Oh the Wicked Webs We Weave!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Simon goes to the drive-in with Carly and her kids. Will sleeps with Jade. Barbara catches them. Casey asks Gwen to go away for the weekend. Louis comes onto Maddie and she finally lets it out that he's the man who raped her.

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Simon wants to go to the drive-in with Carly and her kids, but Parker says, ...Does he have to?... Simon handles in well, makes the kid laugh, him and his siblings pile in the car. At the drive-in, Simon makes buds with the three kids. Parker climbs in between Simon and Carly. Simon asks Carly to go get him a cup of coffee, then asks Parker why he climbed up there. Parker says he wants to know what Simon wants with his mom, they come to an understanding. Carly and Parker fall asleep, Simon has been having a blast eating popcorn and watching the movie. When they get back to Carly's, Simon carries one of the kids upstairs to bed before he and kisses Carly on the cheek and leaves.


Dusty is having a drink and Lucy arrives, says she was looking for him. She gives him an envelope with box seats to a Red Sox vs. Detroit game and a coupon for one night's babysitting. They talk about Jennifer's death, Dusty apologizes for blaming Lucy. He says it took a lot of guts to go after Damian like she did. She says she hated herself, she needed to do something for someone, but nothing she could do would make up for Jennifer dying. Dusty tells her she's got a lot going for her, not to let a mistake bring her down. Babysitter brings the baby in and hands him to Dusty. He leaves the tickets and Lucy sitting by herself.

Barbara rushes in to Java, worried about Gwen after hearing about the attack. Gwen tells her she left Will. Barbara begs Gwen to talk to him, Gwen says she tried. Barbara drags it out of her about what she discovered at the motel, Jade in the towel. Barbara is all over it, tells Gwen that girl is after Will's money, your marriage is under siege, she tells Gwen. Gwen says she is not going chasing after him. They don't trust each other anymore. Barbara says she's going to find a way to fix this and leaves.

Casey sits down with Gwen, she says Barbara made her feel better, said a lot of things that made sense. She tells Casey about the confrontation with Will at the motel, ask her what her gut tells her. He says Will is a lost cause. Gwen asks what's she supposed to do, he says nothing, do nothing. Gwen begins to take up for Will, says he's had to deal with a lot in his life. Casey says she can do whatever she wants, he's done with Maddie, maybe she is The Slasher. Gwen says she's not giving up on Will, or Maddie either. Barbara comes back, she tells Gwen only that Will was taking Jade out on the town to spite her. Casey brings Gwen some coffee, Barbara says that being with Casey is not the way to get back at her son before she leaves. Casey asks Gwen to go away with him for the weekend.


Will and Jade are getting it on, hot and heavy, but he stops, changes his mind about wanting to. Jade starts acting like an understanding friend, says she likes Gwen as she undresses in front of Will and playing mind games with him about Gwen and Casey, telling him that Gwen is making a fool out him, but if he wants someone who doesn't want him, she won't try to stop him. He grabs her and begins passionately kissing her. She rips her shirt off and they go at it. After the sex is over, they talk about how it's not love. She cuddles up, says that's fine. He says he wants his wife back. Barbara bangs on the door. Will and Jade scramble out of bed, Jade runs into the bathroom. Barbara throws open the door, Jade walks out. Barbara calls her a gold digger, tries to make Will see that he's going to lose everything he's worked for.She lights into Jade, tells her that sex is all she has to offer. Will defends Jade, tells her to go put on a decent dress, they are going out. His mother stomps out of the room, tells him that his sister would roll over in her grave. Jade gets dressed up, but Will doesn't seem at all happy.

At the police station, Margo wonders if Maddie lied about being raped after finding out that there was no frat party. Dallas says he saw her bruises, something happened, Margo wonders what. Dallas plays devil's advocate, ask Margo if it's possible that Maddie has lost touched with reality, that she really
wasn't raped.

Louis will not let Maddie leave his room. He keeps asking why she won't let him help. She tells him she hates him. She screams, ...Because you raped me!... Louis says it's not true. He says she came onto him, always seeking him out, wearing skimpy little tops and short skirts. He says she wanted it. He says he can't forget her. She tells him if he comes near her again, she swears she will kill him. Louis ignores her, keeps coming onto her. He says everyone thinks Maddie is crazy. He is trying to be with her again sexually, pushes her, she reaches around behind her and grabs a knife, threatening him with it. He grabs her.

Margo and Dallas knock on the door. Louis says if she says one word about what happened or she will lose Eve and Henry before he answers the door and lets them in. Margo instantly demands to know what's going on. Louis won't let Maddie speak. Margo wants to talk to Maddie alone, Louis won't allow it. Henry and Eve come in. They agree with Louis that Maddy can't be questioned without an adult present. Dallas tells Maddie that he knows there was no frat party the night she says she was raped. Margo asks her if she was sexually assaulted, Maddie says yes, Louis is listening intently. Maddie says the person who raped her was not a frat boy as Louis gives her the evil eye.

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Simon plants a big kiss on Carly. Louis manhandles Maddie. Meg tells Emily she better get used to the idea that she's going to be a part of the baby's life.

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