What's Wrong With Carly?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Jack gives in; Holden gives an ultimatum; Paul gives Meg the boot; Krista give Lily info; Carly gives us a scare

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Lily's determined to find Cheri's killer

We join Lily at the hotel, on her cell phone, leaving a message for Dusty. She hangs up, turns around, and discovers Holden watching her. She’s got a guilty “caught” look on her face. Holden is frighteningly calm, but it’s clear what’s on his mind. He wants Lily away from Dusty’s legal mess and he plans to offer Lily an ultimatum. “If you keep doing things behind my back we won’t have a marriage anymore,” Holden says. Lily resents Holden’s treating her like a child that needs to be stopped from messing up and a little bickering ensues. But the fight’s interrupted when Holden’s phone rings. He leaves Lily alone. Just in time, because her phone rings just after he leaves – it’s Krista, the “working girl” from the bar, wanting to meet up so she can give Lily information on Cheri's murderer.


Meg? Me-e-e-eg?

At the farm, Craig comes to the realization that Meg is not out doing chores, but is gone. He asks JJ if he’s seen her –JJ tells Craig that he saw Meg drive away about ½ hour ago. JJ isn’t taking any grief from Craig this morning, and the two banter a bit about why Craig is at the farm in the first place and how happy (or unhappy) he is there.


Paul swears he feels nothing

At Fairwinds, Meg pulls away after kissing Paul and dares him to tell her he didn’t feel anything in that kiss. He says yes, he felt something, but his face suggests what he felt may not be entirely good. Sure enough: “What I felt was pity that you would be so desperate,” he says. Meg stays the course, however, batting her eyes and telling him that she knows he still has feelings for her. “The second you put that wedding ring on, whatever you and I did have died,” Paul tells her. Meg looks sick. Meg tells Paul that he needs to let go of his hate-driven lifestyle for his own sake. He responds by kicking her out of Fairwinds, showing her in no uncertain terms that the hate he has now is for her.


Will new duds make Carly feel better?

Carly, doing a little dress-shopping, pulls out a little black dress and recalls her encounter with Jack after the barbeque. Holding some dresses up against herself in the dressing-room mirror, Carly’s startled by her reflection, which begins talking to her! Taunting her! Telling her that even if Jack and Katie break up over the baby issue it doesn’t mean she’ll get Jack back. “I’m not doing it for Jack,” Carly snaps at her reflection. Is Carly losing it?


Katie wants a baby but Jack's not so sure

Jack is chasing after Katie, who’s still pouting about their inability to come to an agreement on the baby front. “It always comes back to Carly,” Katie says. “That’s why I want to have a baby with you. So for once it won’t be about Jack and Carly, it’ll be about Jack and Katie.” Jack tells Katie she wants to make the issue about Carly, that she wants a baby with him because Carly has one and he thinks Katie wants to be “even” with Carly. Katie claims it’s not true – that she wants a baby with him because she’s in love with him. Jack pleads with Katie to let it go for a year, but she doesn’t want to. Tearful, Katie says she has to either let go of her dream to have kids or let go of Jack. Jack saves it at the last minute, though – distracting her by telling her to go buy her dress for the engagement party and he’ll go over to the diner to help Henry. The wedding’s still on if Jack has anything to say about it.


Katie thinks Carly stole her dress on purpose!

An upset Katie walks into the dress shop, hoping a new dress will make her feel better. When she has to step out to get cash to pay for her new duds, a clueless Carly comes out of the dressing room and makes a beeline for Katie’s dress. The clerk tries to tell Carly the dress is taken, but Carly is pushy, completely ignoring her and taking the dress into the fitting room for a test drive. In the meantime, Katie comes back into the store, just in time to see Carly twirling around in Katie’s dress! “I can’t believe the lengths you would go to to get everything I have,” Katie says. She goes on to rehash yesterday’s run-in at the apartment and accuse Carly of purposely eavesdropping on her and Jack again, and then supposes aloud that Carly will probably use what she overheard to break up the wedding. Carly, who isn’t having any of Katie’s nonsense today, says if anyone is going to screw up the wedding it’s going to be her. When Carly tries to hand Katie’s dress to her, somehow the wish ribbon around Katie’s wrist breaks off. Katie leaves, but Carly is hardly satisfied. In fact, she’s ill, looking weak and headachy, and asking for a glass of water.


Meg lies to Craig

Back at the farm, Meg comes home and finds Craig in the kitchen. His bad day’s about to get worse, as she tells him that she’s been with Paul. Craig is stern, telling Meg not to fight his battles for him. He asks what happened and Meg lies and tells him that nothing happened. She says she tried to get through to Paul on some level, given their history together. Craig is suspicious – he knows there’s something Meg’s still not telling him. Meg b.s.’s Craig, just making up something about Paul turning into someone she doesn’t know. Craig seems to buy her story. She tells Craig that he never gave up on her no matter how many times she pushed him away. Craig falls for it hook, line, and sinker, and they kiss. Craig tells Meg about his call with the lawyer and their assets being unfrozen. “As long as I’ve got you by my side, we can handle anything they throw at us,” he says. They hug, but Meg gives a troubled look over his shoulder.


Rosanna can walk!

After Meg leaves Fairwinds, Paul tips back a few. Angry, he pitches the photo of him and Meg into the wastebasket. Rosanna rolls in, though, and his spirits pick up considerably, especially once she gets up out of her wheelchair and walks to him, laughing the whole way. Paul puts down his drink and wraps Rosanna in an embrace, but over her shoulder his face still carries a load of bad feelings. “Now that I can walk again, perhaps I should stomp [Craig] right into the dirt,” Rosanna says, which must make Paul feel romantic because they lean in for a little kiss. But before Rosanna can plant one on Paul, she notices lipstick on his collar – and it’s not hers! Paul admits that Meg had been over. Rosanna is immediately incensed about it, grilling Paul about how Meg’s lipstick got on his collar. He admits the kiss, but tells Rosanna that he’s sure that it was Craig’s pathetic attempt to get his life back and that he felt nothing in the kiss.

Lily meets up with Krista. Krista’s still suspicious of Lily, but Lily convinces her she’s the real thing by telling Krista that she knew Cheri's real name was Charlene and that she was married once. It works! Krista starts talking. Krista says that if Dusty didn’t do it, it was Cheri's son that plugged her. Krista gets a page – a new client – and Lily gives her a load of cash before she leaves.

At the diner, Jack and Holden are having coffee and talking about relationship woes. “This time,” Jack tells Holden, “Carly’s got nothing to do with it.” He tells Holden about the Katie Baby Battle and Holden tells Jack that a new baby might be a good thing. He seems to get through to Jack. Holden gets up to leave, to “take care of something,” and warns Jack that he should “take care of something, too.”

Katie, sitting on a bench, is crying about her wish ribbon breaking. Jack shows up out of nowhere and sits next to her. “I thought about it, I’ve changed my mind,” he says. “I want us to have a baby.” They hug. Katie’s elated, making all sorts of plans. Things are all okey-dokey now. She decides that the ribbon must have fallen off at the exact moment Jack changed his mind, because all of her dreams have come true.


Things get hot between Paul and Rosanna

Rosanna’s not giving up on her Meg-fear, even when Paul offers her a glass of champagne. They wonder aloud if Meg will stay with Craig now that there’s no money, no company. But Paul expertly switches the subject, telling Rosanna that having her back lets him know that his feelings for Meg were false, that Rosanna’s the only woman he ever loved. They kiss. He pulls away, gazes into her eyes, says he can’t believe she’s really there. Things get serious as he whisks her into his arms and carries her away, something romantic on their minds.

Back at the hotel, Lily is looking for Dusty, but is found instead by Holden, who is more than a little curious – why is she dressed like that?!


Carly steals Katie's thunder...again

Still on a baby high, Jack and Katie kiss, but he’s interrupted by a cell phone call from the station. He steps away to return the call and Katie turns around to find a sick Carly hovering over a trash can. Katie talks trash, but Carly’s too sick to care about Katie. Just as Jack reappears after making his phone call, Carly passes out. Jack rushes to Carly’s side, but Katie is oh-so-peeved that Carly is stealing her Big Moment…again.

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Next on As the World Turns:
Lily plans to help Dusty, even if she has to go behind Holden’s back to do it
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Will tells Alison that she can back out
Brad realizes that Carly’s illness isn’t a fake

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