Noah Stuns Luke!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Noah asks Luke to keep quiet! Cheri isn't done with Dusty - or Alison - just yet. Carly decides to let Jack come after her. Vienna warms to the idea of owning a diner.

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Cheri has one more plan!

Susan finds Alison, crying, in Old Town. Allie apologizes for the email, assuming that Susan has seen it. Susan holds her, telling her that it wasn't her fault and asks who sent the email. Allie tells her about Cheri, but doesn't blame the madam. She blames herself!

Col. Mayer hustles Maddie and Noah away from Dusty and Cheri's fight. He wonders if he should interrupt them, possibly saving Cheri from Dusty's wrath. Lily walks in, diffusing the situation. The Colonel invites them for coffee somewhere else but Maddie declines. She tells them she needs to start looking for a new place for them to live - together! She leaves. Col. Mayer tells Noah he knows what the fight between Cheri and Dusty was about - sex!

Lily orders Cheri out of The Lakeview. With another snide comment about checking her email, Cheri leaves. Dusty tells Lily what Cheri has on him - the sex tape. Dusty doesn't pull any punches about what he did but Lily sticks by him. She tells him to turn the tables! Dusty leaves for his room, telling Lily that he'll take care of things. Alone, Lily worries about what Dusty might do. Dusty goes to his room. Alison is right behind him. She asks him about the possibilities of Emily having seen the video. Still angry with herself, Allie plays the blame game. Dusty tells her to stop! Allie leaves for her meeting. Cheri calls, telling Dusty she has more planned for him!


Can Vienna run a diner?

At Al's, Henry is trying to convince Vienna that the diner is their only chance. "I can't be the other half of Al's Diner," she says. Henry tells her that he'll run it himself, then, and Vienna reluctantly agrees to stay on with him. She has a few changes in mind for the diner. "We'll just have to run it with elegance and grace," she says, heading for the kitchen. She isn't gone two seconds when she screams for Henry. The problem is the French fry maker - it smells! Maddie walks in and they tell her about their new business. Maddie can't believe it. She tells him about moving in with Noah and Henry isn't happy about that at all. Maddie tries to calm his worries by telling him that she and Noah are friends first and romantic partners second, but that doesn't allay his fears. She asks him to meet the Colonel and he agrees. Maddie leaves. Vienna returns from the kitchen, excited for the first time about their investment. She has definite plans for the diner but tells him they will go slow, so that they don't turn off the current customers!


Luke can't believe Noah!

Noah returns to WOAK, sees Luke and thinks about the kiss - again. He beats around the bush for a second but finally decides to take the bull by the horns. "I kissed you because I wanted to," he says! He goes on to tell Luke that it won't happen again because he is with Maddie now. Angry, Luke tells him that this won't solve any problems and asks when he is going to be honest with Maddie! Noah tells Luke that he loves Maddie but that doesn't satisfy Luke. They argue - about Maddie, about the Colonel and about their lives. "I can control this. I will control it," Noah says. Luke tries to reach out to him but Noah backs away and asks Luke to keep their kiss a secret! Maddie walks in, senses the tension and wonders what's up. Both guys clam up. Maddie begins telling them about the apartment she found.


Carly is going a different direction!

Carly sets up the couch for Jack, offering him a beer. Jack turns down the offer and they begin talking about the kidnapping. Carly blames herself, believing that if she hadn't paid the ransom JJ would never have been taken out of Oakdale. She wonders why Jack isn't beating her up over that. He tells her he can't blame her for trying to get JJ back home. Carly starts to leave but stops when Jack groans in pain. She helps him get ready for bed, watching him intently the entire time. Jack pulls away but Carly won't back off. She offers to clean the wound. Jack doesn't like it and decides to go back to the farm so Meg can look after him. Carly brings up the kids, making Jack feel guilty. He agrees to stay. Carly takes his shirt off and sees how bad the wound is for the first time. She finishes up the new bandage. They talk and Jack tells her not to bother trying to seduce him - because he won't let that happen! Carly tells him she doesn’t want it either. She doesn't want their relationship to be just physical - the way his relationship is with Katie. Jack can't believe what he is hearing, especially when Carly goes on about him not really being in love with Katie! "I have moved on," he says, but Carly doesn't believe him for a second. She tells him she isn't going to seduce him or try to convince him of anything - she is just going to wait for him to come to his senses! Jack can't believe what he is hearing and bets Carly $50 that he won't go crawling back to her for the next 20 years! Carly takes the bet. Jack lies down on the sofa to get some sleep. Carly heads upstairs.

Next on ATWT:

Gwen runs into Cole! Jack has second thoughts about staying with Carly. Rosanna decides it's time to go home!

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