Carly Tells The Kids

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Jack takes Carly home; Katie convinces them to tell the kids now. Noah and Col. Mayer have it out. Maddie is worried that the Colonel is losing it.

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Noah and Luke bond.

Colonel Mayer can't believe what he is seeing between Luke and Noah. He steps into the room as Maddie arrives, acting chipper and in love. The Colonel tells them all to stop. Luke tries to break in and so does Maddie but the Colonel won't let either speak. He focuses on Noah, telling him what a disappointment he is! He storms off. Maddie apologizes for her part in the trouble but Noah says it wasn't her fault. She leaves. Luke tries to make things better but Noah is heartbroken about how his father acted. He decides to go after the Colonel, to explain things.


Maddie has doubts about the Colonel.

Maddie runs into the Colonel and apologizes to him for keeping up the charade. Angry, he asks if everything between she and Noah was a lie. Maddie doesn't want to talk about their relationship. "What made my son turn?" he asks, wondering if it was all because of Luke. Emotionally, Maddie tells the Colonel that he just needs to accept Noah as he is. The Colonel swears he won't lose his son and walks off. Maddie and Luke meet up at the diner. They talk about Noah and Maddie tells Luke that she is starting to have serious questions about the Colonel. She thinks the man might be off his rocker!


Is he losing it?

The Colonel is having a drink at the Lakeview. He relives an argument with Cheri when he called her a deviant and wonders if Noah is a deviant because of her. Noah finds him and demands that he listen. Noah tells him the truth about his sexuality and his struggles with his own identity. "I'm happy with who I am now," Noah says and then he asks his father to stand by him. The Colonel says he will always stand by his son. Noah thinks he is coming around. The Colonel pays his bill and tells Noah he is going to stick around town for a while. Noah is relieved. The Colonel leaves and Noah calls Luke. He tells him things went really well; both guys are surprised. As they talk, the Colonel returns and listens to Noah's side of the conversation.


Parker's feeling frustrated.

Brad finds Parker at the kitchen table and wonders why he isn't at school. Parker says he won't go to school until Brad gives him some answers about Carly and Brad and Katie's honeymoon! Brad beats around the bush and a frustrated Parker leaves for school.


Katie deals with the situation.

Jack asks Vienna to help him surprise Katie with breakfast in bed. She wakes up and Vienna leaves. She tries to kiss Katie but she pulls away so she can brush her teeth first! Jack starts to open the champagne but Carly's doctor calls, telling him that someone needs to take Carly home. Jack agrees to go straight to the hospital. Katie returns. Jack explains that he can't ignore Carly right now and Katie supports that. She tells him to go to her. Vienna comes back, surprised to find Katie is alone. She asks Katie if Carly could be faking it but Katie is positive that things are really bad for her rival. Vienna leaves as Parker arrives. He asks Katie for answers; she tells Parker to wait for Jack. Parker doesn't want to wait, though, he wants to know right now what is wrong with his mom. Katie puts him off but says his parents will tell him soon. She leaves.


Carly isn't ready to talk yet.

Carly's doctor tells her she can go home, for now, while he determines what kind of treatment she should undergo. Carly is excited until the doc tells her that Jack is on his way to pick her up. Carly decides to call Jack and tell him not to come! Before she can call, he tells her that she can't go home unless Jack takes her because he is listed as her next of kin. She backs down. Jack arrives and takes Carly home. Carly apologizes for dragging him into her health problems. He wonders why she hasn't told her sisters yet. Carly says she doesn't want to be treated like an invalid. As they are talking, Katie arrives and tells them about Parker. Carly goes off on her because she doesn't want the kids to know anything. Jack takes Katie outside, tells her she did the right thing and asks her to bring Brad by the house. He goes back inside; Carly admits that Katie was right about the kids.


Parker is in shock.

After school, the kiddos return to the farm. Katie calls and asks Brad to gather the kids and bring them to Carly's as soon as he can.
Katie goes back inside and apologizes for being rough on Carly lately. Brad arrives with the kids; Katie and Brad leave so Carly and Jack can give them the bad news. The sugarcoat the diagnosis, telling the kids that she will be undergoing a lot of treatments but she'll probably be okay. Jack tells them that he and Katie are putting off their honeymoon so the kids can stay with them at the farm. Parker is quiet through the whole thing. Sage, JJ and Jack go upstairs but Parker stays behind and asks Carly for the whole truth. She tells him things look bad but at least they will be able to say their goodbyes. Parker is crushed and doesn't see a bright side to the situation. Carly swears to make the most of the time they have left together. Jack watches them from the hall. Carly tells him she'll tell JJ the whole truth next but asks him to keep everything from Sage. Parker goes upstairs. Jack sits with her and swears he'll help her through the ordeal.

Katie and Brad talk at the Lakeview. She apologizes for thinking Brad was trying to break them up when he was only trying to help Carly out. She talks about the future and how Carly's death will effect the kids and Jack for the rest of their lives. Brad asks if Carly will be more competition as a ghost but Katie doesn't answer. She goes upstairs to wait for Jack.


Dusty fights for his life!

Cheri reaches out to Dusty and his spirit takes her hand! Their spirits communicate, talking about Win Mayer's evil tendencies. Cheri feels like a victim but Dusty is still willing to fight to save himself! His spirit returns to his body. Cheri's ghost disappears. Dusty tries to work on the car to get it going but he is too weak. When the car won't start, he passes out again.

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