Murder at Raven Lake

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Alex is dead and several other kids are in trouble, for The Slasher is on a rampage. Dusty is protective of Lucy, calls her princess. Emma gets the news that Luke is gay, but she takes it better than Luke's friend Kevin, who turns against him. Will is steadily trying to get back with Gwen and Casey has Maddie on his mind. Who knew she'd be there?

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Lucy meets Paul at Java. He wants to know if she's contacted her father about selling the newspaper. Dusty comes in, demands to know what Paul wants with Lucy. Paul explains to him that he wants to buy the paper and why. Dusty tells Lucy to think about what guys like her father and Paul have done for her. She gets upset with Dusty for butting in her business. Dusty won't leave until she tells him why she's trying to help Paul Ryan. They argue, Dusty says he will never forgive Paul for what he did to his wife, he put her in a psych ward. Lucy tells Dusty she's no longer angry. They smile at each other, Dusty says everybody needs help sometimes. Lucy tells him she'll be careful. She offers him some of her own advice, to think about Jennifer when she was happy, not to dwell on the bad. He says he'll try, but it will be a lot easier if he doesn't have to see her hanging out with losers like Paul. Lucy admits how much she liked the fact that Dusty charged in and was defending her. He calls her princess.


Emma is talking to Meg and Holden about how she wishes Luke would meet a nice girl. Holden breaks the news to her that Luke is gay. She refuses to believe it, acts as if it's wrong. Once she learns that she's the last to know, she's mad at Holden, hurt that he's kept this from her. Holden tells Emma that Luke is going through a hard time, he apologizes. Emma can't believe that Holden thought she was so rigid and judgmental that she wouldn't love Luke anyway. They have an argument and Holden leaves the room. Meg asks Emma if it really bothers her that Luke is gay. Emma says she's afraid Luke won't be able to be happy, she's not judging, it's just that Luke's whole life has been a tug of war. Meg tells Emma
that's she's always so sure she's right, that's why they haven't told her, that they know Emma does what she does to protect them. Emma says that Luke being gay doesn't make any difference to her. She loves him. She says she doesn't have to worry about Luke, he's got Holden, what a good, fine man he is, how he can help Luke get through anything, HOlden walks in behind her in time to hear this.


At Lakeview, Emily and Henry talk about Maddie. Henry thinks Maddie is fine that's she gone to Chicago with Eve. Emily says she and Paul are in a good place. Henry says, "What, he's dead!" They talk about the danger of Louis being on the loose. Emily wants a sketch of Louis to put in the paper.


At Raven Lake, Jade tells Kevin off for the way he is treating Luke after Luke's confession to him of being gay. She asks Luke how he could have ever loved someone like that, letting Kevin know how Luke felt about him. Kevin flips when he hears this. Luke asks her to leave and she does. Luke tries to get Kevin to talk to him but he says that if he stays there with Luke he will beat him up. They argue fiercely, Kevin says Luke is not his friend and takes off. Luke walks up later on Kevin and his friends in the boat. Kevin is drunk. He introduces Luke to everyone, saying "Here's my friend and a faggot."

Ann and Zack find Alex's dead body in the cabin, his throat slashed. Ann takes off running through the woods. She meets up with The Slasher, but gets away, she's lost, running for her life. But The Slasher catches up with her and knocks her out, drags her into the woods. Zack is looking for Ann. The Slasher attacks him.


As others play football, Gwen and Casey sit alone talking near the woods. She has sprained her ankle. Will shouts at them, wants to know if they are going to play while Maddie watches from behind a tree. Will walks over and tries to talk to Gwen, he offers to take her back to the cabin, but she wants nothing to do with him. However, she remembers how much she loves that about him, his persistence as she looks at him with longing. He comes back over and wants to talk, but they hear a scream. Casey gets up to go check it out. It is Ann running from The Slasher. Gwen and Will don't know this yet,and they talk about their relationship. He tells her how much he still loves her. All the other kids come over to the picnic table and their conversation is halted.

Will watches from the woods as Casey and Gwen go into the cabin. He goes for a walk in the woods and comes upon Luke. Luke tells him how badly Kevin took the news that he was gay. Will talks about Gwen and how she won't talk to him. In the cabin, Gwen finds Alex's inhaler on the floor, says Alex doesn't go anywhere without it. They don't have a clue what's up, they talk about Will, who is in the woods walking when suddenly Jade comes running down a hill, really fast. She tells Will she was looking for him. She's upset about how Kevin treated Luke. They take off walking together, looking for Luke. Casey talks to Gwen about Maddie, maybe he didn't try hard enough. One of their friends comes in and asks Casey to help with the campfire. Gwen heads out by herself through the woods, someone watching from behind. Casey is piling up logs for the campfire when Maddie walks up behind him, Louis watches them through binoculars.

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Paul tells Meg that their relationship means nothing until he puts a ring on her finger. Kevin, with a bloody head, looks like he may drown.

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