There's Gonna Be Trouble at Raven Lake

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Jade talks Luke into taking her to Raven Lake, where Gwen and Casey are having a party and where Will is headed. Maddie names Louis as the rapist and it looks like he's The Slasher too. Lucinda's matchmaking plans bomb.

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Lucinda tricks Dusty and Lucy into having a candlelit dinner together, complete with champagne. It doesn't work out at all, Dusty and Lucy aren't happy about it and he leaves. Lucy asks how Lucinda could do that. They talk about how Lucy was Dusty's lover before he met Jennifer. Lucinda is trying to fix them up again. She tells Lucy that she knows she loves Dusty and that he cares for her. Lucy gets mad and leaves. She goes to Java and there is Dusty. He isn't mad, they laugh about Lucinda's matchmaking efforts. Dusty ask her if she wants to have coffee. They enjoy themselves, talking about their parents and grandparents--the things they did for love. Lucy asks Dusty to promise not to tell Lucinda they had coffee.

Jade confronts Gwen and Casey about their weekend trip. Gwen tells her they need some distance, only as friends. Jade tells Gwen that Will loves her but she won't give him a chance. Jade says if it wasn't her, it would be someone else picking up the pieces.

Barbara comes over and tells Will that his father told her he'd been accused of being the one who attacked Gwen. She says there's been some new evidence in the case that could apparently lead to an arrest. She says Maddie is being taken in for questioning, they accept that Maddie is the killer. After Barbara leaves Jade shows up, tells Will that Gwen and Casey are going away for the weekend together. He instantly gets on the phone to order a bus ticket. He's got to let Gwen know that they aren't done. Jade can't believe it; she goes out of the porch and calls Luke, ask him if she can come over.


When Jack arrives at the hotel room, Eve seeks comfort from him after she is finally faced with the evidence against Louis, the black hooded jacket in his belongings. Jack calls Margo, tells her not to question Maddie until they get there. When Henry and Eve leave the room, Louis comes out from hiding around a corner in the hall.


Holden tells Luke maybe he needs to get out of the house, see his old friends. Luke says they are all into girls and tells Holden about his fallout with Kevin over him trying to set Luke up on a blind date. He says Will, Jade and Lucy are the only ones who know he is gay, his friends wouldn't understand. Holden still insist that Luke needs to get out and do something, have some fun. Jade calls and ask if she can come over, she brings blue booties for the baby. She and Luke sit down and look at pictures. She tells Luke she is falling in love with Will. She asks him to take her to Raven Lake, she shouts, ...I love him!... She talks him into going, and he wants to because it sounds like a fun time, on one condition, she won't throw herself at Will.


At the police station, Margo and Dallas question Maddie. Margo asks her if she recognize the mask in the picture. She has a flashback to the rape, remembers the mask falling while she was being attacked. Eve and Henry rush into the interrogation room, Maddie and Eve hug. Maddie tells Margo and Dallas that Louis was the one who raped her. Jack lays the jacket on the table. They ask Henry where to find Louis. Margo and Jack talk Eve into calling Louis and asking him to meet her, They make plans to meet at Java. He says she sounds funny. Margo tells Eve that if Louis calls back not to answer. Jack sits down and talks to Eve, says she shouldn't have married Louis, he has always acted weird. Once she caught him looking at young girls on the internet. She says Louis is capable of anything.

When Gwen and Casey arrive at the cabin at Raven Lake, a bunch of friends show up, they are having a party, going to see a band. Allison asks Gwen where Will is, she can't believe she's there without her husband. Casey takes her aside, ask her to show Gwen some consideration. Gwen sits alone, looking at Will's picture, Will is at home looking at hers.


Louis lied to EVe. He is at the hotel putting on black gloves and picking up a knife. Henry and Maddie head back to the hotel. Henry leaves Maddie alone in the room to go get some ice water. Louis jumps out of the closet, slams Maddie against the wall saying that he warned her, puts the knife against her neck. Maddie pushes him off, he grabs her hair, the cop who is standing watch in the hall knocks on the door and Maddie screams for help. Louis takes off onto the balcony, but not before Maddie accuses him of being The Slasher and he says, ...Let's just say this is not over.... Henry rushes in. Margo, Dallas, Jack and Eve show up. Maddie says this is never going to be over.

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