Lucy kidnaps Johnny!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Lucy begs Lucinda to help her escape with Johnny. Lily spots Holden laughing with Tea! Katie goes to Jack with the necklace.

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While Faith and Lily are Christmas shopping, Lily spots Holden laughing with Tea! Lily reminds Faith that she was supposed to go shopping with Janeen and her mother. Faith confirms as she spots them and points them out to Lily. Lily instructs Faith to go ahead. Faith says she wants to stay with her. Lily encourages her to go anyway, promising Faith she'll be home by dinner.

After Faith leaves, Lily heads off to find Holden. She walks in on him with Tea! He asks her what she's doing there. She says she was shopping and saw him laughing with her. She remembers the lipstick on his collar, confronts him about it, and says Jade knew and defended him. Holden advises Lily to calm down.
"Calm down! Who is this woman, and why are you having an affair with her?" Lily demands.
"I'm not having an affair."
"Then who is this woman?"

Holden introduces her as his dance instructor. He says he wanted to surprise her for Christmas. Lily apologizes, then tells him he's amazing! He explains how he planned an evening with dinner and dancing. She feels bad that she ruined the surprise. He says she didn't. She admits she should have trusted him. He expresses his love for her telling her she's the only woman he will ever want. Touched by his words, she hugs him.

Later, Lily apologies to Tea for her reaction. She says there's no need for an apology, because she would have reacted the same way. She goes on to say how much Holden talked about her and wanted to sweep her off her feet. He interrupts telling Lily he needs to go so he can buy her another Christmas present. She stops him, asking him to sweep her off her feet. He accepts her invitation to dance proving he does know how. They look fabulous together--like professionals!

At the station, Katie and Mike arrive with the necklace. She dangles it in front of his face. He asks her how she got it. When she explains, she says having it proves Simon stole it. Jack can't believe she broke into Carly's house. He points out that's theft! She says there were special circumstances; she had to act. He reminds her she done it illegally. He goes on to say the case is based on nothing but personal bias.

While arguing, Vienna comes in and says she'd recognize that diamond anywhere. "It from the royal necklace!" she adds.

With Vienna gone, Katie informs Jack that Vienna can verify the diamond is the real thing. He lets her know the diamond was already examined, and it wasn't the real thing. Katie says Vienna told her she was mistaken. He says he'll back up everything Vienna says. Katie replies there's no way that diamond is not the royal jewel. Vienna interrupts; she says the diamond is not one of the royal jewels. She admits its excellent work, but it's not the real diamond. Vienna notifies Katie that if she wants to bring someone else in to examine it she can, but she's certain the diamond is a fake. Jack says he should have her arrested for breaking an entry. He goes on to say just as soon as his guy confirms what Vienna has said he doesn't want to hear the word diamond again!

After Jack leaves, Katie asks Vienna why she's lying.

"Are you questioning my judgment?" Vienna replies.
"No, I'm questioning your loyalty. You may be in on this with Simon, huh?"
"That's ridiculous!"
"Is it?"
"You're not the only woman he's toyed with. I want to see that man brought to his knees and BEGGED for mercy."
"Then why did you lie and tell Jack that the diamond was a fake?"
"Because it is, and thanks to you I have much bigger problems than Simon Frasier. The prince is going to be furious at me, and I do NOT like to be yelled at," Vienna answers before walking away.

Katie is convinced Simon and Carly are trying to hide something. "They have the real diamond," she expresses to Mike. Mike demands she stop obsessing over this thing, to let it go. She says she can't. When she tries to explain why, she breaks down in his arms.

Later, she admits he's right, she does need a break, but she says she isn't giving up. He asks why she's doing this. She says he knows why. She goes on to say even he has to admit it makes sense. "Why would Simon and Carly have an exact replica of that diamond? Because their hiding the real one some place and we need to find out where," she says.

At the science fair, Carly continues to worry about her necklace that has disappeared. Simon says Sage may have taken it, but Carly says she wouldn't take it without asking. Soon after, Sage runs up and asks her mom if she wants to see her project. Carly takes Sage to a room where they can be alone. While inside, Carly asks Sage if she took the necklace. Sage says she didn't take it but she saw it. "Where?" Carly asks. She explains she saw it on the couch when she was playing with her magic crystal. Carly asks if she may have mixed them up. She replies that she's not sure, but she might have. Sage reminds her mom that she tried to show it to her several times. She says she knows and now she wishes she had looked at it. Sage says her magic crystal looks exactly like hers. Carly looks worried.

"So your crystal and my diamond look the same?"
"When they're together I can't tell them apart."

Carly says she'll be right back. She grabs Simon and pulls him in the room. She instructs Sage to tell Simon about the necklace and her magic crystal. Again, she says it looks just like "mommy's" necklace. Simon asks if the lady told her where she got it. She says no. He asks if she'd like him to drive her home to pick it up. She says he doesn't have to because it's already there. She says it's a part of her science project. Simon rushes out to see the project; Carly follows.

Dr. Bob takes another look at Craig's gunshot wound and assures him its fine. He says Lucy told him it was infected. Suddenly, Craig leaves the hospital informing Dr. Bob that he has to go!

At Craig's, Lucy informs Lucinda that she called her mother to arrange for a plane to take her and Johnny out of Oakdale. Lucinda doesn't like the idea, but Lucy begs her to help. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry but if you take a step toward that door with that child then helping you is not what I'm going to be doing." Lucy explains how Craig set Dusty up. She says Johnny will just end up stuck in the middle of everything. Lucinda asks her if she really believes kidnapping Johnny will stop the animosity between Craig and Dusty. She says at least Johnny won't have to see it. She goes on to say she owes it to Jennifer to do what she can for Johnny. "Please grandmother, please. Let me go," Lucy pleads.

Later, Craig comes home shouting for Lucy. When he doesn't get a response, he picks up the phone. Lucinda comes out and informs him that Lucy is fine. He asks where she is. Lucinda says she took Johnny for a walk. He tells her she's lying. "Your right, I'm vamping. I'm buying time. Would you like to know why?" Craig answers, "I'm waiting. What did you say to Lucy?" Lucinda replies that she didn't have to say anything; she just listened. "I just listen to the PAIN in her voice when she talks about you." He claims he's never done anything to hurt his daughter. Taking her drink away, he orders her to get out of his house and stay away from his children! She shouts that he has no idea of the damage he inflicts on his children, and the "appalling" way that he's gone after Johnny! He reminds her that Johnny's his son. She informs him he's wrong. "He's a pawn. He's a trophy." Lucinda replies. She goes on to say he knows nothing about being a father.

As they continue to argue, Lucinda tells him that Lucy's eyes are open and he'll never be able to pull the wool over them again. He says it sounds like Lucy's already gone. She sighs. He demands to know where his children are! "What have you done?" he continues. She says she hasn't done anything, or maybe she has. She says maybe she done one thing "Gave them a way out." "Where the h*** are my children?"

Later, we see Lucy and Johnny on a plane.

Back at Craig's, Lucinda answers, "Lucy and Johnny are gone, and they're never coming back. You will just have to learn to live with that."
"Where are they?" Craig questions again.
"I don't know. Lucy! Johnny!" Lucinda turns and shouts.
"Stop it! Where's my family?" Craig demands in anger.
"Family. You were a better family man when you were locked away in prison!"
"Tell me where my family is," Craig hassles, grabbing Lucinda and shaking her.
"They're some place where I hope you can't get to them. And you will NEVER see either of them again," Lucinda smiles.

Back at the science fair, as soon Simon and Carly see Sage's project, Carly's mouth drops open! "I don't believe it," Carly says. Jack arrives just in the nick of time! Sage hugs him saying she's glad he's there, because now he can see her science project too. Simon and Carly look worried!

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