Making Up and Breaking Down

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Casey and Maddie are having a wonderful visit until his friends spoil everything. Will and Gwen REALLY make up. Meg is fed up with Emily using her medical condition to control Paul. Lucy can't be just friends with Dusty.

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Lucy is at the hospital in the fancy red dress she wore to the Lakeview meeting. Dr. Hughes asks her what she's doing there as Dusty walks up and says he wants to know the same thing. Lucy blows Dusty off, she tells Dr. Hughes what she is doing there, she was just checking on patients. He is strict with her, says that her personal life should not interfere with her profession. Dusty corners her after the doctor walks away, he wants to know why she left the Lakeview. She says she can't do this. Dusty says he doesn't want to fight with her. He says he doesn't understand what she means, she can't do this. He keeps asking her to go have a drink with him. She says not at the Lakeview, but he charms her into going somewhere else.

Lucy tells Dusty what Barbara said to her at the Lakeview about how it was too soon for him to be dating. He gets angry at Lucy, not Barbara, because it was just a friendly dinner, not a date. He can't believe Lucy didn't just tell him what Barbara said instead of running away. He knows Barbara's tricks. He tells Lucy he's glad he's got her as a friend. Lucy says she's got to leave and she doesn't want to do this again. Dusty tells her she can't leave; she hasn't paid for her drink. Lucy sits back down, she gets upset, tells him that she partly agrees with Barbara, and that she's worried about her job and her heart breaks for him. She almost cries as she tells him he can say a million times that they are just friends, but it never ends up like that, it's too intense after the history they have together and she leaves him alone, sitting at the table in the bar thinking.


Paul calls Emily from the Lakeview lounge as Meg sits across from him. He asks Emily to come meet him. Meg is upset. She says she's going to leave him to talk to Emily alone; she's going to the ER, she's going to leave out the back so she won't run into Emily. Emily shows up. She starts talking about how excited she is that Paul is buying the newspaper. He tells her there's something they need to discuss, that he can't get the offer through to Craig. Emily tells him that she tried to tell him that that's what would happen. She gets angry. She asks him if he ever thought that maybe he should keep this all to himself until he had the deal made. She starts yelling at him, telling him how she's been staying up late, working on new ideas for the paper. She keeps getting upset until she starts having severe stomach pains.


At the emergency room, after Emily is wheeled into an examination room, Meg asks Paul if this is Emily's special brand of payback. Meg finally blows. She tells Paul she's had it, hiding her ring, always worrying about upsetting Emily, that Emily is using her stress to control him. Paul says he's not going to play tough with Emily, it's too risky. Meg tells him that Emily is not going to let go of this crisis. Dr. Hastings comes out of Emily's room and says that her blood pressure is dangerously high, that he's worried about her. Paul doesn't even turn around and look at Meg as he asks if he can see Emily. As Meg listens behind the curtain, Paul calls Emily his girl as he tenderly brushes her hair from her face.


In Casey's hospital room, he tells Maddie that if she sticks with him they can both do a lot better than they can alone. She tells him that she knows he wants her to be like she was before, and she's not sure she can. Casey says, listen to me. I heard what your sister said, she wanted you to feel bad, like everything was your fault, but it's not. He says they have a lot to figure out, but they'll help each other. Maddie says but you are you, you are great and strong. Casey says he's not as strong as she thinks, he's going to need her help. "Can she say no to a guy in a hospital bed?" He asks, smiling.


At the hospital, Gwen and Will wait outside Casey's room. They talk about the memorial service they are planning for the kids who died. Will tells Gwen he's really proud of her. Gwen says she's just trying to get through this. He thanks her for letting him help. He tries to talk about their relationship, but she doesn't want to. After they talk Casey the book Gwen bought him and ask Maddie if she needs a ride, to which she answers no, saying she's staying, Will and Gwen go to the church where the memorial service for their friends is set up.


Gwen tells Will she needs him to stick by her, to get her through this. He takes her hand and says he needs that too. They sit down in one of the pews. Gwen talks about when Jennifer died, that she didn't really understand how strong the bond of marriage was. She tells Will that she never stopped feeling connected to him after all they went through. She tells Will she wants to stay married to him. She tells him about a puppy she'd seen and when she realized that she couldn't share the moment with Will, she had never felt so alone. Will is very relieved. They hold hands and tell each other that they love each other. Before they leave the church, Will takes Gwen up to the front of the church and asks if he can kiss the bride. They kiss passionately. When they get home they can't keep their hands off each other and end up on the couch about to make love.


Casey and Maddie start talking about things in the book Gwen brought Casey as a gift, teasing each other. Suddenly, two of Casey's friends walk in the door and asks Casey, "What is SHE doing here?" Maddie immediately wants to leave. She says she's staying in a town where everyone knows everything about her, that her family is crazy, what Louis did to her. Casey tells her to take a break, he'll get rid of his friends and they can go back to doing what they were. Maddie grins; she says saying no to someone in a hospital bed is like saying no to Ashley Wilkes. She leaves and Casey's friends come in, they ask him what he's so happy about. They start telling him that Maddie is a basket case; that the nice guy thing he's got is not working for him. They bring up Maddie slashing Lia's car, and hiding what her brother-in-law did to her. Casey tells them to get out. Maddie stands next to the door, listening to what is being said, wondering if they are right about her. He tells them to leave again, to send Maddie back in, but she is gone. When she gets home, Casey is calling on the cell phone but Maddie won't answer. Henry has left Maddie a note telling her he's gone to talk to Bernadette. She lies down on the couch and goes back into the funk she was in before she went to visit Casey.

Next on ATWT: Meg hears Emily tell Paul that she and the baby need him. Casey comes knocking on Maddie's door and says he won't leave until she talks to him.

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