"I'm Dying..."

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Jack and Katie plan their honeymoon; Noah pushes Luke out of his life; Lily has a confrontation with Colonel Mayer; Dusty is knocked out; Carly is dying!

"I'm very, very sorry..."

We start at the hospital, where a pacing Carly is trying to come to terms with what the doctor has told her about the lesion on her brain. She tells him she wants to go through treatment as quickly as possible. The doc is eerily quiet and when Carly asks him why he answers, “I am very, very sorry.” That doesn’t sound good. He goes on to explain that the position of the lesion rules out surgery and radiation and they can only give her things to alleviate the pain and slow down the growing as long as possible. “How long?” Carly asks. “A few months,” the doctor explains. Carly refuses to believe him. “You’re wrong,” she says and she storms out to get a second opinion. He tells her that if she’s going to seek another opinion she needs to do so quickly because she’s going to need help. She’s ticked, off to find a “better” doctor.

Craig and Rosanna are facing off at Fairwinds. Craig tries to play the ex-lover card, warning Rosanna to not let Paul turn her against him, not after everything they meant to each other. Rosanna, not going to be played by Craig, tells him again that she’s going to put him back in prison. “I know you want to, but sweetheart, you can’t,” he says. Rosanna shrugs him off and cockily stays her course. Craig reminds her about double jeopardy and advises her again to dump Paul and get on with her life. Then she lays it on him that she not only remembers him running her off the road, but also remembers why, and, by golly, she’s going to tell the truth to the judge!


"I'm your son's worst nightmare..."

At the hotel, Lily is confronted by The Colonel, who belligerently declares himself her “son’s worst nightmare.” It’s enough to get nearby Dusty’s hackles up, but things soften when the Colonel tells Lily that he just wants Luke to stay away from Noah. Lily says that at their age, they’re going to live their own lives. But the Colonel tells Lily that if she wants to stop being a parent, fine, but he won’t do it. He leaves and Dusty, who’s overheard everything, is suddenly full of questions about Colonel Mayer, saying that he’s a suspect in Cheri’s death and wondering aloud who the Colonel’s son is. He leaves, but Lily isn’t about to be shut out of the hunt for Cheri’s murder. She leaves right after him, off to pay Noah a visit.


"Go to hell!"

Luke and Noah, back at work, are sniping at one another. Noah tries to tell Luke to go away, but Luke gets right in his face, urging him to come out of the closet with his dad. “Luke,” Noah says, “go to hell!” leaving Luke stunned and open-mouthed. “I wish I’d never met either one of you,” Noah continues, blaming Luke for how much Noah has hurt Maddie. He accuses Luke of having a “cause,” of wanting everyone to live their lives his way. Luke tries to defend himself, but Noah sticks to his guns, telling Luke that if his father knew the truth about him, it would kill him. “What about what it’s doing to you?” Luke asks. Through it all, he still cares for Noah.

At the diner, Vienna is on the phone with Jack, having set up Katie to come in and look at honeymoon brochures for a surprise. Just as Katie is saying she hates the island in the brochure, Jack shows up with first class tickets. Oops! Katie feels like a real heel and collapses back into a booth, hating that she’s “ruined another wedding moment.” She explains that she’d been on that island with Simon before and Jack decides that they’ll go somewhere else. He threatens to take her to the College Football Hall of Fame in Southbend, Indiana, and they laugh. Sage calls and Jack has to take off to pick her up for dance class. They leave the diner, deciding to pick the honeymoon destination together. After they leave, Vienna vows to herself that she’s going to help them find the “perfect” honeymoon.

At the farm, Carly’s outside on the phone, spitting venom at some poor doctor. She walks into the kitchen to find Sage and finds Brad instead. She’s instantly irritated at Brad when he begins asking her questions about her doctor visit. Carly’s agitated, calling for Sage over and over. Sage comes downstairs and overhears Brad asking about what the doctor had to say. Sage, worried, asks Carly if something’s wrong. Carly lies and tells Sage and Brad that the doctor told her she was fine. Carly tries to get Sage to come with her, encouraging her to skip dance class so they can talk and get started on the flower girl dress together. Jack walks in on what he thinks is another attempt at subterfuge and is clearly not thrilled to see Carly there trying to hone in on Sage’s time. Brad tries to step in and play interference, but Jack wants to be left alone with Carly. Jack’s struggling to keep his cool. He yells at Carly. “You don’t know anything that’s going on with that little girl!” he accuses. He threatens to take Carly to court if things don’t change. Carly gets visibly upset and rushes out in tears. Jack stands at the back door shouting at her: “I’m not going to trust anything you do ever again!”

Luke catches up with Maddie at the diner, and Maddie is one ticked off lady. She tells him he’s not her friend. He tries to defend his part in what happened, telling her that he felt that Noah needed to find his own way. She’s ticked that he put Noah’s feelings over hers. Luke bemoans that everyone’s mad at him, but he didn’t seduce Noah and he’s not at fault for what happened. Maddie says it sure is funny that he got exactly what he wanted. “I never meant to hurt you,” Luke says, as Maddie breaks down in tears. She apologizes for everything she said and they make up. Together they wonder about Noah – is he in pain and will they be able to help him?

Back at the station, Lily’s looking for Luke and finds Noah instead. Lily tells Noah that she talked to his father. He apologizes, saying his dad comes off a little strong. She says, “Don’t apologize for him.” She goes on to tell Noah what the Colonel said to her. He doesn’t want to hear it. “You don’t understand about my father,” Noah says. “Nothing changes him. Nothing.” He insists to Lily that deep down his father’s a good man. But would Dusty agree with that, I wonder?

It’s a run-in between Colonel Mayer and Dusty. “We have a lot in common,” Dusty says. The Colonel starts to piece together who Dusty is and says that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate that they talk to one another since he’s one of the witnesses against Dusty. He tries to walk away, but Dusty lures him back by bringing up the name “Charlene.” Some threats are issued and The Colonel walks away, but Dusty’s certain his suspicions are on the mark – The Colonel may not be as innocent as he appears to be.

Back at home, Carly is on the phone. Yet another doctor agrees with the diagnosis. She’s stunned, numb, agreeing to get help. She runs herself a bubble bath and stares into it comtemplatively. This doesn’t look good – is Carly contemplating suicide?!


"You don't know the woman who woke up."

Back at Fairwinds, Craig’s still trying to bully Rosanna out of her plan to take him down. Rosanna threatens to find a nurse who knows everything that happened two years ago and pay her off to tell all about Craig’s secrets. Again, Craig pulls the ex-lover card, saying the Rosanna he loved was the most truthful person he ever knew and that what she’s saying now are all lies – Paul Ryan’s lies! “Your memories of Paul may be just a little bit more selective,” he says. “Paul Ryan lies and cheats to get what he wants.” He has Rosanna’s attention and uses it to his full advantage, telling her that Paul is using her to get what he wants. “I’m not worried, Rosanna,” Craig patronizingly offers as his parting words, “because Paul Ryan cannot change who you really are.” Rosanna stops him, saying, “You may know the woman you ran off the road, but you don’t know the woman who woke up.”

Dusty’s back at the hotel now, having a drink and making notations in a notebook. Suddenly he falls to the floor, passed out once again. Has he been drugged again?! We see a figure, dressed all in black, come in. We see the figure’s hands only, which are gloved. They pick up the phone, which is lying next to Dusty on the floor, and hang it up. They pick up the notebook with Dusty’s notes about the murderer in it. Dusty begins to rouse and the gloved hands stuff a rag over his nose and mouth, knocking him out again. Finally, the figure bends down to pick up Dusty and drag him out of the room. Sure looks like Noah’s “good man” – the Colonel Mayer!

Katie and Vienna are having a little chat about Carly. “You know, sometimes I think there’s only one thing that will ever stop that woman,” Katie complains. Immediately we cut to Carly, still with that faraway look in her eyes, who is immersing herself in the bathtub. Some sad and eerie music plays in the background as she sinks, staring off into space, all the way in over her head. There’s a knock at the door downstairs, but Carly is under the water and doesn’t hear a thing.

Katie and Jack are at the farm, being lovey-dovey. They decide that, even if that island has a Katie and Simon history, they’re going to go there anyway and make a new history all their own. They kiss, they hug, all’s right in pre-marital-bliss-ville.


"I'm dying..."

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself,” Carly sputters as Brad plucks her out of the water. When Brad questions her what’s going on she looks him in the eye and says, “I’m dying.”

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