Love Hurts

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Will is trying is best to do right by Gwen. Jade is turned away by yet another household. Katie is upset that she isn't pregnant. Carly is flying off to Santa Domingo with Simon to get a quickie divorce and it's killing Jack. Dusty asks Lucy for date, but just as friends.

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Lucy releases Gwen from the hospital. Gwen asks how Casey is doing. Lucy says he's in intensive care, but they hope he will be ok. Carly is supposed to pick Gwen up and take her home, but Will shows up instead.

Lucinda and Dusty are setting up a presentation at the Lakeview. She tells him she's got just the right girl to be his date. Dusty asks why he needs a date. Lucinda says their prospective investor believes in family values, that Dusty having a date will show stability. Dusty tells her he doesn't need a social director. He goes to the hospital looking for Lucy, the whole time wondering what he's doing. He tells her about the event at the Lakeview and asks her to go with him. Lucy says, "Dusty Donovan, are you asking me out on a date?!" She suggests they call it a "Herb" not a date since they are just friends.


Katie is showing Mike a brochure for houses in places other than Oakdale. Mike says they will not let Simon run them out of town. Katie says it's just a house, Mike says it's their house and they shouldn't move because their family is there. It makes no sense to move. Katie says even though every time you turn around, there's Simon. Mike says they want a family and a future in Oakdale and they will not let Simon stop them from having that. Katie has a cramp and rushes to the restroom. She comes out and says that she's not pregnant, and Mike holds her as she cries. She is SO disappointed, she really thought she was pregnant, she says she jinxed it by telling Simon they were trying to start a family. Mike assures her that she will get pregnant. She tells him she loves him. He decides to take her out for chow mien.

Jack looks at his divorce papers as the phone rings. It's Carly, she says she needs to see him right away. Emma comes over to Jack's. She sees him looking at the divorce papers and says that she sees feelings still between him and Carly. He says it's not easy, closing the door. Emma said it's not supposed to be easy, they made their vows. Emma asks him if he's sure the divorce is what he wants, that if he told Carly he didn't want that, she has a feeling Carly wouldn't put up a fight.


Simon shows up at Carly's door as she hangs up the phone from talking to Jack. She's got her bags packed and sitting by the door. Simon asks, "What's the matter, I thought you wanted to be single by sunset?" Carly says she did, but now she's not so sure. She tells Simon about Gwen being attacked by The Slasher at Raven Lake, she doesn't know if she should leave her alone. Gwen and Will walk in the door. Carly introduces them to Simon. Gwen asks where she's going when she sees the bags beside the door. Carly says it's personal business, Simon is going for moral support, but she's still not sure she's going. They go outside to head over to Jack's. Outside Carly's house, Simon asks her why she hasn't told her sister she's divorcing Jack, and what if Jack is not as willing to get a divorce as she thinks. She instructs Simon, very forcefully, to wait in the car when they get to Jack's.


Carly walks into Jack's kitchen and grabs the divorce papers from his hand, tearing them in half. He thinks she means she doesn't want a divorce, but she tells him of her plans to fly to Santa Domingo and get a quickie divorce. She takes the papers out of her purse for him to sign. He says no, he can't let her do that, she can't afford it, and besides, he doesn't want her to go by herself. She tells him that Simon is paying and going with her. Jack is very upset to hear this, but he says it's none of his business, is it? Carly says she guesses not. Jack can't believe you can actually go online and get a divorce. He asks where he needs to sign. Carly gets very close, almost kissing close to Jack and they gaze into each other's eyes as Simon peeks through the screen door, Simon gets back in the car and honks, ruining their moment. Jack signs the papers and Carly rushes out the door.


At Carly's house, Will and Gwen talk about Simon. Gwen says it's weird to see her sister with another man. She asks Will how he slept in the hospital chair. He said he didn't sleep, he watched her, he ran home to shower and be back to escort her home. Gwen says that a lot of their friends are dead, Casey is in critical condition, and there they are, sitting on the couch acting like everything is fine. Gwen says she made a list of things she wants to do when her leg gets better. She wants to see Johnny, she wants to dance, sing with her band. She wants Maddie to be ok, to be able to push Casey home in a wheelchair. Will suggest she take a nap, she afraid to, she's afraid she'll have a nightmare. He asks if he can stay with her to keep the bad dreams away. He says he knows they can't go back to the way they were, maybe they could just be housemates, sleep in separate rooms. He's gotten it wrong so many times, maybe this time he can get it right.


Gwen says he was quite the hero. He knows that she's afraid if she lets him stay that he will get his hopes up that they will make their marriage work. He says that if she's uncomfortable with him being there, he'll get her stuff out of the car and then he'll leave. He brings her in her stuffed animal, her MP3 players, her socks; a picture of them together, his shirt she used to sleep in. He says he's going to do whatever it takes to help her get through this. He'll check back on her later, maybe they can talk about a memorial for their friends. As he makes to leave, Gwen says, "Will, wait." She asks him to stay.


At Luke's house, Jade is holding baby Ethan. He says she's really good with children. She tells him that after the childhood she had, she wants to give babies all the love and attention they deserve. Holden rushes in, he doesn't look happy to see that Jade is holding his child. Holden tells Luke he does not want Jade around Ethan. Luke suggests Jade as a babysitter; that she really needs to feel needed. Holden says there is no way in hell he's letting her back into their lives. Jade walks in just in time to hear him. She hands the baby to Holden and leaves. Luke chases her out the door. She tells him at the end of the day he has a place to go, she never fits in anywhere. She rushes off upset, saying she knows what to do about it.

Next on ATWT: Maddie says if something happens to Casey, she doesn't think she could make it. Dusty asks Lucy to have a drink after the sales meeting at the Lakeview.

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