Let's Get it On

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Simon and Carly are getting VERY close. Everyone who's anyone in Gwen's circle is at the lake, and so is the slasher.

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Carly shows up at Simon's building, remembering the kiss he gave her. It's the first time she's seen him since then, they are both acting embarrassed. Simon says he saw fireworks, but if smooching will interfere, they won't do it again. Carly agrees, hesitantly. They shake hands and Simon tells her to take her clothes off. Carly says he needs to grow up, but it's a designer dress he wants her to change into to see the buyers. After she walks out, Simon spills paint all over himself, jumps in the shower. Carly comes back in as he walks out, naked. He asks her to hand him his clothes.

At Java, Kevin dogs Luke, telling him not to come to Raven Lake he's no fun. He starts telling his buddies how Luke bombed out on his date. After Luk leaves, Kevin says there's something weird about him. Jade comes in, Kevin asks if she wants a ride to the lake. Jade goes to Luke's house. He says no way he's going to the lake and dissed by Kevin. Jade says she realizes she's just been thinking of herself, that Luke needs to go the lake to show Kevin he's not going to be bullied by people like Kevin. He decides she's right. He knows it's a matter of time before the truth is going to come out about him being gay and she's right, he needs to stop hiding. She says he's man enough to handle it.

Maddie wakes up from a nightmare about Louis. Henry and Eve come in, say they are trying to help the police find him. Maddie says Louis is never going to let this be over. She says the police will never catch him. Eve wants Maddie to go back to Chicago with her, where she'll be safer. Maddie wonders if Margo told Casey that she's not The Slasher. Henry says they can go talk to Casey, clear everything up.

Kim brings Will something to eat. He says the thing with Gwen is all his fault. He says he changed his mind about going to Raven Lake, says it probably wouldn't do any good. Evelyn? hugs him. She wishes she could cheer him up, but feeling guilty and sorry for himself is not going to get Gwen back, asks him if he's done anything to prove to Gwen that he can be trusted. He has to be a man. He appreciates her advice. She tells him that he's been through hell, but he says it's no excuse. He says he's going to Raven Lake to show Gwen how much he loves her.

At Casey's, Gwen is down about her marriage. Casey tries to lift her up, talks about going swimming, making a bonfire. She says maybe she and Will DO need their space, she says the main reason she's going to the party at Raven Lake is that she knows Jade won't be there. Ann brings in snacks for the trip and she and Casey leave the room. Gwen is looking for music when a masked person with a knife walks up behind her and she screams bloody murder. Casey tackles the person. It was Zack playing a joke. He can't believe everybody is so uptight, they are watching Maddie pretty close, right? Maddie walks up outside, hides in the bushes and overhears Zack telling Ann that Casey is looking forward to moonlight swims and no husbands. The gang leaves, Henry walks up after Maddie has gotten out of the bushes. Maddie tells him he can leave, that she called Eve and told her to pick her up there. After Henry walks away she calls Eve for real and tells her that Henry wants her to stay there with him, that she's not going to Chicago with her. Then Maddie calls about buses to Raven Lake.


Eve goes to the police station to say goodbye to Jack. She tells him that With him she feels connected in a way she hasn't in a long time. Jack says he's glad he got to know her. They hug. Carly walks in just as they do. Jack runs to catch up with Carly as she walks away. She tells him that the details of their lives are not each other's concern and they only need to make arrangements for the kids. She leaves and he goes back to talking to Eve. She tells him she'll be back after things are straightened out with Maddie and she'll see where things go.

Zack, Ann, Casey and Gwen arrive at the lake. Gwen is getting stuff out of the trunk when Will walks up behind her. They are civil to each other, decide to go for a walk to talk. Luke walks up and tells them that Jade is with him. Gwen is upset. Luke and Jade arrive also. She asks Luke to stop the car because she's nervous. He says she needs to tell Will how she feels. Luke says he's on her side. She says she wants to go for a walk to get her head together. Casey and his friends are swimming, having a great time, but The Slasher is at the lake too and is getting ready to attack.

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