Gwen Confesses the Truth to Will

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Iris fills Jade in on what went on in LA. Gwen tells Will Adam kissed her while they were in LA. Emily tells Dusty she wants to help him.

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Outside the stores, Will goes to buy a last minute Christmas gift. While away, Iris runs up to give Gwen a hug, but Gwen pushes her away. She asks her to go for a walk, but Iris says she's just trying to be supportive. Gwen walks away telling her to give it up because their done. Iris doesn't give up. She says she doesn't know why she's so upset. She confronts her about rushing back to Oakdale to tell Will what went on in LA. She tells her, her secret's safe with her. Will returns telling Iris to do them all a favor and leave them alone. After he and Gwen walk away, she says to her self, "Will, you think you're so smart, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

At the jail, Emily stops by to tell Dusty she wants to help him. She says she can sway the judge by changing their story. She goes on to say they can tell the judge they were in it from the beginning. Dusty says the partnership of theirs is a start. She continues to explain the story they'll tell the judge. She says the person who switched the bullets will be the one to go to jail. He asks who's she's talking about. She says Paul. He says it will never work, because when she's on the stand and looks over at him she won't be able to give him up. He goes on to say if he hadn't switched the bullets back he would have been standing there with nothing. "At least I put a hole in his chest." She says they all used him. She asks if he thinks Craig would have really gone down to that garage if he knew he was in real danger? She goes on to say he's there because they want him there, and if it weren't for them, he would be home with his son. He says he thinks Craig would have gotten custody anyway. She says at least he could fight him, but now he can't do anything. "Come on, what have you got to lose?" she asks.

"Okay, so we go to the DA tell 'em the story. Paul's still going to get out of it," he replies.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that."
"It's our word against his."
"Look, I can't go into it now, but I have good reason to believe Meg's going to support our case."
"Even with Meg's testimony what's she going to say what you told her, what Paul told her? Paul's going to deny it."

She says it doesn't matter what happens to Paul, what matters is they have to get him out of there so he can find Johnny and Lucy. He asks her if they do this what's in it for her. She replies that it's not in her to let him spend the next 20 years behind bars, but when he does find them he'll need a new plan, because she says Craig will go for full custody of Johnny and he knows it. "I'm just telling you, you need to think ahead," she adds. "What I need is to keep my son as far away as possible from people like Craig and YOU," he replies.

At the hospital, Paul wakes up to find Craig standing over his bed. "Hello Paul, I heard you had yourself a little accident." "Go away," Paul replies. Craig refuses. When Meg walks in, Paul instructs her to get him out of there. Craig excuses himself, but before he leaves, he tells Meg he'll meet her at the nurses' station.

After Craig leaves, Paul tells Meg something happened. She asks what he means, he says she was there and saved him. She says a lot of people did. He asks what happened. She explains there was a moment when they almost lost him. He says he was dead but came back. Meg tells him not to talk, because he needs to remain strong. He weeps as he tells her he made a mistake and apologizes. She comforts him saying they've both made mistakes. He says it's okay now, because now he knows and they can both start making each other happy now. She says she's glad he survived, but she can't be with him.

Later, Paul wakes up again to find Craig standing over him. Craig asks for his opinion. He says he's taking Meg out for dinner and wants an idea of her favorite foods. Paul begins to holler for Meg, but Craig tells him she's busy. He says she's trying to finish early so they can sneak away. He goes on to say he was thinking about a Duck, then asks if Emma raised Ducks, because he says he would hate to order something for her that she would feel bad about eating.

"You stay away from her," Paul replies.
"Or what? You're going to throw your straw at me. It's OVER, Paul. You have no more power over Meg."
"She doesn't want you."
"She will," Craig smirks. Patting him on the leg he continues, "You feel better," then he leaves.

Lucinda asks Lily if she'll need anything for the party. "Something black--sliming," she replies. Lucinda asks her to stop obsessing over her weight. Holden arrives with Sage, and then Tea shows up, but Sage seems very uncomfortable. Lucinda asks Sage if she wants to go shopping with her. She says no, she'll stay and watch the dance lesson. After Lucinda leaves and Sage watches as Holden and Lily dance.

Later, Lily and Holden finish dancing, but when they turn to ask Sage what she thought she is gone! They immediately head off to look for her. When they return, Tea asks if they found her. They say no. Worried, they say maybe they should call the police. At that moment, Lucinda shows up with Sage. They scold her for running off without telling them where she went. After she goes off with Tea, Lucinda informs Holden and Lily that something is bothering her.

At Lakeview, Adam hands Jade a gift. It's a paper dress that says he loves to look at her, and she's a beautiful woman that needs a beautiful dress for New Year's Eve. She kisses him.

After he leaves, Iris walks up and joins Jade at the table. Jade shows her the paper dress. She asks if it's a coaster. She explains that he's buying her a dress. Iris tells Jade what she saw in LA. Jade says she doesn't understand why Gwen would kiss Adam. Iris replies that she's used to getting anything she wants. She blames her self, saying she must have spoiled her too much. Jade says she has to go. Once Jade leaves, Iris smiles a devious smile.

At the nurses' station, Craig asks Meg if she missed him. She asks what he wants. He says he's been thinking about why Lucy ran off with his son. He says maybe it's because of him, so he says he's going to change. "Oh, so you're going to turn over a new leaf," she says. When he hits on her, she asks him what happened to the new him.

At Java, Jade confronts Gwen about making out with Adam in LA. Gwen says she wasn't making out with him.

"Whatever you want to call it, just keep your hands off of him," Jade warns.
"Jade, listen to me, it was not like that."
"I walked away from Will and I really cared about him, and now I have something good with Adam and I am not going to let you mess it up!"
"He was just congratulating me, okay after a set" Gwen explains.
"I'm not stupid, Gwen. I know how these things work. Why do you think I wanted to go to LA? I could see what was happening." Jade cuts her short.
"There's nothing happening."
"You know what, just stay away from him."

As Jade walks away, Gwen starts after her, but Will stops her. He asks what that was all about. Gwen answers that she was really angry. He says he got that, but what is her problem?
"Basically me," she replies.
"Uh huh, what now?"
"She called me a hypocrite."
He laughs. "Does she even know what that means?"
"Yea, I think she does."

He says to forget her; life's too short. When Gwen turns her back, he notices that Jade has really upset her and asks why. She says, "Because she's right." He tells her she's not a hypocrite. She confesses, saying since she got back they haven't had time to talk, and she's sorry, but she should have said something. He seems confused. She reveals that Adam kissed her in LA.

Back at the jail, Barbara arrives and tells Dusty about Paul's accident. She says he almost died and they had to revive him. She goes on to say that because of oxygen depravation, they're concerned that he may have brain damage. She goes on to say she thinks Craig was responsible for Paul's accident, and if they can prove it they can have Craig locked up, then it will be safe for Johnny to come home. He says there might be another way. She asks what he means.

"If I can get out of here Did you say brain damage?" he asks.
"That's the biggest worry." she answers. I thought it was impossible for you to get out of here. Has something changed?" she continues.
"No, nothings changed. It's not going to happen," he replies.

Back at the hospital, Emily tells Meg she talked to Dusty and they need her help.

"We both agree that Dusty doesn't belong behind bars, right? I mean it's Paul's fault and Craig's that anybody got shot. We gotta get him outta jail. It's just not fair," Emily says.
"So, what do you want to do about that?" Meg asks.
"Well, there's only one thing to do we have to implicate Paul. I just wanted to make sure you were on board before I went to the DA. Are you?"
"I guess you haven't heard."
"Heard what?"
"About Paul."

Back in Paul's room, he sets up in bed and begins taking things off. A nurse comes in ordering that he lay back down. He says no, he has to stop her. As the nurse tries to assist him, he grabs her by the wrist, but quickly releases her wrist when he falls back onto the bed and sees a bright light!

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