Katie Postpones The Wedding!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Alison can't believe the video is live on the Internet; Dusty confronts Cheri. Sofie comforts Aaron. Jack, Carly and JJ return home; Katie convinces Jack to postpone the wedding!

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Gwen is jealous!

Gwen tells Alison that the video they just watched is all over the Internet - it wasn't just an email message. Allie can't believe. Will tries to comfort her, saying it was obviously a fake. Both he and Will are stunned when Allie tells them the video is real! She asks for Will's help to get the video taken off the web; Gwen suggests she go to Dusty for help but Alison tells them things aren't like that. Realizing that she has nowhere to turn, Allie leaves. Will starts to follow but Gwen stops him cold, telling him that they should follow Alison's wishes for some alone time. Will follows Gwen, who doesn't want to talk about Alison. She tells Will that someone else can help her pick up the pieces of her life! Will realizes Gwen is a bit jealous of Alison and tells Gwen that she has nothing to worry about - because what he felt for Allie is nothing compared to what he feels for her and their baby. Gwen begins to relax. They kiss.


Sofie counsels Aaron.

Seeing the tape, Aaron angrily grabs the customer's computer and throws it across the room! The customer goes to the manager, demanding that reparations be made. He leaves. Aaron offers to pay for the computer but won't apologize. The manager sends him home. Sofie listens in from the doorway and follows him out. She asks what happened and without telling her all the details, explains that he and Alison just can't seem to come to terms. Sofie asks what happened and Aaron tells her about the tape, not blaming Allie or Dusty but Lance. She tells him he has to be there for Alison - when she is ready. She tells Aaron to give Alison a little room, not to push his way in immediately.


Dusty is still trying to help.

Cheri thanks Elwood for his work on the tape. Dusty walks up. She invites Elwood over but he's too scared to face Dusty, grabs his computer and runs off. Cheri continues without a beat, asking Dusty if he is with Allie or Emily now. He walks away but Cheri doesn't stop baiting him. She laughs, telling him that she can still hurt him and the people he loves. She walks away. Dusty returns to The Lakeview, where Alison is looking for him. A few patrons ogle them and Allie pulls him away from the crowd, telling him about the video. Dusty logs on to the 'Net and promises Allie that he'll take care of it. Alison tells him it was Cheri and isn't sure that Cheri won't just post the video somewhere else. Angry, Dusty tells her that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but Alison doesn't see it that way. He tries to comfort her but Alison can't reconcile what they did that night. She tells Dusty that she just wants to get high and forget! "I just want it to stop," she says. Alison tells Dusty about the message but admits she hasn't listened to it yet; she is afraid that the message will be more of the angry-Aaron. Dusty offers to listen for her but she refuses. He offers to stay with her for a while but she refuses that, too. She feels like she can't go home and she won't go to a meeting. Allie storms out.


Luke decides to keep quiet!

Luke beats around the bush about what he has to tell Maddie. He can't get the kiss out of his mind. Before he can say anything, he sees Col. Mayer standing outside the room and clams up. Maddie introduces them and Col. Mayer asks what secret he knows about Noah! Luke covers, saying it was just work related, but Col. Mayer won't let the subject drop. He bullies Luke, telling Luke that he should just say what he has to say - either to Noah or to Noah's father! Noah walks in, curious about what is going on. Col. Mayer tells Luke to say what he has to say. Luke struggles with what to say and decides to protect Noah - by telling Maddie that Noah may have lost their master tape. Noah leaves to find the missing tape and Col. Mayer goes with him. Maddie apologizes for the way Col. Mayer was acting. Luke interrupts her, asking if she is really going to move in with Noah. "Are you in love with him?" Luke asks. Maddie isn't sure but admits that she likes him a lot. Noah and Col. Mayer return, having found the tape. Noah and Maddie kiss; Luke can't believe it. They leave. At the door, Noah looks back at Luke, thanking him "for everything".


What will Dusty do now?

Cheri follows Dusty from the bar into the lobby of The Lakeview. "Not exactly a happy ending, is it?" she asks him. Dusty lashes out at her, wondering why she brought Alison into her plan to hurt him. As he yells at her Noah, Maddie and Col. Mayer listen in!

Allie pulls out her phone, crying and staring at the message icon on her phone. She wants to reach out to Aaron but is afraid to.


Carly is playing up the family act.

JJ, Carly and Jack arrive home. Sage and Parker are there to greet them. Sage tells them that she and Parker made cookies and wonders what they brought her. They laugh. The kids go off for a snack. Katie runs in and Jack hugs her tightly. Carly tells Katie to back off - because Jack is still hurt! Jack takes Katie outside and kisses her passionately. A crew from WOAK arrives and Jack goes back inside to check his messages. Inside, Carly tells him that talking to the reporters now is a good idea. JJ's is excited about the possibilities and Jack decides to go ahead with the interview; he calls Kim to set a few ground rules. Carly goes to the porch to invite the crew in and Katie decides to stick around. Carly makes the most of the interview, playing up the fact that they work together so well. Jack plays into her hands, saying she kept him going. Carly poses them beside a picture of the family as the boys play catch. Seeing Katie on her way out, Jack tries to stop her, asking to see her later. She leaves. Carly watches, satisfied with her efforts. Jack leaves. Sage comes downstairs and asks Carly if Jack will read her a bedtime story; Carly assures her that Jack will be right back!


What is Katie trying to prove?

Jack follows Katie to the farm, demanding to know why she just ran out on him. She shocks him by suggesting that they put the wedding on hold! Katie tells him that he needs to reassure the kids at this point, not focus on planning their wedding. Jack asks how much time she wants and Katie tells him about the Hawaii trip for the station. Jack asks her not to leave! Katie tells him that they have to put the kids first right now, or their relationship will never work. She believes the best way to do that is if she leaves town for a few days so he can concentrate on the kids. They promise to set a wedding date as soon as she gets back. Jack kisses her, promising that they will have the rest of their lives together. He leaves. Katie returns inside. "That was the dumbest thing that you have ever done," Brad exclaims! Though she trusts Jack, Brad tells Katie she shouldn't trust Carly. She asks for the research and then leaves the farm. Brad follows Katie to the television station, offering to keep an eye on the Carly/Jack situation for her while she is gone. Katie angrily tells him to back off - or he'll mess up her entire life!

Jack returns home, telling the kids that Katie is going to be away for work for a few days. Carly is obviously happy at the news. He tells the kids that he isn't moving back in to the house, but when Parker tells him they'd feel safer with him at the house he has second thoughts. Carly suggests he stay so they can all look after his wounds and Jack relents. He decides to stay on the couch for a few days. The kids run upstairs. Jack pauses but doesn't say anything to Carly. He follows the kids upstairs.

Next on ATWT:

Noah admits why he kissed Luke. Dusty tells Alison to deal with her problems straight on. Carly makes a move on Jack!

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