The Slasher is Revealed!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Maddie uncovers the mask and discovers that Eve is the slasher, learns how much her sister hates her. Eve is hauled off to jail. Meg walks in on Emily and Paul celebrating. Katie is really worried about what's going on between Carly and Simon. Jade is up to her old tricks.

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Holden tells Meg about Luke coming out to Kevin and saving his life. Meg says and he still went back? Emma says, "Of course he went back, he's a Snyder boy!" Emma sees the engagement ring on Meg's finger, asks her what it was that made her say yes. Meg gets upset, Emma says she meant why now when Paul has been after her for so long to get married. Holden hugs her, tells her congratulations. Emma says that if Meg is happy she is happy. She wants to take them all out, including Paul, for champagne, to celebrate. Meg calls Paul, after she hangs up, Emma suggests they go to the Lakeview, Meg decides instead of calling him and telling him they are coming they should surprise him.


Paul's 'meeting" is with Emily, he tells her he is going to buy The Intruder. She laughs, says "You want to help with my baby AND be my boss?" He says he won't do it unless she approves. She wants to know how Meg feels about the whole idea. He says that he and Meg have no secrets and she's fine with it. Paul explains to Emily that his owning the paper will take the burden off of her and she won't have to deal with Craig. Emily says Paul is creating work for her, she doesn't trust him not to abandon ship like he always does. Meg calls on his cell phone, he says he's at a meeting at the Lakeview, he'll call her back. He tries to make Emily understand that he's trying to streamline her work environment so she won't have so much stress. They shake hands, but then keep holding hands. She rises to leave, but he wants her to have a drink with him to celebrate. She says she'll have sparkling apple juice. They gaze into each other's eyes lovingly. He orders the drinks and makes a toast to a new era. Emily asks him if he's forgotten how much Craig hates him. He says it's all taken care of, Lucy is the go between. They begin to toast again as Meg walks in and sees them.


Katie shows up at Carly's door, all dressed up. She has a job opportunity to tell her about. Caryl says she has a job, tells Katie she is happy working for Simon. She once again explains what happened when Katie walked in when Simon was naked, that nothing is going on between them. Katie says Simon can be a very persuasive man, especially when he's naked. Carly tells Katie about she and Jack's decision to get a divorce. Katie believes this is a time when Carly is vulnerable to Simon's advances. Carly goes upstairs to check on the kids. Surprisingly they have cleaned their rooms. Katie asks Carly if she'd be interested in helping with a garden show that Kim is organizing. Caryl accuses Katie of not feeling her out about a job but about Simon; that it's in Katie's eyes that she thinks, "Poor dumb Carly, she's going to fall for any good looking guy that looks her way." Katie says that's not true and they hug.

Henry and Jack are in the cabin at Raven Lake, they argue because Jack is thinking the killer is Maddie and Henry is adamant that she's not. Outside the cabin, Gwen has become convinced that Jade is The Slasher, she tries to explain her reasoning to Will and Luke, but Luke refuses to believe it, and so does Will. He calms her down. Gwen confronts Jade when she walks up, asks her where she's been, she says she's been walking. Gwen says, "For three hours?!" Dallas arrives. He said he just heard on the radio that Casey is hurt but he's still alive, he tells them that Maddie's sister is The Slasher. Will and Gwen leave to go check on Casey with Dallas. Jade says to Luke, "Did you see that? She wouldn't let him help her; they are SO not back together!" Luke can't believe she's thinking about something like that at a time like this. Will and Gwen sit down, they talk about their relationship, Luke tells Jade to stop staring at them. A medic arrives and begins looking at Gwen's wounds. Jade walks up behind Will and thanks him for defending her, he tells her to give it a rest and walks away. The medic says they have no gurneys, Will carries her. Luke says to Jade let's go home.


Maddie comforts Casey as he lays wounded. She pulls the mask off The Slasher, it is Eve. As she lies on the ground, she confesses everything. She says she killed all those people because of Maddie. Her hatred of Maddie comes spewing forth. She says, "cute little Maddie, poor little Maddie!" She calls Maddie a some horrible names. She says Maddie came to her house, paraded herself in front of her husband, that Maddie made the rape happen. Eve says all she had in the world was Louis and Maddie took him from her. She says she killed all those people to frame Maddie. She says Maddie is not her sister; she's a vicious little you know what. Maddie gave her no choice but to kill Louis.

Maddie screams, "Those kids lives meant nothing to you?!" Eve says they didn't matter, but Casey was different. He had to die; then she would have taken someone away from Maddie that she loved, just like she took Louis away from her. She reaches for the knife, they wrestle, Maddie gets the knife away.


With the sheriff's deputy assisting them, Margo and Tom are frantically looking for Casey. They find him lying in Maddie's arms. When Maddie says her sister is the killer, the cop shines his light the way she points and Eve is gone. As she runs through the woods, she runs into Jack and tries to tell him that Louis is The Slasher. He doesn't buy it, he grabs her hand, sees the blood on hit, puts her in handcuffs as Henry walks up, she starts cackling madly, laughing at Henry, saying the look on his face is worth it all. Henry is blown away. Eve says, "Here we go, poor Maddie, I'm standing here in handcuffs, but how is this affecting Maddie!" She asks him why he never worried about her like he does Maddie. She is crazy, she asks Jack how he likes the wine she sent him. Jack leads her to the cop car. They come upon the ambulance putting Casey inside. Eve asks Maddie if she told Margo, who is standing next to Maddie, that this is all her fault. Henry tells Maddie he's going to get her to a doctor, he tells her it's over now, Maddie tells him that Eve said it's all her fault, and she hugs Henry, says that nothing will ever be the same.

At the police station, Eve tells Jack he's really doing a good job, she tells everyone in the police station that she and Jack had what you call a connection as she laughs.


At the hospital, after Casey tells Margo that Maddie was not the killer, as Margo and Tom watch him being carried into an examination room, Maddie and Henry arrive. Maddie says "Casey, please be ok."

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Carly and Jack have drinks. Will asks Gwen as she lies in the hospital bed to come home with him.

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