Christmas Brawl at the Snyder Farm

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Vienna tells Katie Mike wants her gone. Jack talks to Parker about adopting him. Mike tells Katie to leave.

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Carly tells Jack she's over Simon for good.

At the bar, Simon tells Henry to go find another bar. He says he's stuck there. Henry says his family has written him off their Christmas to-do list. Simon asks if he has a cool blonde stashed away somewhere. He says there's a blonde, but lately she's been cruel to him. Henry asks him how is "old falling in love and letting the old one go" is working out for him? Simon replies, "Not good." Henry suggests he stay and fight for Carly. They talk for a while about him fighting for Carly, and then Simon says he has to go.

At the Snyder farm, Carly leaves. Jack runs after her. She says she can't spend Christmas there if Katie and Vienna are going to be there too. Jack says tells her to spend Christmas as a family with the kids. Carly worries that Katie and Vienna might say something to upset her then a fight would break out in front on the kids. Jack says that won't happen, because he won't let it. She gives in saying she'll stay. He says great, then tells her he has to go pick up the boys at the store, but he says he will be back. She wants to go with him, but he insists she stay there. He goes on to say he knows she's not over Simon. She says she is, she says she done what she said she would and it's over. Before he leaves, she asks him not to go after Simon. He says he's not.

Inside, Katie watches from the window. Mike steps over telling her to get away from the window. "You know, you almost had me," he continues. He goes on to say he can't believe she insists on making every moment of their lives about Simon!

After Mike leaves the room, Emma enters and asks Katie if she'll stay for dinner, and then she goes over to thank Vienna for helping her. She adds how adorable she looks in her outfit.

Once Emma departs, Katie tells Vienna she's a fake! Vienna says she should listen to Mike because he wants her gone. "You need to leave now, Vienna continues. She goes on to tell her she should have enough dignity to leave Mike. Their argument escalates into a cat fight! Carly steps in to break them up. They say the fight is her fault, because she slept with Simon. During the fued, Katie knocks the pepparkakor off the table breaking the dish. As the fight continues, Katie asks Carly where the diamond is. She says she told her she doesn't have it. "Leave me alone! I don't have to put up with this," Carly continues. As Carly starts to leave, Katie grabs her by the arm, demanding to know where the diamond is! Once again, Carly attempts to leave, but Vienna blocks the door. Carly tells her to move away from the door. Katie grabs Carly again. She yells for her to take her hands off her. About that time, Jack and Emma walk in breaking up the fight. Jack asks Katie what happened. Vienna tells Emma Katie ripped her dress. "Look," Vienna says, showing Emma.

Mike takes Katie outside to find out what's going on. "Vienna is a liar," Katie says as soon as they walk out the door. She says Vienna attacked her. He says, "So now you're going to tell me Carly took a swing at you too?" She replies, "No, she wouldn't tell me about the diamond." Mike growls. Katie says she's sorry, she'll apologize to Emma, Carly and even Vienna. He orders her to go. He says he, Carly and Vienna were invited--she wasn't. "Please leave," he finishes. She asks him to give her a chance to offer to pay for the plate she broke, or to fix it. He asks her why she can't understand that she can't fix everything that's broke! He goes on to say it would be one thing if it were an accident. "It was an accident." He says it wasn't. "Please go!" he orders.

Back inside, Emma thanks Vienna for being there then leaves the room. Carly goes to get a broom and pan to clean up the glass. You are not off the hook by a long shot," Vienna tells her.

Later, Carly thanks Vienna for helping her clean up the mess she made, then she asks her what she's doing there anyway. She says she's there because she and Emma bonded over her Swedish recipes. Carly says no, that's why she stayed. She asks why she came in the first place, then she answers herself when she realizes she came for Mike. "You want Mike," she finishes. Vienna thinks it's fair to warn her, because she says after the holidays heads will roll. She goes on to say she knows she's Simon's accomplice.

"Accomplice to what?" Carly asks.
"Stealing the Leonia diamonds. Don't play innocent with me," Vienna replies.
"Vienna, you wouldn't know innocent if you tripped over it."

Vienna laughs. "For all I know you stole those jewels," Carly accuses. She says she would never do something like that, and that she was just a pawn in Simon's game; he "totally" took advantage of her! As they argue, Jack approaches. He overhears Carly telling Vienna that Simon is not her boyfriend and never will be again.

Later, Carly joins Jack and the kids outside. While they're outside, Mike enters the kitchen. Vienna asks him where Katie is. "She went home," he answers, taking a seat at the table. "You know it's hard to spend the holidays alone. Thank God we have each other," she says, placing her arm around his neck.

At the accident site, Meg pulls Paul out of the car and begins CPR. While performing CPR, We see Paul in what appears to be a dream. Everything is in black and white. Paul notices a little girl bouncing a ball. When he approaches her, she runs off. Walking up to a hotel, he knocks on the door. Emily answers. She invites him in. He says there was a little red headed girl outside the window, and she was playing ball.

"You saw her?" Emily asks.
"Yea, who is she."
"First tell me, who are you?"
"I don't know," he replies. "I don't I'm supposed to be here. I think I'm supposed to find the little red-haired girl," he continues.

Emily tells him it's her daughter, Jennifer. She goes on to say Jennifer's gone. He says, "No, she was here. She was outside playing with the ball."

Emily suggests he warm up by the fire. As he kneels in front of the fireplace, he sees an image of the red-haired girl in the flame.

Soon after Paul sees the little girl in the flames, we see the paramedics trying to bring him back with defibulators. Meg is by his side, yelling for him to come back.

Later, the paramedics wheel Paul into the hospital. In a panic, Meg tries to be with Paul, but the doctor stops her, asking what happened. She explains that a truck hit his car head-on, but she doesn't know whose fault it was. He asks if she checked his vitals. She says she did. "He had no pulse. He wasn't breathing. He was gone," she answers breathlessly. While explaining everything, a paramedic approaches. She asks how he is. The paramedic informs her that he's responsive for now. She rushes off to check on him!

Again, Paul is dreaming. He sees a Christmas stocking on a fireplace with his name on it. "Who is Paul?" he says to himself. Will and Gwen rush inside. He tells them he needs to go home. They sit to play chess. "Do you know who Paul is?" he asks them. Barbara walks in. "Youre my mother, Paul says to her. "No, here's my son, my wonderful son," she says, referring to Dusty. He says he as to get to the train. Before he can leave, Dusty meets him at the door holding a pistol. He says they should play a game. A game he's sure Paul's played before. He says, "Some bullets are real, some are blank, and some chambers are empty. You first," he finishes, placing the gun into Paul's hands. Paul holds the gun to his head. "Go ahead, take a shot. We all got to go sometime," Dusty encourages.

Later, Dusty and Barbara leave. Paul heads for the door, but it's locked. He asks Will and Gwen to let him out. Craig and Meg walk through the door. He says to Meg, "What's going on here, you're not supposed to be with him!"

"Don't talk to my wife like that," Craig says.
"My husband and I are in love, but what would someone like you know about love?" Meg informs.
"I was in love. I think I was in love with you," he replies.
"Well, if you were you wouldn't have to THINK about it you would remember it. So now, leave us, and obey the rules," Craig replies.
"What rules?" Paul inquires.
"You know them. Everybody does. Nice meeting you." Gwen says, getting ready to leave. "Where you going? You going to catch the train?" Paul asks.
"Oh no, it's too late for the train," Gwen answers.

He offers to help Will with his ski equipment. Will says, "Oh no, thanks. I don't want your help, I never did." Paul tries to stop them. He tells Will he knows him, asking what was he meant. "Bye, bye. Don't forget about the rules," Gwen says on their way out. "What rules? What are the rules?" Paul shouts.

"Do you have any family in the area that might help you find your way?" Barbara approaches.
"No, no. I don't think there's anybody that can help me," Paul replies, looking confused.

Suddenly, He hears the ball bouncing again. He runs outside to see if it's the little girl. Once outside, there's no one there. He drops the ball to the ground. It jingles. He falls to the ground and begins to cry. "Jennifer, Jennifer, come back. Please, please," he cries out. Meg walks up and begins comforting him. "You came back," he cries. She says she can't stay, because her husband will find her if she's gone way too long.

Back at the hospital, Paul opens his eyes to find Meg standing over him. Looking behind her, he sees Barbara, Gwen and Will.

Jack catches up with the boys downtown. He asks if they're ready to go. He sends JJ after Sage. While waiting for JJ and Sage to return, Jack sits Parker down to talk with him. He tells him they need to go to court and get adoption papers to prepare in case something was to happen to Carly. Parker says he doesn?t want to hurt his feeling, but he says he doesn't want him to adopt him. Jack asks him what's wrong--what's going on. He says it's not like he doesn't want to be his son, because he kinda already is, but he says he misses his dad. Jack says he understands. He goes on to explain it's just a lot of legal stuff. He says it's not like he's going to have to give up his last name or anything like that. "Even if mom gets married again? Parker asks. Jack asks if she's said something about getting married again. He says no, it's just that when Simons around they look at each other like he and Carly use to. He goes on to say if they get married and he's his dad, he doesn't want them to fight. Jack assures him they won't. He says they only want what's best for him. He asks Jack if he would ask Simon and Carly if it would be okay so they're wouldn't be a fight. He says he'll take care of everything.

Katie arrives at the bar crying. "Oh Henry it's awful." He asks her to sit down and tell him what happened. She says Mike said they were broken and she can't fix it. Placing his hand on hers he says, "Oh, I'm so sorry." "And I finally got it. No matter what I do, I can't fix this. I slept with Simon and I lost Mike, and no matter what I do I can't make him love me anymore," she says, cutting Henry short.

Outside the Snyder farm, Vienna joins Mike. "It's snowing," she says in admiration. "Yes, it is," Mike replies. "I just love a white Christmas, don't you?" In a moment of silence, Mike remembering when he and Katie made snow angels. "Always have, always will," he answers.

Outside Lakeview, Simon stares down at his phone. "Don't do it. No matter what Henry says she's better without you," he says to himself. Turning to walk away, he sighs, turns back around, then begins to dial the phone.

Back at the Snyder farm, Sage says, "This is the best Christmas!" "It sure is," Jack replies. Carly's phone rings. She looks at the caller ID before answering. "Who is it, Mom?" Parker asks. No one she replies, looking at Jack.

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