Never Call Me Mom Again.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Craig gets pushed, Lucinda enlists Ralph's help and Jack searches for Dusty.

Never Call Me Mom Again. image

At Avalon Castle, Lily surprises Craig in his room and says she wants to spend the night there... because her mom is in her room. She says it will only be for one night and she's glad he's there with her. He flirts but she's determined to remain only friends. She vows not to forgive her mother, no matter how many times she apologizes. Lily suggests that they go down for dinner so he leaves to get them a table.


Upstairs, Lucinda is miffed when Ralph keeps calling her Mary Ellen. He pours her some brandy and explains that the governor freed him as soon as she called him. She's surprised that he got out so easily considering he's a criminal. He points out that most of the people in Oakdale are too. She wants him to fix what she botched with Craig. She needs him to get rid of Blackie. He'd rather talk about their past and says he knows her well enough to know when she's trying to snow him. Lucinda explains that she needs him to order Blackie away and mentions that Janet is involved.


In Carly's room, Jack worries about Ralph's involvement and whether Blackie has abducted Dusty. They bicker about him being involved in this and then she pouts. They rehash how he ran off after Brad died and he admits he hasn't been the same since. She asks him to call Margo for backup. He makes the call and asks her to send someone to try and find Dusty's car. She gets worried when he admits Manzo might be involved in this. After he gets off the phone, Carly is annoyed that he didn't ask for backup and tells him to admit this is personal for him. They start making out. She stops when he unbuckles his belt and tells him she's not ready for that. They decide to split up to look for Dusty.


In the basement, Janet notices the bruise on Blackie's head and wonders what's wrong. When she tries to go into the pantry to get peanut butter, Dusty starts yelling but he's got a gag in his mouth. The thugs try to shut him up while Blackie convinces Janet to leave with him. He walks her back to her room and offers to take her out to dinner later.


Ralph startles Blackie in the corridor and accuses him of disrespecting him, Lucinda and Janet. He orders him to go back to Chicago and stay out of trouble. Blackthorn walks off.


Craig finds Lucinda in the pool room and they begin bickering about Lily. He taunts her, making lewd suggestions and rubbing her face in them. "She's given in several times already," he says. She tries to walk away but he kicks it up and suggests they could be in-laws again. When he calls her 'mom', she shoves him in the pool. He moans and she threatens him, warning him never to call her 'mom' again. As Lucinda storms off, Carly comes in and helps him out of the water. She shoves him back in as soon as he gets out. She saunters off. Lily wanders in and laughs when she sees him climbing out of the pool. He tells her what happened.


Outside, Lucinda tells Ralph all about what she did to her daughter and why. She wonders how she could have been callous like that. He says she's just used to acting that way and tells her to let her daughter stand up on her own two feet so she can make a life of her own. He advises her to slow down and enjoy things a little more. When he suggests they run away together, she laughs and tells him she left the criminal world behind eons ago. He points out that she just committed a bunch of crimes. She insists her hands are clean. He doubts the Feds would feel the same way.


Jack and Carly meet up in the bar and he tells her that he's made up his mind about where they are going. They turn back to the topic of Dusty and wonder why Blackthorn would take Dusty there. Janet wanders by and they ask her if she's seen Dusty and tell her that he's gone missing. She keeps defending Blackie and then walks off to find him. Blackie walks in looking for Janet and Jack tells him to leave her alone. Blackie gets in Jack's face and then strolls off. Margo calls and tells Jack that someone saw Dusty getting loaded into a van. She worries that he sounds high strung and gets on the phone to Carly to ask her to keep him out of trouble.


In his room, Craig gets dressed and Lily brings up his idea to take over the company. He thinks it's a great idea and starts flirting again. She insists that they will never be a couple. He kisses her.

Blackie goes down to the basement to see Dusty, who has been beaten up a lot. Blackthorn tells him there's no one to save him now. As they're about to load Dusty up, they hear someone at the door. Blackie opens up and sees Janet.


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Dusty screams at Janet to run.

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