Mike Tells Katie He Wants a Divorce

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Mike informs Katie that they should draw up the divorce papers after the holidays. Gwen tells Adam she quit. Simon begs Carly to stay.

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At the hospital, Meg informs Emily about Paul's car accident. While talking with Emily, Meg hears the machine in Paul's room going off. She rushes into the room. "Call a code blue! We're loosing him," a nurse instructs to Meg. Meg immediately rushes out of the room to find help!

After they stabilize Paul, Susan orders Meg to go home. Meg asks why. Susan informs her she's too close to the patient. Reluctantly, Meg agrees. After Meg leaves, the nurse tells the Susan he kept talking about his medicine. Susan tries to give Paul a pill, but he resists saying it has to be green.

Later, the nurse approaches with the medicine, but Susan stops her asking if the white pills she's holding is for him. After glancing at the chart, Susan tells her those are the wrong pills. She says those pills would kill a patient with his allergies. The nurse apologies for her mistake.

When Susan enters Paul's room, he asks her where Meg is. She explains that she left with Emily. She goes on to say, "I wonder what those two have to talk about. Good times with Paul Ryan." "I'm in your hospital shouldn't you be nice to me," he jokes. "I saved your life. Don't press your luck," she shoots back. Suddenly, he remembers he was given the wrong pills. She says it's okay, nothing happened. Then she asks him how he knew about it. "I saw it," he replies.

Jade shows up at Crash to find Adam listening to Gwen on his MP3 player. He asks if she had fun shopping. She says she had fun but she wasn't shopping. He asks what she was doing that was so fun. She replies just girl stuff that she doesn't want to bore him with, because he'll never understand.

Will asks Gwen what made her decide to do the right thing and tell him about Adam. She says Iris saw them and told Jade. "So you didn't want to be outed," he replies. He says he knows what he done with Jade was wrong, but Adam is his brother. She continues to try to explain why the kiss happened, but he says if it didn't mean anything why didn't she tell him when it happened. She says since it didn't mean anything she thought she didn't need to say anything, besides she says she didn't want him to be mad at Adam. She goes on to say she doesn't want to be with Adam, she wants him. He says he's not in either one of her worlds, but she says he's in both. She reminds him that when she mentioned she wanted a career he said he wanted it for her too. "Yea, be careful what you wish for," he replies. She asks him what he's trying to say. He replies that she was right where she wanted to be -- all set to take LA by storm, and she has a husband at home who just passed his GED. He goes on to say it must have really wowed people when she told them that. "Why go down that road?" she asks. He says maybe she didn't tell them -- maybe she didn't want to think about herself. She says he knows she's that way. He confirms, and then says he doesn't blame her. After all, who wouldn't want a music contract more than a husband who's fighting to keep up. She says she knows she's the one that supposed to be in trouble, but he's starting to make her mad. He says Adam is a great guy, he's successful, he's big and he knows that's what she wants.

"And you think I want that more than I want you?" she replies.
"I know that he can give you what you want, and I don't know if I can," he answers.

Before leaving, she says she's his wife and that means more to her than anything in the world. She goes on to say she's going to go to make things right again.

Katie continues to apologize to Mike for her actions. He says she's already sorry. She admits Vienna was right, she should have stayed away but she couldn't. She says she's done with everything and whatever happens between Simon and Carly will have nothing to do with her. She says she'd rather be there with him than with anyone else in the world. He starts to walk off, but she grabs him and hugs him. "Please don't go away," she pleads. Mike reveals that after Christmas they should start the paperwork for the divorce. Katie is devastated! She says she doesn't understand. He says the divorce isn't just about her being with Simon, he says when things go wrong she's always creating a scheme to try and stay on top of things. She's admits he's right and promises she won't do that anymore. He says it's not just that. He says maybe she just married him to try to cover up for losing Simon. She pleads, saying that's not true.

Kim and Bob show up interrupting their conversation. Kim says it's good to see them together. She goes on to say she hopes they're coming to her party. Mike replies that he's tied up, but maybe Katie can make it. After Mike leaves, Kim apologizes saying they didn't mean to interrupt. She says it okay, because they were finished.

After Katie leaves, Kim and Bob sit on the bench. Bob asks if she's seen Lisa. She says she hasn't. He shows her a diamond saying they have to get it into Lisa's safe. She explains that someone in maintenance found the diamond in the disposal bin. While she admires the diamond, Bob points out that it doesn't belong to them. She says it's finders keepers. She asks him to think about them on the beach with. He thinks about it, smiles, then says, "Being taken away by the police." He continues by saying they'll put it in the safe where it will be safe and they'll be safe from temptation. She asks him to hold it up to the light so she can admire it one last time before he takes it away. While holding it up to the light, Katie returns for her cell phone. She notices the diamond may be just what she's looking for!

Carly flashes back to when Simon gave her the diamond necklace. "Bye Simon," she says coming back to the present. As she turns to walk away, Simon appears. She asks what he's doing there. He says for the first time in his life he couldn't run away. Simon starts kissing on her, but she pushes him away. She says this has to be over. He says he tried to call but she didn't answer. She says she was at the farm spending Christmas with her kids. He says he loves her and knows she feels the same about him. "I do. I do," she cries, then kisses him. He says he needs her. Begging he asks her to, please not give up on them; find a way to make things work. She says it can't, but he doesnt understand. He says she's not the kind of person that just gives up. She explains if she chooses him, she'll have to give up her children. He says they don't know that for sure. She replies they do, because Jack knows what they did -- he has the upper hand. She goes on to say the only reason she got to see her kids on Christmas was because he allowed her to. He says that's not fair, because she would never stop him from seeing his kids. She says he's not trying to stop her from seeing the kids; he's trying to stop him (Simon) from seeing them. He says the bottom line is he doesn't want her to see him. She reminds him that she and Jack are divorced. He says he can't lose her and he won't.

Faith runs up and says, "Rebecca is in the front line and I dance way better than her." Simon takes his self down to Faith's level and says all she has to do is tell him where Rebecca is and they'll have a little talk. Faith smiles saying she's only eight. He smiles back telling her he thinks he can take on an eight year old. Laughing she says he's crazy.

After Faith leaves, Carly says if she cares about them, there's only one thing he can do --leave town and never come back. He reminds her that the diamond is at the bottom of the lake now.

Faith comes back asking if Simon is going with them. Carly says no, he can't. Then she turns to Simon asking him not to make her say goodbye in front of Faith. She closes her eyes as he kisses her on the cheek then leaves. After Simon leaves, Faith tells Carly he looks sad, she suggests they ask him to come to dinner.

"No Honey, we're not going to be seeing Simon much anymore," she replies.
"Why not?" Faith inquires.
"You'll understand someday."

Meg and Emily arrive at the Snyder farm. Emily stops cold when she remembers the death of her baby. Meg apologizes, saying she didn't think. Emily says it's okay as she steps in the rest of the way. Emily says she knows she told Dusty she would go to the DA and tell what Paul did, but she says with Paul in the condition he's in now she's not sure she can now. Meg says if she's having second thoughts, they can drop the whole thing. Emily says she may have a way to make things right, but she can't do it alone.

Meg phones Craig telling him she needs to talk to him about something, but she says she doesn't want to do it over the phone. She asks him to meet her tonight. While talking with Craig, she turns to Emily and smiles.

Gwen arrives at Crash to tell Adam she quit. He asks what the problem is this time. She says she told Will what happened in LA. "What the he** did you do that for?" he inquires. "Says a lot about you that you even have to ask," she replies. "It's not like we had an orgy, we kissed." She agrees, but goes on to say when Will asked her about it she said it was like being drunk, that she felt so high after the set that she didn't know what she was doing. She goes on to say he asked her if he knew what he was doing. "I mean, did you? I mean, did you just forget that I happened to be married to your brother?" she asks. He retorts that he has given her his time, experience and connections and she's going to throw all that way just because she happened to get married long before she grew up. Before she can answer, he grabs his coat and leaves.

After Adam leaves, Jade arrives. Gwen says she hates to ruin her fun, but she told Will what happened in LA so she can't threaten her with that anymore. "Until you come on to Adam the next time," she replies. She says she thinks she'd be happy to know that she and Adam are no longer working together. "Working, that's a nice word for it," Jade laughs. As Jade starts to leave, Gwen stops her suggesting she take singing lessons so she can make another pathetic attempt to live her life.

"Now why would I want to do that? Your life doesn't seem to good now does it?"
"It seems okay to me," Gwen answers.
"Seems like you slipped off that pedestal you enjoy SO much. Must have been a really new experience for Will to be able to get off his knees, stop begging for forgiveness to Saint Gwen of the holy perfection."
"You know, at least I don't have to go around trying to live somebody else's life cause I'm so unhappy with my own," she fires back.
"Please, that's not why I did this. I thought it would be nice for Will to know he was married to a human being, with FLAWS."
"That's it. You just you just hate me don't you?"
"Sorry Sweetheart, you kissed your husband's brother, and as much as you're dying to you can't make that my fault. I just hope that Will remembers how forgiving you were," she says, getting in the last word.

Outside the bookstore, Adam approaches Will.

"So, you have any plans to become an adult in the near future?" Adam asks.
"What do you want?" he replies, getting up from the bench to stand face-to-face with Adam.
"I wanna know what kind of man tells his wife to quit her We're talking about a dream here. That's a little more than a job right?"
"What?" he asks in confusion.
"Because he's threatened by it."
"I'm not threatened by a dream, and I'm sure as he** not threatened by you. And, and, I never told Gwen to quit her job," he answers, throwing his arms around in anger.
"No, no, not directly, of course not. No, you did it in that Will sort of way. You know that little bit of hurt mixed with a whole lot of guilt."
"Are you sure she didn't quit because she found out what kind of guy she's actually dealing with?"
"You know, you might be all that in LA, but here it doesn't change the fact that youre a guy that came on to his brothers wife!"

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Will informs Gwen that Adam told him she quit. She confirms saying she done what she thought was best. "Well, you thought wrong," he replies.

"Once Jack gets a hold of this Simon will be going to jail before anyone can say "olenszia," Katie says holding the diamond.

Meg and Emily put their plan into motion.

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