Louis Meets His Demise

Friday, September 1st, 2006

As Margo and Tom enjoy their evening at home, she gets antsy because she can't get through to Casey on his cell phone. Meanwhile, Casey continues to lie on the ground at Raven Lake, dead or gravely injured. Maddie is stalked repeatedly as Will and Gwen become close again due to the trauma they are sharing.

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At Raven Lake, as the horrified teens hide in the van, Casey lies in the woods, either dead or gravely injured. Gwen screams bloody murder as she's drug away by The Slasher. Will, injured, follows their trail. Gwen knocks him/her upside the head and they wrestle. As the killer raises the knife above her, Gwen begs for her life. Will attacks him/her and knocks them down. They wrestle. The Slasher gets loose and runs away. Gwen and Will make their way to a tool shed, Will gets a shovel. They talk about Maddie, Gwen says she just remembered something, the man in the woods that Geneva saw watching her with binoculars then she was dead. Will lights a coal oil lantern and tends Gwen's cuts. She calls him her hero. Will says they will be ok, he says he will carry her all the way to Oakdale if he has to. She says that it's the second time he's saved her life. They talk about the first time he saved her life, about how she trusted him back then and she didn't let him know, she didn't set people straight about the fact that she knew he couldn't have done what he was being accused of. She apologizes. They kiss.


Maddie goes down to the dock, she thinks about the events leading up to what happened to Casey. A boy walks up, introduces himself as Ian, Maddie is holding a paddle. He says he came back for Maddie, the other kids have left in the van, but he came back because of Alex, he thinks Maddie killed him, he says Maddie will not get the chance to kill anyone else as he grabs a paddle too. Maddie tells him to call the police. They can tell him that she's been cleared. He doesn't believe her, he knocks the paddle from her hands. Maddie takes off running, Louis watches with binoculars, but he's not dressed in The Slasher's mask or clothes. Maddie hides in a storage room. Ian follows her in the room, telling her he's going to smash every bone in her body. She runs out of the room and back into the woods. She discovers yet another dead body; it's Ian, and off in the distance stands Louis. She screams at him to stay away from her and runs away, he follows, walking. Maddie goes back to where Casey is lying on the ground. Louis grabs her and jerks her up. She hurts him and gets away. Louis screams that she will be sorry she did that. He catches up with her and gets her up against a wall. He is about to tell Maddie who has been killing people when he is stabbed from behind by The Slasher.

Henry goes to the police station where Dallas and Jack are putting out an APB for Louis. Henry tells Dallas how much he appreciates the lengths Dallas went to in order to protect Maddie. Dallas feels guilty for not figuring things out sooner. Jack wants to know if Henry has heard from Eve. Henry says Eve told him not to call, to give Maddie time to recover in Chicago, when she never actually went there. Jack talks Henry into calling anyway; he's worried that Louis might be after Maddie. He gets hold of Eve. They figure out that Maddie told each of them that she was going with the other one. Henry panics. Jack says he thinks he knows where Maddie is. He and Henry take off. Jessica and Dallas talk about the case. She says the same thing Henry did, that Dallas did the best he could. He helped a young girl face her past and brought a family closer together. That he is a terrific cop and her favorite nephew, but not to tell his brother. The phone rings, Dallas answers it. "What??! What??!" He says.


Margo cleans Casey's room because she misses him, she still can't get through to him on his cell phone. She and Tom make a toast to Maddie being off the hook. Jessica, Maddie's attorney, comes over. She and Margo have a glass of wine and talk about the case, about Maddie and Casey. Margo is antsy, waiting for a call back from Casey. Margo is worrying about Maddie coming through ok, after all that has happened to her. Not long after Jessica leaves the door bell rings. It's Henry and Jack asking where Casey is, tells Margo and Tom that Maddie never went to Chicago. Dallas rushes in and says he just got a call that someone is up at Raven Lake killing kids.

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Maddie pulls the mask off The Slasher, revealing his/her identity. Meg catches Paul having a cozy lunch with Emily.

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