Hughes Family Emergency!

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Tom collapses on the floor! Carly and Simon take off on a plane to Canada. Katie bails Henry out of jail.

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When Holden confronts Lily about the diet pills, she says they're vitamins, and Jade's been taking them, but he knows their diet pills. He asks why she would take dieting advice from Jade of all people. She says Jade knows how she feels. He tells her she's beautiful the way she is. Besides, he says diet pills are not the answer. When he reads one of the side effects is irritability, he says that may be the reason she jumped Lucinda, but she says it's not.

A little while later, Lily explains that when she came out of the comma she had a hard time adjusting, but she says she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin. He says he doesn't like seeing her like this, but he doesn't know what to do. She says she doesn't either, and that's why she decided to try the pills. When he tells her she can't mess with her health, she says admits he's right and dumps the pills in the trash. Soon after, they hear thunder. He says it sounds like a storm, so he leaves to check to make sure everything's locked down.

Emily orders Craig to tell her where Daniel is. He says he doesn't know where Daniel is. She accuses him of hiring someone to take Daniel, but he continues to say he has nothing to do with it, and then suggests she start by talking to Paul. He goes on to say she's Tull's problem now, and to stay away from him!

After she leaves, he finds himself face-to-face with Dusty!

"Back so soon, and alone. I guess you didn't find my children?"
"You don't seem surprised. I guess that's when I left for Montaga you had me followed."
"And why would I do that?"
"Mess things up I guess," he shrugs.

When Craig says he wouldn't interfere with his search, Dusty says it didn't take him long to realize he was being followed because the work was sloppy, but he says he realized he wanted it that way. He tells him to save his excuses for Barbara. "So, if Lucy found out I was looking for her she'd know you weren't far behind," Dusty retorts. Need I remind you, they're my children not yours." "Thanks to you Pal, they're gone." Craig reminds him that he's the one who went after them, and he says that maybe the one Lucy doesn't want coming after them is he. "You'd like that wouldn't you? If I was the reason Lucy ran," Dusty asks. Craig smiles, asking if he bears no responsibility with what happened, but Dusty says he bears responsibility for his son. Craig says "his" isn't alone, because he's with his family -- his sister. "Dont let me find out you're keeping him from coming home," Dusty cautions. Getting in his face, Craig says he's doing exactly what Lucy wanted, and he's the one who's chasing him halfway around the world. He goes on to say he's tired of him and Emily blaming him for the messes they've made. "So, from now on I'll be watching you both suffer from a distance," he adds as he turns and walks away.

At the Hughes' residence, when Tom collapses on the floor, Margo calls 911 then begins CPR!

At the station, Henry is surprised when he learns Katie was the one who bailed him out of jail. He asks why she bailed him out. She says she had to do something with all that royalty money from "Oakdale Confidential," and she thought Maddie could use a break. He says it must have cost her a pretty penny. "Every last one," she replies. He can't believe she helped him after what he did, but she says she thought a lot about that, but she says mostly she thought about what he said to her, and she admits it was true. She goes on to say she doesn't agree with what he did, but she understands. He asks her to help him understand it, because he says he can't see it. She says Simon's his friend, and she should have never asked him to turn his back on him for her. She goes on to say it wasn't fair and she almost lost him because of it, and she never wants that to happen again. "You're never going to lose me Bubbles," he replies. "Good, because I expect you to pay me back," she smiles. "Not with interest I hope." She says no.

Dallas approaches letting Katie know that an ambulance was called to her sister's house. When she asks if Margo's okay, he says it wasn't for her, it was for Tom!

Jack notifies the prince that he has concerns about the way Carly's arrest is being handled, but the prince tells him there's no need for concern, because it's being dealt with the way it would be if they were in his country. With his arms crossed, Jack reminds the prince that they're not in his country, and he says he has a "big" problem with the way his officials are questioning a U.S. citizen, because she's in the room without representation! The prince says he doesn't like what he's implying. Jack says he wants access to Carly; he wants to be in the room while she's being questioned. When the prince refuses, he gives him five minutes to come up with a nice, diplomatic solution or he says he'll call in Washington. He goes on to say he'd hate to see stolen diamonds turn into an embarrassment for his company. He gives in allowing him access to the prisoner.

Carly is relieved to see Simon came to her rescue. "You rat! You weren't planning on leaving without me were you?" Vienna says, coming in and interrupting their reunion. Carly starts to respond, but Simon places his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Then he reports to Vienna that he came looking for her, but didn't know where she went. He goes on to ask her to help get Carly out, and then he promises they'll go to the Island they talked about, but she knows he's lying to her and calls him a fool! He swears he's telling the truth. She tells him to prove it by leaving Carly with her, but he says they can't, because she'll tell Jack and the prince what they've done. She says then they'll silence her to make sure she can't talk or run to anybody for help, but Simon says that wasn't part of the plan. "Baby, that's the plan now, if you don't want me to blow you out of the water," Vienna replies, blowing into Carly's hair.

Emily arrives at Tom and Margo's to find an empty house. Once inside, an officer fills her in on Tom.

At the hospital, the ambulance wheels Tom in. Bob immediately takes over his care. Henry and Katie arrive just as he's brought in. As Henry takes Katie in his arms to comfort her, Mike walks up.

Later, Margo asks Bob to be straight with her about Tom's condition. One of his coronary arteries is blocked, and they have to do surgery to find out more.

Outside of room where Tom is, Mike asks Henry about Tom. Henry says they don't know anything yet. Soon after, Mike asks if he should be in jail, but he informs him that Katie bailed him out. Before walking off, Henry tells Mike he got his friend back today, then asks him if there's something he wants to get back before it's gone for good.

When Katie comes back from the nurses' station, she stops dead in her tracks as she notices Mike!

Before taking Tom to surgery, Margo takes his hand and encourages him to be strong and come back to her. After Tom goes to surgery, Margo cries on Katie's shoulder. She says she doesn't know what she'll do if she loses him.

Later, Jack and the prince enter the room where they last left Carly. Once inside, they hear a noise coming from the crate. Jack thinks its Carly and removes the front, but instead of Carly, he finds Vienna! She's tied up and has tape over her mouth. Jack asks her what happened. She tells him about the promise Simon made, then says him and Carly knocked out the guard and tied her up. The prince is furious with Vienna for trusting Simon! Jack gets on the phone and orders that an APB be put out on Simon and Carly.

Once Jack hangs up the phone, he relays to the prince that Carly and Simon's plane is gone. Vienna asks why he even bothers. She goes on to say they'll never give up the jewels or each other. "And that just burns you doesn't it?" Jack replies. "You can feel it too -- can't deny it Detective. You've seen them together, how much they're in love, and it's not with us," she adds. "Enough! None of that matters as long as the crown jewels are missing," the prince chimes in. "You're wrong dolly, that's all that matters," Vienna replies. "Personal matters aside Detective; you have a job to do. I want to know how long until you have those two thieves in custody?" the prince inquires. "With the head start they have Your Highness, it's possible we may never find them," he answers.

Meanwhile, Carly and Simon are on a plane getting ready to make their escape. When she asks Simon where the pilot is, he says he's the pilot. She grows very nervous about Simon piloting the plane, but he assures her he's had a few classes and they'll be fine. He goes on to say she has to trust him or they're going to be caught. She gives in saying she'll pray.

Later, Carly is impressed with Simon's pilot skills. After complimenting him on his flying, she confesses that she lost faith in him. He replies that he loves her. When he reports to her that they're going to Canada, she says she can't go. He asks why. She says if they go to Canada then come back they'll be arrested on the spot. He reminds her that if they stay they'll be arrested. She says that at least she'll be able to see her children even if it is through bulletproof glass. She goes on to say at least she'll be able to talk to them and tell them she loves them.

"Listen Carly, we don't know it's going to be like that. Look, someday"
"Someday. What is that? A year? Ten years? You know how many birthdays and Christmases and proms and graduations that is? It's a lot! She interrupts.
"Alright Carly, you just tell me what you want to do and I'll do it. You just tell me exactly what you want and I'll do it right now."
"Turn the plane around," she replies.

Emily arrives at the station to talk to Jack, but when Dallas informs her that he's out of town. She says she needs to talk to somebody, then confides in him. She tells him Craig has kidnapped her son. He asks if she has any proof, but she says she doesn't. When Dusty arrives, she expresses that she believes Craig is the reason Daniel's missing. She goes on to tell him about Tom, then sobs saying she doesn't think she can do this by herself. He puts his arm around her to comfort her, then he asks if she's sure Craig is behind Daniel's disappearance. She expresses that no one's taking her seriously. She says they all think he's just missing. "You want some help?" Dusty offers. "You'd do that?" "Yeah, I'd do anything to stop Montgomery from hurting another kid." She nods, accepting his offer.

While preparing sandwiches in the kitchen, Lily tells Faith she's going to lose that last 10 or 15 pounds no matter what. "How," Faith asks. She says maybe she'll just stop eating, and then she tells Faith she's going to go outside to help her father. Before she goes, she instructs her to eat the sandwich she worked so hard to fix.

After Lily goes outside, Faith looks sad as she stares at the sandwich her mom made for her. Then she gets up and throws the sandwich into the trash!

Back at the hospital, Katie comforts Margo telling her she and Tom will make it through, because that's how the two of them are together. She goes on to say they've never let anything get between the love the two of them have shared. "I mean really, a clogged artery is nothing against the two of you," Katie jokes, getting a small laugh from Margo. Meanwhile, outside the waiting room, Mike listens from the hall. It looks as if he's proud of Katie.

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Carly calls JJ from the plane.

"I wonder if he found out?" "What did you say?" Maddie asks him. "Nothing, let's just go," he replies.

Next on As the World Turns

Carly calls JJ from the plane.

"I wonder if he found out?" "What did you say?" Maddie asks him. "Nothing, let's just go," he replies.

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