Dusty's a Suspect!

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Margo makes Dusty a prime suspect in the shooting. Gwen loses her baby. Meg realizes Paul is still alive; Rosanna realizes Paul hasn't been completely honest.

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Gwen needs a doctor.

Gwen tells Alison that she is fine. Allie decides to go but as Gwen returns inside another pain hits. Allie hands Gwen the phone and tells her to call the doctor. Gwen leaves a message for the doctor. She tells Allie the pains are probably nothing and tells her to leave. Alison doesn't want to face Oakdale, though, and offers to stick around until the doc calls back. Gwen agrees to let her stay and Alison picks up a pregnancy book and starts reading up on causes of cramping. Gwen runs from the room. She is bleeding! Gwen still won't let her take her to the hospital so Allie does the next best thing - and calls her mother! Susan arrives and tells Gwen they need to go to the hospital. She and Alison help her up and to the car. She has another pain and begins to cry. Susan takes Gwen to her bed until the worst of the pain stops. Telling Gwen she's been having premature contractions, she tells Gwen they need to get to the hospital. She tells Gwen that she has lost the baby. Later, Gwen returns from the hospital with Allie, and knows for sure that she has lost the baby. Alison tells her to call Will but Gwen refuses, not wanting to worry him. Allie sticks around to help Gwen out. Gwen thanks her for sticking around throughout the day but tells her she can go now. Alison asks Gwen if she can stay until Will returns, so that Gwen won't be alone. Gwen agrees and Allie helps her to bed.

Meg asks Holden to Fairwinds. She shows him the wedding ring, explaining that she is staying with Craig and going on a honeymoon. Holden can't believe what he is hearing, especially when Meg asks him is he'll stand by her decision. Holden brings up all of Craig's past sins, especially those involving Lily, but Meg defends him. "Together we can make up for all the bad things we did," Meg says. Holden makes a crack about honesty not always being apparent and she realizes he and Lily still aren't okay. Rather than talking about his life, Holden tells Meg he'll be there for her whenever she needs him.


The shock of her life!

Craig can't believe his eyes when he sees Rosanna and Paul right in front of him. He tells Rosanna he's happy to see her but Rosanna doesn't believe him. Craig asks Paul how he survived the fall; Paul lets Rosanna know exactly what Craig did prior to the fall over the cliff. Listening to the men argue, Rosanna realizes she doesn't have the whole story. Craig tells her about Dr. Cutler's call, swearing that he didn't know anything about her recovery until after she was taken from Switzerland. Craig realizes they have something more planned. Meg arrives, sees Craig is distracted and turns. She sees Paul and faints! Craig hustles Meg away and tells her that Paul fooled all of them to go to Rosanna. Meg is stunned. Paul hands Meg her bag and Craig offers to take her home. Telling Paul she is glad he is alive, Meg allows Craig to take her away. Paul returns to Rosanna. When they are alone, Rosanna wonders just what is between Paul, Craig and Meg. She asks Paul for answers. He doesn't give a direct answer but Rosanna pushes the issue and demands he tell her the truth. The more Paul skirts the issue, the more Rosanna wonders how many lies Paul has told her to put a wedge between she and Craig. Paul tells Rosanna about getting involved with Meg.


Still in shock!

At Fairwinds, Craig pours Meg a strong drink. She can't get over the fact that Paul survived and kept his survival a secret. She is right back where she was when the fall first happened - believing she is to blame for everything. "He is the one who withheld the truth," Craig says, telling her that Paul is trying to hurt her simply because of her marriage to Craig. He reminds her that Paul wasn't affected by seeing her the way she was affected by seeing him. Meg wonders if that Paul really has been planning this rebirth for a long time. Craig insists that they want to pay him back for things they think he did and that they'll use her to do it! Meg wonders if the honeymoon was a ruse to keep her from finding out about Paul. Craig insists that his plans don't have anything to do with Paul. He invites her up to bed - any bed! - but Meg turns him down to stay on the couch. "I need some time," she says. Craig leaves her alone; Meg grabs her bag and leaves the house.


Lily wants answers!

Dusty pulls himself over to Cheri's body, checks her pulse and realizes the madam is dead. He grabs his phone and tries to stand. Still groggy from the drugs, he looks around the room and sees that it's been ransacked. Dusty picks up a gun he sees on the floor, realizing it is his own weapon! He knows he didn't shoot Cheri because he was knocked out. Checking his glass, he smells something strange. Someone knocks on a door and Dusty begins to check out the room. He doesn't find anyone. It's Margo. She is investigating a shot fired somewhere on the floor - Dusty invites her in, saying it isn't his room. An officer goes in to check things out. He doesn't find a gun. Margo begins to question Dusty, who makes up a story about hearing the shot and going inside to check things out. Lily arrives and Margo tells her about the shooting. Margo asks Dusty to come down to make a full statement and he follows her out of the hotel room. Lily follows Dusty to the stationhouse and asks what really happened. Dusty doesn't tell the full truth but admits he is making up a story for the police. Lily insists and Dusty tells her everything that happened - up until he was knocked out. He tells her about the gun. Margo orders a full body search; Lily whispers to Dusty to give her the gun! He hands it over as Margo returns to the interrogation room. Lily leaves - with the gun - telling Margo about Cheri's plans for a "convention". From outside, Lily watches the officers pat down Dusty. They don’t find anything. Margo begins to question Dusty, wondering why the only prints in the room belong to him and Cheri! They go over his statement again. Margo wonders how his prints got there and he makes up a story about looking around and not seeing Cheri right away. Margo doesn't buy it. Dusty asks if he is under arrest! Margo tells him he isn't under arrest but he is a suspect, and she's holding him for 24 hours. Handing him a phone, Margo tells Dusty to call a lawyer.


Will Holden stand by Lily?

Lily goes to the farm, calls out and when no one answers begins to clean off the gun. Hearing a car outside, she hides it under the sink and pretends to be doing some dishes. It's Holden, who is really surprised to see Lily there. He tells her about visiting Meg. Lily drops a plate; Holden realizes there is something going on with her. He reaches for the dust pan and Lily stops him. Holden tells her to be honest with him. Lily tells him about the murder and that Dusty found the body. When she defends Dusty, Holden gets angry, believing there is more to the story. Lily wonders why he thinks she is keeping secrets and Holden tells her he doesn't believe her because she is always keeping secrets. He even offers to apologize if he is wrong and she is being completely honest. Then, he asks if there is anything more Lily wants to tell him!

Next on ATWT:

Meg confronts Paul. Craig goes to Rosanna for answers. Dusty's lawyer is on the case; Holden finds out about the gun. Carly isn't through with Jack just yet.

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