Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Eve, Louis and Casey even begin to look like suspects, but the mask The Slasher wore belongs to Maddie. Holden has a christening party to name the baby. Simon lays a big kiss on Carly. Lucinda is playing matchmaker.


Simon and Carly show up at the job site. Mike quits, tells Simon if he's smart he'll do the same. Mike tells Carly that Simon doesn't have a permit for him to work on the building as he packs up his tools and is gone. Carly gets mad, she and Simon argue. Come to find out, he bribed the building inspector. He tells her he has a deal to make first, he shows her the contract and then everything will come together. He talks her into staying with the job, and him. The prospective buyers arrive. Caryl puts on the schmooze, the charm, as she sells the buyers on the property. They asks Simon to come to their office in the morning and to bring Mrs. Snyder with him. Simon tells Carly she was amazing, lays a long, passionate kiss on her. She's shocked and embarrassed. She gathers her things quickly and leaves.

Henry and Maddie talk about how Louis could be The Slasher. Maddie demands Henry not tell anyone about Louis raping her, if he does she'll say he's lying. Maddie is worried about what this will do to Eve. Henry says they must get Eve away from Louis. She doesn't want to go with Henry to confront Eve with the truth, she stays in the car, he makes her lock the doors.

Lucinda invites Lucy to a party celebrating life after getting onto her for risking hers. Holden and Luke talk about what to name the baby as they prepare for the christening party. Holden asks Luke to be the godfather. Lucy, Lucinda and Emma arrive. A very happy group. Lucy and Luke serve appetizers, she says he saved her life. The soorbell rings and Lucy answers it, it's Dusty. Holden introduces Lucy as the godmother. She's surprised and thrilled. Emma tells Holden that Lily is there with them in spirit. Ethan Walsh Snyder is welcomed into the world and blessed by the priest. Lucinda invites Dusty to have dinner with her and then invites Lucy to have dinner with her, neither one know the other is coming.

Casey and Gwen are outside his place. He is upset because Gwen told his mom about the mask in that picture. She tells him she had to. He says he's not mad, he just hates it that the mask belongs to Maddie. Gwen says Maddie couldn't kill anyone. Casey is really nervous, uptight, angry about Maddie maybe being The Slasher. He finds bracelets of Maddie's on the ground. They go inside. Casey tells Gwen he needs to get the hell out of this town. They hear a noise, Casey grabs a knife. ? Tom is in the house, he made the noise they heard. He asks Casey what he's doing with the knife. After it's all explained, Casey and Gwen race each other upstairs to pack for their weekend away.


Eve is on the phone, frantically searching for Louis. Margo knocks on the door. She shows the picture of the mask and asks Eve if she's ever seen it. Eve's face registers shock but she says no. Margo tells her that she's lying. Margo warns Eve that withholding evidence is against the law. Casey says maybe Casey is The Slasher, the mask is a perfect fit. Eve wants Margo to leave but she wants to search the premises, but Eve won't allow it. When Margo leaves, Henry knocks on the door, tells Eve they need to talk. She's angry because he called Louis a rapist, Henry tries to convince Eve that it's true. He grabs her, tries to make her understand that Louis was the rapist, appeals to her sense of family, he jogs her memory, she starts crying because she realizes that Henry is right, that her husband raped Maddie. Henry says they must go to the police. Then he tries to convince her that Louis is The Slasher, Eve says what if the killer is Maddie, what if Louis drove her to it. All that anger and rage has to go somewhere. Henry says no, no, no. He asks where Louis keeps his stuff. When he opens his suitcase, he finds a black hooded sweatshirt.


Holden takes the baby to see Lily. He says today was one of those special family days and it wasn't the same without her. The baby needs her. He asks her to come back to them, the sooner the better.

Maddie falls asleep and starts dreaming about Louis' warnings. She wakes up to Margo pounding on the car window, at first she thinks it's Louis. Margo shows her the picture of the mask, asks Maddie when was the last time she saw it.

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Eve tells Jack that Louis is capable of anything, Will calls for the directions to where Gwen and Casey went for the weekend.

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