Sisterly Chat

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Gwen visits Carly at the station, and they have a sister-to-sister chat. Paul collapses at the Snyder farm! Barbara tells Paul his visions could help find Johnny.

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Gwen shouts for Will and Adam to stop fighting, but they continue fighting. During the feud, they knock things over making a mess in Will's apartment.

At the hospital, Barbara asks Susan where Paul is. She explains that he left on his own free will, but Barbara worries saying he's too sick.

Later, Barbara asks why Paul is having visions. Susan explains that she doesn't know, but she says that he insists he can see into the future. She goes on to explain the vision he had about being given the wrong medicine, and she says he was right.

At the Snyder farm, Meg confronts Paul about the well, but he says he would never do anything like that. She tells him Luke saw him leaning over the well, but he says it was because he was trying to find out if something was wrong. "I didn't put anything in there," he defends. When she asks who did, he says he doesn't know. She doesn't get how his visions can be so clear, but they don't include any information about who is responsible!

"Look, I can only tell you I saw what I saw. I I was right too the water is contaminated!"
"Just the way you planned."

He says he can't explain what's happening, but he is having visions. She says she had visions too, visions of being happily married to a man she could trust, build a life with, and have children with, but she says it turned out that he lied to her, so she asks how she knows he isn't lying to her now. "I came here to make sure you weren't hurt. You have to believe me," he replies. "No I don't. I don't have to believe you ever again." "But I love you." "If you can't leave on your own then I'm calling the ambulance or the police. It's your choice," she responds, fighting back emotions.

Without a word, he leaves, and she slams the door behind him!

Outside the Snyder farm, Paul asks Luke how any of this is his business. He says he tried to kill his aunt. When Paul collapses, falling to the ground, Luke thinks it's an act, but when he realizes it's not he yells for Meg. They carry him back into the house.

At the station, Jack offers to get Carly something to eat, but she refuses saying she isn't hungry. Before he leaves, she thanks him for letting her talk to the kids, and then asks how long she'll be there. He says it depends on how long Simon thinks she should be there.

After Jack leaves, Jessica arrives. Relived to see her, Carly asks how long it will take to arrange bail, but Jessica informs her bail is "off the table." Carly says Jack is making everything personal. Jessica asks if she knows where Simon is, but she says she doesn't, and that is the truth. Next, she asks her what she knows about the jewels, but Carly doesn't answer. She reminds Carly that the way it works is she has to tell her the truth.

Henry continues to tell Simon he needs to get out of Oakdale, but he's determined to take Carly with him! When Henry asks about his plan, Simon asks for the clothes to change into first.

After changing clothes, Simon asks Henry for his coat. He says before he gives it to him he wants to know his plan. "Okay, okay, I'll give it to you," Simon replies. "Straight up?" Henry asks. "Straight up," he confirms. "Here's the deal," he continues, delivering a blow to Henry knocking him to the ground!

Jack arrives at Will's just in time to break up the fight. When he asks what's going on, Gwen explains that Will walked in on her and Adam fighting, but she says he got the wrong idea. Will informs Jack that he saw Adam shove Gwen. Gwen explains that she grabbed Adam by the arm to stop him from leaving, but she says her hand slipped and she fell. Jack orders the two to apologize to each other. After they apologize, Jack asks Gwen to talk to Carly for him. Gwen agrees to talk with her, and Will says he'll tag along too. Adam stays behind to clean up the mess the two of them made while fighting.

Iris arrives at Will's to find Adam. She offers to help him clean up his mess, but he tells her to leave. She refuses!

After cleaning up, Iris asks Adam if he wants some advice. He says he's listening. She continues saying Gwen is real close to getting her dream and so is he. She goes on to say she's not saying anything bad about Will, but it would be a "dirty," "awful shame" if his temper just sord of flared up at the wrong place and at the wrong time!

"Nothing will get in the way for Gwen's success, especially Will," he says.
"Well I hope not. She hasn't had a lot of breaks in her life since Will came along."
"Well, that's changing."
"Good. Now I can rest my head on my pillow at night know that you're taking care of my baby girl," she smiles innocently.

Back at the station, Carly is surprised to see Gwen. She asks Gwen if Jack filled her in, but Gwen says she's not interested in Jack's version. She says she did it fell in love with another man. "Guilty as charged." She asks her about the jewels, then asks if Simon is really worth living a life without her kids. "Oh Gwen, that's Jack talking isn't it?" she replies. Taking a seat she says, "No, no it's not." She goes on to explain that on the way over all she kept thinking about was her in a jail cell with crayon drawings to remind her that she has kids. Carly says she doesn't want to talk about worse case, because she knows how bad this is. Instead, she suggests they talk about her and her music. She goes on to say she just wants them to be a couple sisters sitting and talking about anything but her being in jail. Gwen expresses that she's scared to death for her, and she says Jack is too. She goes on to say she doesn't understand how everything she cares about slipped away when she became involved with Simon. "Have you ever looked in a man's eyes, and everything you thought you knew--everything you thought you wanted out of your life changed? Just like that, just in an instant. Wasn't it like that with Will? She goes on to say Simon has bent over backwards. He's been amazing with the kids, and he paid for her college tuition. "He is not the selfish loser that everyone wants him to be! She says she's not taking sides, because she doesn't know enough to do that, but she says if Simon did steal those jewels he had to know that it would come back to hurt her. She says Jessica will get her out of this.

"What if she can't? You know Carly, you and I grew up with people who had no business being parents. Who checked out on us when we needed them the most, and you spend your whole life looking for what you never got, and most of the time you look in all the wrong places, because deep down you feel like your damaged goods."
"That is not going to happen to my children. They have Jack. They will always have Jack," Carly cries.
"Jack isn't enough, Carly. He can't be you. He can't know all the little stuff that a mom knows. Especially for Sage."

When she breaks down, Gwen suggests she talk to Jack and tell him what he needs to know so he can bring her home to Parker, JJ and Sage.

Later, Gwen reminds Carly that she's not a quitter. She informs her that she's not quitting she's digging in. She goes on to say if she has to take that detour with Simon she will. She asks her what if she's wrong about Simon, reminding her that he thanks Meg for her help and says she broke the law. She says she's not going to jail, because she knows deep in her heart that Simon won't let that happen.

A little while later, Carly explains that JJ and Sage are okay, but Parker won't talk. She says Jack will take care of them, then says there's one more thing that's important Jack is bad about picking out Sage's clothes. Gwen says she'll help. She hugs Carly before leaving.

Back at the Snyder farm, Barbara asks Meg if she actually believes a man who collapsed can really poison the well. She goes on to say when Paul begged her to call her it wasn't an act.

As Barbara questions Meg, Paul comes in kindly asking Barbara to leave Meg alone, then he says he's ready to go back to the hospital. As they leave, he tells Meg she won't have to worry about him anymore.

Back at the hospital, Paul tells Barbara he didn't poison the well. She says she believes him. "Then why won't Meg believe me?" he asks. She says it doesn't matter, because they both know he saved her life. He says he wishes this thing would just kill him, but she tells him not to say that. He says he's tired, but she assures him he'll get better. "You have a gift, a remarkable gift. You've been blessed, Paul."

He says he wants Meg back, but she tells him to let her go. He says he doesn't want anything to happen to her. She says she knows, because he's a good man and she believes him. In fact, she says she believes all this is happening for a reason. "What reason?" he asks. She says his visions could be an answer to prayers. "Like what?" he inquires. She says they could help find Johnny. "You can see him. You can find him. I know you can," she continues.

At the station, outside the holding room, Gwen informs Jack that she's sticking by Simon. He says he appreciates her coming down and trying.

After Will and Gwen leave, he goes back in to see Carly. He says the thing they still have in common is they don't give up on what they want, and he says he wants her away from Simon. "Safe and free and out of this nightmare." She says what he wants for her life doesn't matter. He says it matters to him because he loves her and he can't stop. He goes on to say no matter how hard she tries she can't talk him out of that one.

Later, he just stares at her in silence. She asks if it's a new interrogation technique. He says no, he just likes the view. She replies that it's not going to work, because she won't turn against Simon. He asks how far she thinks Simon is from Oakdale now. She says she doesn't know. "That doesn't bother you?" "I hope he's somewhere you'll never find him." "I'll find him, Carly." She says hunting him down and putting him in jail won't change anything for them. He points out that he ran out on her as he did with Katie and everyone else in his "miserable" life. He goes on to say what he really wants is for her to see Simon is out of her life for good. "One day Carly you'll finally realize that Simon is never coming back. One day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you've seen the last of Simon Frasier."

At Java, Luke suggests to Meg that she go to the police station and press charges against Paul, but she says there's no evidence. She goes on to say maybe pressing charges is what he wants her to do, but she says, "I don't want him in my life ever again."

An officer finds Henry on the ground. After helping him to his feet, Henry calls out Simon's name. The officer asks if Simon took him hostage while trying to escape. Henry confirms, leading the officer to believe that he is indeed a victim. When the officer asks if he said where he was headed, Henry replies, "Canada uh, uh, co, co, Costareka. I'm sorry, I was pretty out of it. I wish I could help you officer, but your guess is as good as mine."

Vienna returns from shopping to find Simon waiting for her!

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