Who CAN You Trust?

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Paul is trying to do the right for all concerned. Gwen and Casey find a picture of the mask The Slasher wore. Henry swears to protect Maddie from Louis. Simon is once again being crooked. Carly doesn't like friendship with Eve at all.

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Louis jumps in Henry's face after Henry says Louis was the one who raped Maddie. They start fighting and Eve breaks them up. Henry tells Eve Louis raped Maddie. Eve refuses to believe it for anything. Louis goes up to the room acting insulted. Henry tries to convince Eve that it's true. She tells him to stop making sick accusations against her husband.


Jack admits to Carly that he's been a jerk, wants to try again. They have dinner together at the Lakeview. They talk about their relationship and how Carly needs his trust and to be her own person. She assures Jack that her and Simon's relationship is purely professional about the time J.J. runs in and lets Jack know Simon went to the drive-in with them. Jack says that sure sounds professional. Eve rushes in and asks for Jack's help, she can't find Louis. Carly introduces herself as Jack's soon to be ex-wife before she makes an exit.

Katie talks to Nancy at the hospital about trying to get pregnant. Nancy tells her schedules are for trains not for conceiving children.


Paul and Meg argue about Emily. She wants to know when Emily's pregnancy became Paul's full-time job. They argue, but Paul says Meg needs to trust him, whatever he does it will be for them and they kiss sweetly.

Emily questions Lucy about her condition, says Lucy's father is the cause of her stress because he still owns The Intruder and she has no control over the paper. Emily says she doesn't want to depend on anyone to help her raise her baby. Paul is listening behind the curtain. Emily tells Lucy she needs to find a way to get Craig to release control of the paper. Lucy leaves, Meg comes in and says she and Emily need to have a little chat. She tells Emily she loves Paul and that she's going to be a part of the baby's life whether she likes it or not.

Paul corners Lucy, she asks him if he overheard their conversation. He says Craig selling the paper is the perfect solution, and Lucy says, what, to someone like you, I guess. He says he might know someone interested in the newspaper business. He says he's trying to have a second chance to do the right thing for his child. She says she'll get a message to her dad.


Simon tells Mike that he saw him and Katie making love in his building. Mike changes the subject, they talk about needing an inspection certificate. Katie walks in. Simon and Mike argue about Simon cutting corners about the inspection. Simon leaves, Mike says if they weren't trying to start a family he'd quit, the job is dangerous. He wants to fill Carly in on what Simon is up to.


Casey and Gwen are at his house looking for board games to play. Maddie is peeking in at them through the window. They keep talking about her, not knowing she's listening, but she is hearing things they aren't saying, bad things about her being The Slasher and lucky they are that they got away from her, twisting their words in her mind. She hears a noise behind her, someone grabs her as Gwen is looking at a picture that freaks her out. It's a picture of Casey with Maddie and he's wearing the same mask The Slasher had on when Gwen was attacked. Margo walks in. They show her the picture. Casey says the mask is Maddie's. Margo rushes out, tells them to lock the doors.

The person who grabbed Maddie was Henry, he tells her he knows Louis is the one who raped her and he's going to make sure nothing happens to her. He tells her a personal story about when he was a kid. She cries and he holds her. He asks Maddie why she didn't tell him the truth. She tells Henry about the night of the rape. She had a friend who was supposed to sleep over who backed out. Louis had promised they would do something special after the dance. There is a flashback to the struggle she had with Louis before he locked the door and jumped on her. She went to the hospital and that's where she met Dallas but she couldn't tell. She left Chicago hoping she could forget it all. Henry promises Louis will never hurt her again, that the nightmare is finally over. She wants him to promise not to tell.

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Margo confronts Eve with the picture of the mask, asks her if she's ever seen it. When Eve says no, Margo tells her she's lying.

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