Help Arrives at Raven Lake

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

The troops show up, Dallas, Jack, Margo, Tom, and Henry arrive to save the day at Raven Lake, but Maddie is still in grave danger. Casey regains conciousness. Holden talks to Kevin about his attitude toward Luke being gay. Lucinda is proud of both Holden and Luke.

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Holden shows up at the hospital where Luke has been at Kevin's bedside for hours. Luke tells his father that though he saved Kevin's life, their friendship is over. He tells Holden what happened when he told Kevin he was gay. Holden tells Luke he could change schools. Luke asked him what he would do if he was him. Holden says he would stay, Luke says that's how he feels, he needs to be a man and not run from his problems. Then Luke says he needs to go back to Raven Lake and check on Jade, he asks Holden to stay there until Kevin's parents come.


Kevin asks Holden if Luke told him what he said. He apologizes. Holden asks Kevin if he's afraid people will think Kevin is gay be association. He asks Kevin what he's going to say once school starts again, is he going to talk about Luke behind his back? Holden tells him that you should never say something behind someone's back that you wouldn't say to their face. The phone rings. It is Kevin's father. They are on their way. Before he leaves, Holden tells Kevin how grateful he should be to Luke for saving his life.


When Holden gets back to Oakdale, he runs into Lucinda at Java. They sit down and Holden tells Lucinda all about what Luke has been through. Lucinda says Luke is a hero, even after being verbally abused by that boy. She tells Holden he would have done the same thing, that Luke has been learning a lot of lessons from Holden, watching someone with real courage, who doesn't feel sorry for himself; someone who doesn't lose heart. She says he is the best thing that's ever happened to Luke.


Dallas, Henry and Jack show up at Margo and Tom's. Dallas has received news that there are kids being murdered at Raven Lake. Dallas says Maddie is thought to be the killer. Tom calls Casey's cell phone and it rings in the darkness as Casey lays unconscious. Henry tells Jack he's going home, but Jack is smarter than that, he knows Henry wants to go to Raven Lake to find Maddie. Henry says he's sick and tired of people treating Maddie like they do. If Louis has touched her again, Jack can shoot Henry if he wants, arrest him, whatever, he's going to save his sister. Dallas calls the sheriff's department at Raven Lake, trying to get through as Margo falls apart, worrying about Casey's safety. Tom takes the phone from Dallas, representing himself in the official capacity as Oakdale District Attorney. He screams over the phone that they'd better get all their forces out to the lake, that kids are being murdered! The whole group heads out to the lake.


At Raven Lake, Gwen and Will are in the boat shed frantically trying to figure out how to escape being murdered by The Slasher. They decide to make a break for it; then they hear police sirens and hug, but they are worried that it's only one police car they hear. They are stopped by a sheriff's deputy just as Jack, Dallas, Margo, Tom and Henry all arrive on the scene. Henry takes off running, looking for Maddie. Margo asks Will and Gwen about Casey. They tell her that Maddie said Casey was dead. But Margo says nobody has seen his body? Then that may not be true, as she clings to Tom. Gwen says that Maddie's hands were covered in blood, and Margo says, so you are saying that Maddie killed him? Will says there's no way Maddie is the killer. Margo grieves in her husband's arms, thinking her is dead. Luke shows up, learns what's going on, Dallas asks him what he's doing there and when the last time was that he saw Jade. He demands that Luke stay put. Gwen says that maybe Jade is The Slasher. Luke says Jade would never do anything like that. But the more they talk, the more Jade looks suspect.


Louis has Maddie backed against a wall, about to tell her who the killer is when he is stabbed in the back. The Slasher raises the bloody knife as Maddie screams, "Who are you, why are you killing people!?" She runs for her life. She hears the police sirens just as the killer grabs her. She gets away again, find the police car parked, lights flashing, and jumps inside. She is going to drive away but the keys aren't in the car. Suddenly, she is grabbed and dragged from the car by the killer. They fight near where Casey lies. Maddie gives it all she's got. When she sits up, The Slasher is knocked out and lying on the ground beside her and Casey is coming around. He and Maddie say they love each other and kiss. Casey tells Maddie she needs to go get help, but Maddie takes the knife that's lying on the ground and goes over to The Slasher, about to lift the mask.

Henry and Jack scour the woods in the dark. They find Louis' dead body and finally know that he is not the killer. Jack says that means The Slasher is still out there. They go back to where Gwen, Will, Margo and Tom are gathered. They report what they found, then go to the cabin, find the dead girl's body. They find a handprint, a small one. Jack says the killer is a woman.

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Will, Gwen and Luke wonder where Jade is, Jack is livid, says he's going to find the woman who is the killer.

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