Holden Finds Faith.

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Holden walks through the door with Faith in his arms! Craig blackmails Paul! Dusty asks Meg to help him escape.

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In LA, the art director prepares Gwen for her photo shoot. While trying to photograph Gwen, she isn't smiling. The photographer instructs she think about sex. Still, she doesn't smile, so Adam requests they take a break.

Once alone, Adam notifies Gwen thta she can't fake things--she has to be real. He recommends this time she think about Will.

They try the photo shoot again, but this time Adam asks her questions about Will to get her to smile. It works! She smiles beautifully while the photographer is snapping pictures. As they continue, she gazes into Adam's eyes while describing Will's features. She says his eyes are brown, and then corrects herself. "Their not brown, their green." She apologizes saying she can't do this, and then walks away.

Later, the owner of the club walks in on Gwen while she's changing clothes. After she finishes changing, he turns back around and introduces himself. She says she's the new singer. He says she and Adam would make a good couple, but she corrects him saying that's not going to happen, because she's married to his brother. "Oh, oh, right. A boundary. We all know how Adam respects boundaries," the owner (Steve) says before walking away.

Confused about Steve's response, Gwen approaches Adam. She apologizes for running off, but he says there's no need; she's a natural. She says it felt weird using the most personal part of her life like that. He asks, "But that's what you do with your music, right?" "Yea, I I guess," she replies. He says her music's intimate, because she uses personal stuff to relate to people--to connect. She replies that it felt different from that.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, she changes the subject. She reveals that she met Steve. She says he said something--a couple of things. Adam says, "He blew my secret didn't he?"

"So, it's true?"
"Yea, you're singing here--tonight--surprise!"

Smiling, she says that's definitely a big surprise. He asks if she's going to freak on him and say she's not ready to sing in a big club in LA. She tells him no, she's ready. He says he thinks she's ready for just about anything. She continues to look uncomfortable, because it seems as if he's flirting.

In town, Jade bumps into Iris and introduces herself as Will and Gwen's friend. She asks her how well she knows her "Gweny." She says she's actually going out with Adam. Iris asks why she isn't in LA with Adam. Family emergency she replies. She reveals that Gwen suggested she stay with Will, but when she and Will had an argument, he kicked her out. In tears, she says she wouldn't be so hard on Will if he'd just let her know where Gwen is. Jade says she's right; Gwen probably does want to talk to her. Iris says, "You know what your good friends with that Adam, I bet you can tell me where Gweny is. Jade replies that she can.

Back in LA, Gwen sits alone in the dressing room, but not for long! "I'm not too late. I made it in time. I get to hear my baby sing!" Iris walks through the door, surprising Gwen!


Holden carries an injured Faith through the door! While Holden tries to help Faith, she wakes up and asks him not to leave her again. "I won't," he replies, looking a little confused. "Don't get a divorce," she replies.

Once they learn that Faith will be okay, Holden explains their not getting a divorce. She says she saw him with Tea. Holden and Lily ease her mind when they try to explain that Tea was giving him dance lessons.

Later, Faith makes a quick recovery. She, Holden and Lily walk into the kitchen to inform Jade and Luke that she's fine. Holden asks Faith how she feels about going off and riding alone again. Faith says, "Never again." Lily recommends she go upstairs for a bath. Jade chimes in saying she has some bubble bath she will like, because it makes many bubbles. Casey adds she can wear his sweatshirt afterwards. She smiles, telling Casey he never lets her wear his sweatshirt. He says that's what happens when she scares the h*** out of him. She reminds him he said a bad word. He laughs.

After Luke and Jade take Faith up for her bath, Holden tells Lily everything's back to normal again, but she asks him if it is, because she's worried about Faith. He assures her the doctor said Faith is fine. She says she knows she's fine physically, but she says the one thing Faith was worried about when she woke up was that Holden wouldn't be there--that they would break up again. He says it's ALL behind them now; they're in it for the duration. She recalls when he walked in with Faith in his arms. She says she thought she was She stops herself, saying they should talk about getting rid of the "slightly used" horse instead. He explains that he and Faith thought they'd keep the horse. She doesn't like the idea, but accepts it.

Faith comes in and apologizes for running away on the horse. Holden says there's no need for an apology. Instead, he makes her smile again when he says he and her mom are going to go to that party and dance. He's goes on to say he's going to show off his new, smooth moves.

Later, Holden and Lily cuddle outside. She says he and Faith are so close now. He explains how brave Faith was when she was in the hospital. He admits that sometimes it was tough to get her to open up and talk. She says Faith is lucky to have him. She goes on to say she's lucky to have him too, and they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Luke fixes Faith a sandwich, but Faith gives it to Jade saying she's not hungry. He offers to fix her something else, but she says she's just going to the barn to check on the horse.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Dusty he did re-break his arm. When the doctor leaves the room, Meg asks him what's going on. He informs her that Lucy took off with Johnny and he needs to find them. Meg figures it out that he broke his arm on purpose to get there. She says she won't help him. Dusty doesn't accept no for an answer. He asks her for some scrubs to get him out of there. He says he has to get to Johnny before Craig does. Meg sighs, reminding him why he's in jail. She explains that they will come looking for him if he escapes. He apologizes for bringing her into the middle of all this nonsense. She says they're friends and even though she may not agree with him, she's still on his side.

"In fact, for you and you only I'm going to do something that makes me totally sick to my stomach," she adds.
"What's that?" he asks.
"I'm going to start thinking like Craig Montgomery."

Later, Meg returns and informs him there's not only a guard at the door, but there's a guard at the elevator and the stairs. In addition, she says there are squad cars outside. She says his chances of getting away are slim. He says, "Craig gets out of jail for attempted murder and the squad cars are outside waiting for me so I don't find my son." He goes on to say that maybe he should make his move now. Meg tells him no. She goes on to say she swears she'll turn him in, and those guys will shoot him. "Don't you think there's been enough blood already?" she questions. He asks what he's supposed to do now, "just sit and wait?" She says no, she's going to help him by doing everything she can. "By thinking like he does?" he inquires. She confirms, saying she's going to make Craig think that what she wants is what he wants.

Later, once Meg is gone, the officer escorts Dusty out. "Meg, you better be right," Dusty says to himself on his way out."


Craig shows up at Paul's and tells him the news about Lucy taking Johnny. He goes on to inform Paul that he's going to help him find them. Paul, showing Craig the door, says there's no way he would help him, but he would do anything to keep Johnny away from him. Craig instructs him he's going to do it, because he says he knows he switched the bullets in the gun. He goes on to say if he doesn't give him the information he wants he will call the police! Then he shows Paul the blanks from Dusty's gun, telling him they have his fingerprints all over them! Paul says he got him, but he still refuses to help. He tells Paul when he's in his cell he'll do everything to make sure Meg forgets him. Immediately, Paul grabs Craig pushing him up against the wall! Craig hollers out in pain! Paul shows him the door, but before he leaves, he warns Paul that when he sets him up for the fall he'll never see it coming. He goes on to say he'll get Lucy back. Paul replies she'll never be his daughter again. The most she'll ever be to him is his prisoner. "Happy landings," Craig smirks.


At Java, Will joins Casey at the table. Casey says he needs to get going, but Will says he just got here. Before Casey can leave, Will strikes up a conversation about him helping Gwen with her demo. He says it's probably good for Gwen to be out on her own. Casey agrees adding that he probably doesn't want to be in LA anyways, because if you're not the one that has the job you feel like a fifth wheel. "Thanks," Will replies. Casey apologizes saying he didn't mean it like that. Will says its not like he doesn't contribute anything, "or have you forgotten?" Casey says no, he hasn't forgotten. He goes on to say since he brought up the money thing, he would like to know how long he thinks it will be until they see some kind of pay off. He replies if there is money to be made he'll get some, but the way Adam has been losing cash he'll be lucky to make back his own investment. Looking worried, Casey doesn't respond; he only nods his head.


Meg meets with Craig and advises him to drop the charges against Dusty. "Maybe we can go bowling," Craig replies sarcastically." "Maybe you can get Dusty out of jail and then follow him right to Johnny," Meg suggests.

Sitting out on the balcony, Paul recalls what Craig said: "So, when I set you up for your fall you won't even see it coming." He gets up and walks to the banister. The banister breaks! Paul falls to the ground!

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