Adam Pays Off Another Gambling Debt for Casey

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Adam tells Casey he's going to tell their parents about his problem. Gwen and Adam return from LA, and Gwen tells Will she can't continue with school.

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At the dorms, Casey arrives to find Elwood packing. Confused, he asks why he's packing. Elwood tells him about the poker representative coming by. He doesn't seem too concerned, but Elwood continues packing.

In the hall, Will tells Maddie his good news about Oakdale U. Soon after, the poker representative approaches them. He asks them if they know where he can find Casey or Elwood. Maddie sends him across the hall. After he leaves, Will and Maddie continue to talk about his acceptance into Oakdale U.

The poker representative emerges at Casey and Elwood's door. "Casey Hughes?" he asks, as Casey opens the door. Elwood chimes in reminding the representative that Casey and Elwood flunked. "Not according to the dean," he says. Casey informs him that he doesn't know who he is, but he has five minutes to leave or he'll call campus security! Not alarmed by the threat, he asks Elwood if he's going somewhere. "I got a sick uncle," Elwood answers. He says he has a hunch they've enjoyed themselves the last couple of weeks. They nod their heads in agreement. He says that's good, because at they want their guests to have a good time, but they're always on the look out for players who cheat. He explains their process, then reveals that they know him and Casey are regular table mates. Elwood says lots of guys in the dorm play poker. He agrees, saying their happy to have them on the site, but they've been monitoring them and tracking the way they place their bets. He goes on to disclose everything they've found. Casey says even if they can prove anything, so what! He goes on to say his dad is a district attorney. "Which means he's well versed in interstate commerce, and no doubt eager to take hold of a federal procacution? Or, we could just call him and see if he wants to pay back that money you owe." A knock at the door interrupts their discussion. It's Maddie and Will! Casey steps out in the hall to talk to them. She asks what's going on. He says Elwood's in trouble and he's helping him out. Before she leaves, she tells Will congratulations. Casey asks him about that, and Will shares his good news. He says as soon as he's finished with his business inside they'll celebrate.

Iris returns from the city to discover Gwen and Adam kissing. After Iris witnesses the kiss, she asks one of the men to drive her to the airport. She says she needs to get on a plane right away!

We see Gwen and Adam on the plane heading back to Oakdale. Gwen flashes back to when she met Steve and he mistook her for Adam's girlfriend. Coming back to reality, she reminds Adam that she's married, and asks him about the kiss they shared. "It was just a kiss," he replies. He says they just got a "little" caught up in the moment. She says they crossed a line. "No, no I crossed a line." "The point is this shouldn't have happened," she says. He explains he was excited and just kissed her--it wasn't planned. He goes on to say, after all they've accomplished he could kiss her again, but he won't. We see Iris listening from a few seats behind them.

Adam says he needs to talk to her about something. He says Gordon Richard came to talk to him tonight because he's a friend, but he didn't expect him to like what he heard so well. She admits she was "winging" it. He says he knows better than anybody that timing is the key in this business. "What are you saying," she questions. We need to make the most of this. He asks if she's ready to make that commitment and leave school. She expresses that school is important to her. He suggests she put it on hold just for a while, then, after her demo, she can go back. "You need to ask yourself how far are you willing to go to make this work."

Outside Java, Carly hears Jack ask Prince Adolfo what he's doing back in Oakdale. Moving closer to the door, she hears the prince say he's there to look for the missing jewels. He reminds Jack that he was in charge of security that night, and if he doesn't track them down, he'll take it to the press and Jack can kiss his reputation goodbye.

After the prince and Vienna leave, Jack goes inside Java to confront Carly. He notifies her that the game she and Simon are playing is going to change! He goes on to say he ran into the prince, and he's looking for the jewels. When he brings up the necklace, she reminds him she doesn't have it. "She's the criminal," Carly defends. Nevertheless, she says she can keep it now that they know it's a fake. "Do you hear yourself," he shoots back. She replies that she'll be fine as soon as things get back to normal. He reminds her that she said goodbye to normal when she opened to the door to Simon.

Later, Carly tells Jack she knows he's in a tough spot with the press, but she says it's the prince's own fault for letting his girlfriend wear such an expensive piece of jewelry. Jack can't believe she just said it's his fault that somebody robbed him. She says that's not what she was trying to say. When she starts to clarify, he cuts her short telling her it's over. She replies that no matter what he suspects he has zero proof. He reminds her about the diamond Simon gave her. She says the report said it was a fake, but he says the report also says it's a replica of one of the diamonds that's already missing! She says the jewelry is famous, so she's sure there have been many copies made. "

To make a copy you have to have an original," he retorts.
"So, you're saying there's a jeweler somewhere?"
"That had access to an original. Yea," he pitches in.

She says that's a theory. He corrects saying, "No, it's a fact." She suggests he arrest a jeweler then. Shaking his head in disbelief, he tells her there's going to be an investigation and they're going to be looking at Simon. He goes on to say she may be innocent, but as long as she associates with Simon she's going to be implicated, and with her record, she's going to jail!

"What do you want from me? Do you want a confession? Do you want me to trade what I know for a shorter sentence? I don't know anything, and neither do you, so you can take your tactics and go back to the police station!"
"That's what you think this is, Carly. I'm working you? That's sad. Thats really, really very sad if that's what you think of me."
"How about what you think of me?"
"How about we don't talk about that?"

For a moment, you could hear a pin drop, then he wonders," In all the years I've know you, have I EVER lied to you?"
"No," she whispers.
"Then why would I now? What would I gain? We have nothing else to lose here, Carly. We're divorced. You moved on. That doesn't mean I still don't"

Stopping himself, he adds that he doesn't want her to go to jail. "Do you think I want to go to jail?" she asks. He advises her to listen to him, then he tells her she still has one more chance, but only if she stays away from Simon!
She asks him if she stays away, she won't go to jail? He says he can't guarantee anything.

"But you'd like me to stay away from him?"
"Simon is a known jewel thief Carly, that's not your ammo. The police won't have any reason to link you to this crime expect for your relationship."
"I don't know how to say this without making you mad. Or maybe hurting your feelings," she stutters.
"Would you just say it," he sighs.
"All this advice are you sure, Jack, that you're not just jealous?"
"That's the thing about divorce; I've forgotten just how stubborn you are."
"You're asking me to trust you."
"I'm TELLING you to stay away from him for your own good. Asking you to trust me... Carly, you've always trusted me that's never been a problem."
"Look, you do what you want."
"Jack, wait. Wait."
"Why. Why. You're not listening to me"

She says she hears him, and she'll think about it. She goes on to say she appreciates that he cares about her, and she admits she still cares about him. "I always will," she finishes. "That's very comforting," he says getting up from the table. She confesses that he's right, she says she doesn't want to give anybody any reason to look at her, so, she says she'll tell Simon they should cool it for a while. Weeping, he tells if she wants to keep what she has then she has to say goodbye to Simon for good.

At the farmhouse, Emma comes out with a shotgun and asks Paul what he's doing there. He asks if Meg is there. She says he and Meg are over. Emma says he hurt her daughter badly, and if he doesn't leave on the count of ten, she'll shoot him. She begins counting "one, two, three" Meg shows up surprised to find her mom holding a gun on Paul. She continues to countfour, five" Meg orders her to put the gun away!

After Emma leaves the room, Paul asks Meg if Craig is there. She says no. He tells her about the accident on the balcony and says Craig did it. He goes on to say he can't let Craig hurt her. She says she doesn't need him to protect her; they're over. He says since she's angry it's not a good time to talk about their relationship. She reminds him they have no relationship. He asks her if she'll think about Craig, but she says that's his job and he loves it.

"So, running Roseanna off the road, and taking Johnny away from Jennifer, and goading Dusty into shooting him, that that that was me?" he asks, placing his hand over his chest.
"You know, now that you mention it you were a front and center at everyone of those disasters, and not that I'm letting Craig off the hook, but I wasn't about to marry him!"
"I'll do whatever you want me to do. You want me to cross the street every time I see him? Fine, I'll do that. I'll, I'll, go back to the apartment now and I'll find a phone book, and, and, if his name's in the phone book I'll, I'll, tear it up."
"That'll last a day."
"No, it'll last forever. It has to last forever, Meg, I love you forever."
"Well then, you have a problem, because I gave you a choice, Paul, go after Craig or marry me."
"It was a moment of weakness."
"No, it's who you are. It's who you are, Paul, and you know what, I bent over backwards, and, and, it was probably too far. And, and, I can't anymore. I cannot marry a man who thinks it's okay to use violence to solve his problems!"
"Stop, you know that's not who I am."
"Get out of here. Get, get, get out," she says pushing him away.

He grabs his coat to leave, but turns around for one last word. She looks away, so he just leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Back from LA, Adam shows up at the dorms; Casey tries to run Adam away but fails. The poker representative asks Adam if he knows Elwood and Casey. When he reveals he's Casey's brother, the representative fills him in. Adam asks how much they owe him. "$2800," the representative replies. Pulling out a wad of cash like it's nothing, Adam hands him $2800. "Pleasure doing business with you Mr. Munson. "Yea, I'll need a receipt." Without argument, the representative writes out the receipt.

After the representative leaves, Elwood goes on about how amazing Adam was. "Don't you have somewhere to be, Elwood? Adam inquires. He confirms, thanking Adam. "I'm going to pay you back," Elwood finishes.

After Elwood leaves, Casey thanks Adam for helping him out again, then he says they have this system and it was working so good. Adam holds his hand up, cutting Casey short. Casey apologizes. He says he's going to pay him back. Adam says, "No, this is my fault." "What do you mean?" He reminds him about the guy a few weeks ago. Casey says that wasn't so bad, because all he was going to make him do was tell his parents. He says that's why he appreciates his help. Adam retorts that he didn't help him out. Looking confused, Casey asks if he's going to tell. "No, you're going to tell 'em." Adam replies.

After Paul leaves, Emma comes in. "Too bad that gun wasn't loaded," she says. "He's gone?" Emma continues. Katie nods her head then bursts out in tears. Emma wraps her arms around Katie to comfort her. Meg tells Emma she knows she owes her an explanation. She says she doesn't owe her anything. She asks if she wants to help her with the ornaments.

"That use to help didn't it?" Meg replies.
"Do you still love him? Are you ever going to be happy without him?"
"I can't marry him Mama. That doesn't make it hurt any less."

Lovingly, she places her hand under Meg's chin then says, "I'll go get the tinsel."

Once she leaves the room to get the tinsel, Meg picks up an ornament, looks at it as if it means something to her, then lays it on the table. When she grabs a box of other ornaments and moves them, the ornament she just placed on the table rolls off and breaks. "Da***." Emma comes back into the kitchen and asks what happened. "I don't know," Meg replies in tears while staring down at the ornament scattered across the floor.

Paul is driving down the road talking on his phone to Craig. He says, "So, you think you can deal with me the way you deal with Dusty. You can't play me anymore, Craig. I know I know that you're trying to play me. So, watch your own back, because from now on its got a target on it." Throwing the phone down, he hits a patch of ice losing control of his car! He regains control of the car, but he becomes angrier at Craig. The angrier he gets the faster he accelerates. Suddenly, he hears the semi blowing his horn and coming toward him. He crashes!

Back in Oakdale, Will hugs Gwen telling her he missed her so much. He asks her about her trip. She tells him all about it, including her mom showing up, but she leaves out the kiss with Adam. She even tells him how much they looked her and about the demo. He's so excited for her! Smiling from ear-to-ear he says, "That's great!" After he hugs her, she says she really wanted to tell him, and wishes he had of been there. She says it was reall lonely getting the news and not having anyone to share it with. She goes on to explain that's why she didn't call him. He understands, then shares his good news about getting into Oakdale U. He goes on to say he was thinking about keeping the room there, and he's says it's great that they're finally going to be on the same schedule. When her reaction isn't what he expected he asks her what's wrong. She says it's nothing, she was just thinking about leaving school. Her response shocks him! He asks if that's really what she wants. She says it's not that she wants to, she loves school and he knows that. He reminds her how hard she's worked to get there. She says it will only be for a semester--until she finishes the demo. She explains that she realized she was good, then she adds that Adam thinks it's a good idea too. He asks what Adam has to do with this. She says he just brought it up, but she admits he's right. She goes on to say she only gets one shot, and if the music executive thinks the market is ready for her now she has to go for it. He asks if she's sure she can't do that and school at the same time. When she confirms, he says he's with her. She asks if he's sure. She says she can't do this without his support, and if he's not with her or doesn't want her to do this then she won't. He reassures her he's with her.

Will leaves and runs into Iris on his way out. He asks if her parole officer knows she went to LA. She says it doesn't matter now because she's back. "Besides, I didn't have anywhere to go when you kicked me out," she adds. She goes on to say she thought her baby needed her until she saw

"Never mind," she says.
"No, until you saw what?" he asks.
"How beautifully she sang. I tell ya, that girls got great talent! Just as good as her mama. But you see, I didn't have any management. Certainly not like she does. I tell ya, that brother of yours ooooo, he knows how to handle a woman."
"What's that supposed to mean?"

She replies it means nothing. Besides, she says he treated her like a queen and she lapped it up. Changing the subject, she asks if Gwen is there. He says she doesn't want to see her. "No, no, I guess she really doesn't want to. She doesn't need to, now that she has Adam."

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