Simon are on his private jet, on the way to New York to spend the night in a five-star hotel. She tells Simon how angry she is at Jack for taking the kids away from her house while she was gone, just because the alarm went off. When they start to make a champagne toast, Simon spills champagne all over Carly's clothes.

At the police station, Margo tells Jack and Dallas that the cuts on Maddie's hands could be self inflicted. The three of them talk about Will and Jade, saying they need to separate them, that Will is getting more nervous the longer his wife is not around. Maddy, wet and wrapped in a blanket, tells Gwen, also drenched, that Will and Jade were trying to kill her because she overheard them talking about sleeping together. Gwen is angry and refuses to believe it. She asks Maddie how she knew it was Will and Jade that she saw. Maddy starts having another flashback and Gwen consoles her. Margo walks in and asks Gwen to leave so she can talk to Maddy alone. When Gwen comes out of the room, Jack is questioning Will and Jade. Gwen listens, looking very concerned.

Back on the jet, Carly has changed from her champagne soaked dress into an airplane captain's jacket. She and Simon share a toast, very comfy together.

At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Damian that Dusty doesn't care about her. He blames her for his wife's death; almost daring Dusty to deny it. Dusty just tells her that he thinks she should be careful. She tells Damian, "Let's go home." He puts his arm around her and they leave. Lucinda arrives. Dusty wants to know what is going on and accuses her of setting Lucy up. She admits that Lucy is moving in with Damian to find his medical records to prove to Luke that he is a liar. Dusty is worried about what will happen to Lucy. Lucinda tells Dusty he's a tyrant and they argue. Dusty says that their plan is going to backfire, that when Damian finds out he's being played, it won't be cool. Dusty says, "Let me help."

At Damian's home, he tells Lucy he doesn't like Dusty because he hurt her. Lucy says she feels guilty about what happened to Jennifer. Lucy tries to talk Damian into coming to Oakdale Memorial for some test. Damian refuses, telling her that seeing Dusty has dredged up memories of the wife he couldn't save. Damian makes a move on Lucy and doesn't want to waste time talking about his illness.

Meanwhile, Carly is in her suite at the five-star hotel, tickled to death. She says, "Jack is going to hate this!" Simon leaves her a note telling her that he ordered her a new wardrobe. They are beautiful, expensive evening gowns and shoes and Carly decides the man has taste. She opens a drawer and finds jewelry, then some black lingerie. Dialing Simon's room she finds that he's not there and leaves a message thanking him. She says it's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her. Simone shows up at the door claiming that his room is flooded and he has to stay in the room with her.

Back at the police station, Will hugs Gwen and she asks why he hasn't bothered to wonder if Maddie is okay. Eve and Henry show up and want to take Maddie home. Dallas says she needs a doctor. Jack tells Will and Jade that they can leave. Casey rushes in, asking Margo about Maddie. He wants to see her. Margo informs her son that seeing him will make matters worse. She tells Casey to go home.

Henry tells Margo he needs to see Maddie, she doesn't argue. Henry hugs his sister for a long time and tells her that the police think she faked her attack, and hurt herself, but tells her he doesn't believe them. Maddie says, "Maybe I did," and looks bewildered. Will and Jade assure each other that Maddie didn't tell Gwen what she knows about them. Jade lays her hands on Will's shoulders in a very intimate way. Gwen walks in the doorway just in time to catch this.

In the New York hotel suite, Carly sees through Simon's ruse. She doesn't believe for a minute that his room is flooded. Simon tells her to call the front desk and ask. She says he probably bribed them anyway. She refuses to share the room with him. He wraps his tie around her neck and tells her to come to dinner as she is and leaves. She is totally frustrated, but flattered.


Maddy is afraid.

Back at the police station, Will and Jade argue. He tells her to mind her own business, not to talk to him about his wife, and to leave, please. Jade obeys and Will and Gwen go home. Dallas and Margo talk about Maddie while Eve listens in the background. Dallas defends Maddie, but Margo is skeptical.

Maddie tells Henry she can't remember what happened and she keeps seeing things that aren't there. He brings up the sexual assault from her past. Maddie doesn't want to talk about it. She says she thinks she's losing her mind.

At Damian's, Lucy tells him they are moving way too fast but he continues to come on very aggressively. She tells him she doesn't want him to give up on his life; she wants them to have a chance to get to know each other. She's still trying to convince him to get tests done. He says he's been treated at Oakdale Memorial and doesn't trust them. Lucy asks, "Do you trust me?" As they are about to share an intimate moment, Sergio shows up. Damian goes out in the hallway and Sergio tells him, "Your time is running out." Lucy walks up on them and Damian introduces Sergio as an old friend from Malta.

Back at the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Dusty his getting involved would cause Lucy grief after what they've already been through. Dusty says Lucy has no business with Damian. Lucinda is worried that if Dusty gets involved he may tip Damian off. She asks Dusty to swear he will stay out of it.



At the police station, Jack admits to Margo that he wants to use Gwen as an excuse to call Carly. Eve tells Margo she wants to get some help for Maddie. Henry lets Maddie know what Casey said, that he was there and that he cared. Maddie is really afraid she's losing her mind and starts thinking about the first date she had with Casey. At first it's a happy memory but then it turns sensual, then sexual. She picks up a knife in her daydream and things go red, then she's a nice person again, innocent. She's seeing herself as many different people, good and evil, confusing everything that's happened.

When Will and Gwen get home he asks if she's hungry. "No," she says. "Thirsty?" he asks. "No." She questions him about how he ended up at the lake where Maddie was in trouble. Will asks her how she got there. She says she was looking for him. He asks, "What's wrong?" She says his mom made her paranoid talking about him and Jade. She says maybe his mom is not too far off the mark and finally tells him what Maddie told her, that she'd heard Will and Jade when they were talking about sleeping together.

Back at Damian's, he tells Lucy that Sergio is in Oakdale on business. He dropped by to see Damian's expensive cigar collection. She tells them to go right ahead and enjoy their cigars. Damian asks if she will wait up for him. After he and Sergio leave the room, Lucy's phone rings and it is Lucinda. Lucy tells her that she needs to get Damian's records from Oakdale Memorial. She hangs up and tells Lucinda someone is coming. Lucy tells Damian that she has a hospital emergency and must leave.



In Carly's hotel suite, she tells Simon to go to hell when he brings up all the nice clothes he sent her. She tells him that he is going to another hotel in the Bronx. The phone rings while she is in the restroom. Simon answers and it is Jack.

Gwen tells Will that Maddy said he and Jade tried to kill her. Will goes ballistic, denying it. Gwen says she saw Jade at the police station, the way she looked at Will and touched him. They argue, Gwen asks him straight up, "Did you sleep with Jade?"

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