Who Shot Cheri?

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Dusty meets with Cheri; Holden can't believe Lily is defending Dusty's actions. Aaron learns the truth about Cole and Sofie. Gwen tells Iris to stay away. Craig learns that Rosanna is gone from the clinic!

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Who shot Cheri?

Lily finds Dusty in Old Town; he tells her about the meeting with Cheri. Lily tells him not to go! Instead, she asks Dusty to just drop it and stay away. She even offers to go with him to make sure nothing bad happens but he refuses, saying he'll handle it himself. Dusty leaves. He arrives at Cheri's room. She surprises him by apologizing for the tape and offering him a drink. Dusty reluctantly takes a drink. Cheri tells him she'll leave town - if he'll fund the trip! She asks for $50,000 and Dusty turns her down. Cheri tells him he'll come around. Dusty starts to get dizzy and then passes out! Dusty wakes when his phone starts to ring - and he sees Cheri on the floor in a pool of blood!


Henry gets tough!

Alison arrives at work in her usual uniform and Vienna tells her to get rid of it! Allie fears she is being fired but Vienna tells her they just want her to wear something a little more modern. Allie runs for the back room. Henry catches up with Allie and apologizes for freaking her out about the changes. He asks her to stay on with them. They talk about Emily and Henry realizes he stuck his foot his in mouth because she isn't talking to her sister. Alison is about to tell them about the tape when Vienna notices a man hanging around outside. She tells them about the tape. Henry and Vienna support her; Vienna asks the guy outside what he wants. When he makes a lewd comment about Alison, Henry slugs him, makes him apologize and shows him the door! Unable to stay, Alison asks if she can come to work another day. She leaves. Seeing that there is no one to do the grunt work, Vienna dives into her new role as diner owners and begins helping customers. Turns out, she's not half-bad!


How long is Holden going to be angry?

Holden finds Aaron at the farm working on his bike, wondering how he is. He says he didn't see the video but he heard about it. Instead of blaming whoever put the video on the 'Net, Holden blames Dusty - for laying a hand on Alison! Aaron actually defends Dusty, which annoys Holden. They talk about Alison and Aaron tells Holden that he can forgive a lot of things from her but he can't forgive her lying about Dusty. Holden relates his problems with Lily to Aaron's problems with Alison but doesn't give Aaron all the details. Lily walks up and Aaron leaves. She asks what's going on. Holden tells her, then tells Lily she can't help and walks away. Lily follows him, saying she wouldn't make excuses for Dusty or Alison. Holden can't stand to listen to her and walks away. Lily calls him back with one question - is he mad at Dusty or at her? Holden insists he isn't mad, he's frustrated. He brings up Dusty again and Lily's old relationship with him. Lily tells Holden exactly who Cheri is and how Dusty was trying to protect Alison. Holden doesn't believe her at all. He leaves the house. Lily calls Dusty but doesn't get an answer.


Aaron wants to help.

Cole yells at Sofie about calling Gwen, angry because of the way Gwen reacted. He tells Sofie to stay away from his family! She explains she was only trying to help but Cole doesn't see it that way. Aaron arrives to work, sees how upset Sofie is and asks if he can help. Sofie shrugs him off, ignoring the offer. She returns, still unwilling to talk to Aaron. A customer gives her a hard time and Sofie bursts into tears; Aaron rushes to her side. She tells Aaron about Gwen and Cole, saying she hoped that if Cole's career was going somewhere he would be happier about their baby. Realizing she shouldn't have told Aaron about the baby before she tells Cole, Sofie shuts down Aaron's continued offering of help and goes back to work.


Gwen's in trouble!

Gwen asks Iris to meet her at home. Excited to talk babies, Iris shows up and begins talking about Barbara's money and how that will help the baby. Angry, Gwen tells her she won't get Barbara's money or the baby's money. She tells her about seeing Cole and orders Iris to back off - because she won't allow Iris to hurt her family again. Angry Gwen runs down Iris' crimes. Iris defends herself, saying she made Gwen strong. She even defends Cole wanting to use Gwen's connections. Then goes on to say she should help Cole because she has everything - including a rich mother-in-law! Angry, Gwen lashes out at her, telling Iris that they don't have money and she doesn't have any connections for Cole to use. She shows Iris to the door. Later, Alison comes by and asks to see Will. Will isn't there and Gwen kind of blows Alison off, still thinking of Iris. Allie decides to leave but before she can go, Gwen begins having abdominal pains!

In the plane on the way back to Oakdale, Paul tells Rosanna how he found out the truth about Johnny. Rosanna doesn't see how that is bad until Paul tells her he did something bad in the process - he didn't tell Jennifer about Johnny right away. Rosanna wonders if he was trying to protect someone else by keeping the secret. They hit turbulence and Rosanna makes a crack about taking the Cabot jet. Paul informs her that Paul took all her money for himself. "Then I'm going to enjoy taking it back," she says.


Craig knows about Rosanna - and Paul!

Meg backs away from Craig, telling him she can't wear his ring because of Paul! Paul bought those rings and gave it to her, that is why she doesn't want to wear it. After he returned it, Craig bought the same ring, which blows his mind. He asks Meg to come with him. They pick out another ring. Craig gets a call from Rosanna's doctor and freaks out when the doc tells him that removing Rosanna from their care was a huge mistake. Before he can get more answers the phone connection cuts out! Meg wonders what the call was about but Craig won't tell her. Instead, he tells her they need to get out of town - right now! - to celebrate their marriage! Meg isn't sure about that but finally agrees to go, but insists on having dinner first. She leaves to get ready for dinner and they make plans to meet up and leave town in a few hours. When he is alone Craig calls the Swiss clinic, insisting on talking to Dr. Cutler right away! Before Cutler can get to the phone, Craig turns and sees Paul and Rosanna walk past!

Next on ATWT:

Dusty realizes Cheri is dead; Holden can't believe Lily went to help Dusty after Cheri was shot. Rosanna's back and Craig can't believe it. Paul doesn't care if Meg is hurt in his crusade against Craig. Luke asks Noah what he really wants. Alison tries to help Gwen.

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