A Day of Personal Revelations

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Will and Gwen talk Maddie into going to the hospital to see Casey, who is really wanting to see her. Paul's plans to buy the newspaper are dashed, as are Lucy's ideas of romance with Dusty. Emily offers comfort to Henry.

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Casey comes to in the hospital. Margo and Tom ask him if he remembers what happened. He does. But the first thing he asked is where Maddie is. Margo catches Casey up on what's going on with her. He wants to call her. He and his mom discuss what she has been through. Margo says she wants Casey to make sure he doesn't make promises to Maddie that he can't keep. He says he wants to be with her, Margo asks him what if Maddie doesn't want to be with him.

Maddie, Gwen and Will show up, Tom, Gwen and Will take off for the cafeteria. Margo apologizes to Maddie for being so hard on her then leads her into Casey's hospital room. He says, "Wow, you're here." He tells her how sorry he is, he should never have thought for one minute that she was the killer. He asks her if she's going to dump him. She asks, "What?" She's happily surprised. Maddie says it's her fault all those kids died, that when Louis raped her, she ran, she didn't tell anybody, and all that time Eve was going crazy. If she had just told someone, none of those deaths would have happened. Casey blows her logic out of the water, show her how ridiculous it is, she had not control over what happened. He tells her they will figure it out. She can reads some books to help her, that they will get through this, he will help, he holds his hand out to her.


Gwen and Will are alone at Carly's house. Henry bangs on the door saying he needs their help. He takes them over to see Maddie who is really down, but she tells them they need to go. Henry leaves the room and Will takes charge of the conversation. He tells Maddie how wrong they were, and how bad they feel that they didn't stand up for her. Gwen tells Maddie that there was nothing going on between her and Casey, that they spent most of their time talking about how much he loved Maddie. Will and Gwen both hug Maddie, Will asks Maddie if she loves Casey, she says she does and they want her to go with them to the hospital to see him, but Maddie is afraid he'll push her away and she couldn't take it. She feels so bad because he nearly got killed protecting her. Henry assures Maddie that it's a good idea. Finally, Maddie decides to go with them, but she's scared.


Emily knocks on Henry's door and finds him with his head in his hands. She asks him what's wrong and he says everything. She gets him a glass of water. He says that finding out his sister Eve is a serial killer is a bummer, making light of a horrible situation. Emily hands him a blue balloon animal, also trying to lighten the mood. Henry talks about packing up Eve's stuff, Emily says she will supervise, keep him company. They talk about what will become of Maddie now. Henry is very worried about her. How is she going to deal with all that's happened to her, the rape and the killings? He loves Maddie so much. Emily grabs him and hugs him tight. She tells him to tell Maddie to tell her he loves her all the time, just be there for her. Be her best friend.


Paul and Meg come to the Lakeview for lunch and Paul sees the sign advertising Mr. Yamamoto's meeting. He introduces them to the maitre de as members of Lucinda Walsh's party and he and Meg grab glasses of champagne from the waiter. Lucinda walks up and tells Paul and Meg that they are not on the guest list. Paul tells Lucinda, as Barbara walks up, both women's mouths dropping in shock, that he is buying The Intruder. Barbara argues with her son, but Paul and Meg are cool as cucumbers, a team, and they tell her they have a handle on Emily and what might happen with Craig Montgomery.

Kim, Lucinda and Barbara talk about the visit of Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto, hoping they can convince him to invest in a joint venture. Dusty arrives. Lucinda asks him where is date is, he teases her about where her own date is when Lucy arrives dressed to the nines. Lucy and Dusty are introduced by Lucinda to the Yamamoto couple; then Lucinda excuses herself to go speak to Paul and Meg. Mrs. Yamamoto tells Dusty and Lucy that they make a lovely couple. Lucy makes a fast hit with Mrs. Yamamoto when she takes her aside to discuss her tennis elbow. When she comes back, Dusty asks her to have a drink in the lounge when the event is over.


Paul and Meg walk up. Lucy says this saves her a phone call. She's decided that if Paul wants to do business with her father, he's on his own. Paul asks to talk to her about it alone. She agrees. Meg and Dusty talk, he says, 'What's this? He's working on Lucy, you're working on me?" He says something is different about her. Meg says for the first time in a long time she is happy. He asks why her engagement ring is around her neck instead of on her finger. He understands about Emily, says she's nuts. Meanwhile, Paul and Lucy argue. She says she realized she shouldn't be in touch with her father. She walks away, Paul goes after Meg. He tells her that Dusty got to Lucy but that's there more than one way to get to Craig Montgomery. Paul and Meg have a drink in the lounge. She says she wants to have an October wedding, but Paul says the baby is due in October. He wants to put it off until next year. He starts talking about how Craig will never sell the paper to him.


Lucy runs into Barbara on her way back to Dusty. Barbara tells Lucy she's concerned about Dusty; asks if the word rebound means anything to Lucy. Lucy says they are not dating. Barbara asks Lucy if she wants to know what she thinks the true cause of her daughter's death was. She was in a hurry to get home to take care of her family. She tells Lucy that she is a lot like that too, she wants to hurry, she warns Lucy that grief takes time, the first time he kisses her or makes love to her, he will realize that he didn't take the time to grief and she will get hurt. Lucy says they are only friends, and Barbara tells her that maybe that's exactly what she needs, a woman who will put his needs before her own. The words work, because Lucy blows Dusty off, doesn't want to have a drink with him, says she can find her own way home.

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