The Truth Will Set You Free

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Margo doesn't believe Maddie made up the fact that she was raped. Louis is getting very nervous, and Henry is beginning to see the truth. Will wants to go home to Gwen. Paul gives Emily a lecture about taking care of their baby. Holden and Luke talk to Lily at her bedside.

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Dr. Hughes tells Meg how lucky Lucy is that Meg was there after the explosion. He invites Meg to come back to work at the hospital, they are short handed, she starts immediately. Her first patient is Emily, who shows up in pain, won't let Meg attend to her. Emily tells Meg to call Paul. Meg admits Emily to the hospital. They argue about Paul. Emily tells Meg she's insecure because she refused to call Paul, Meg calls him. He shows up at the hospital very upset, worried about Emily, but happy to see that Meg got her job back. She tells him Emily and the baby are fine, she had a pre-ecliptic episode. Meg tells him she really tried not to upset Emily. Stress is what triggers the attacks. Paul says they are all in trouble if Emily's mental state is the issue. Meg says maybe he can calm Emily down and he agrees, but when Meg pulls the curtain back, Paul starts shouting at Emily that he thought he could trust her. They argue fiercely, Paul demanding that everything she does should be about the baby. She tells him that if she can count on him, she can stay calm.

Will and Jade are having a nice dinner at the Lakeview. Paul comes in and asks where Gwen is. Jade goes to the restroom, runs into Luke and Holden having dinner, she asks to hold the baby. Paul sits down and talks to Will about Gwen while Jade is away from the table, tries to give him advice. Will doesn't want his advice. Paul says he needs to spend some time with his little brother, that his life is messed up right now. Jade holds the baby before Luke and Holden have to leave. Paul gets up and leaves when Jade returns to Will's table. When they get back to the motel room, Jade tries to make out with Will. He doesn't want to, he says he's going home. She starts saying she's scared again.


In Lily's room at the hospital, Luke tells her he needs her to wake up. He apologizes, he understands everything now. Meg's mom makes Holden and Luke both feel better, telling them what she think Lily would want.


Margo asks Maddie who attacked her as Dallas, Eve, Henry, but especially Louis wait to hear her answer. Maddie says maybe it didn't happen at all. They don't believe her, but she says she made it all up, that she lied about being raped. She says that her imagination runs away with her. Margo thinks there are too many people in the room, stressing her out. Maddie is in serious trouble, Margo says, and she needs to leave there with some straight answers. Maddie agrees to talk to Margo alone. Louis is having a fit. Margo and Henry talk in the hall, she says she suspects Maddie is protecting someone she knows. Henry walks in and hears Louis tell Maddie ...I knew I could trust you.... Louis tries to twist around what he said, but Henry isn't buying it. Louis leaves. Henry asks Maddie if there is anything she wants to tell him, that he will never let anything happen to her because she tells the truth. Finally, Margo and Maddie are alone. Margo says the bottom line is that Maddie is the prime suspect in a murder, and that her lying about being raped is a criminal offense, asks her why she thinks she needed to lie. Maddie says there was no party. She sees Louis' face clearly in her flashback as the rapist, but says she can't talk about it. Margo won't accept that. She says this is not going to be over until you tell someone the truth.

Louis and Eve talk in the bar while Margo is talking to Maddie alone. Louis says that Maddie's always had something wrong with her, they need to get Maddie the help she needs. He says there's no telling what she will say next. Eve goes upstairs to the room, Maddie cries in her arms, then cries alone after Eve leaves. In the bar, Henry starts remembering the way Maddie acted when she first saw Louis. He tells Louis he's looking at the piece of dirt who raped his sister.

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