Will Breaks Gwen's Heart

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Carly talks Gwen into going to the motel to talk to Will, but she's not at all happy with what she finds when she gets there. Louis is alone with Maddy and she's scared to death. Simon final has his eyes opened, sees that Katie really does love Mike. Jack and Eve are becoming fast friends.

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Katie has lunch with Nancy. They talk about Katie trying to get pregnant. Nancy says youth is wasted on the young, tells Katie to enjoy every moment.


At the work site, Simon is telling Mike he's got to rip down all the work he's been doing on the wall. After Simon leaves the room Katie shows up. She and Mike start making love right there on the floor. Simon walks up behind them, but they don't see him, they are much too busy.

Outside Java, Eve and Maddie talk. Eve tells her Casey doesn't seem to be as supportive as he was, that he's not sure she didn't kill Lia. Maddie says she's getting what she deserves. Eve brings up Louis, Maddie says don't ever talk to me about him again. Eve tries to explain that Louis is trying to help her. Eve asks if Louis crossed the line with her, Maddie says no, she's just a lost cause and takes off.

In the room at the Wagon Inn, Jade is sleeping alone in bed, Will on the floor. She wakes him up and asks him to check outside, she heard a noise. She starts putting her hands on him, asks him why he didn't sleep in the bed. He's about to call Gwen, Jade is surprised, he asks her why, she says she didn't know he still wanted to get back with Gwen, that she ran into Gwen at Java and ...kinda... told her about them.... Will throws a fit. She tells Will that Gwen and Casey were practically attached at the hip. He tries to get her to leave the room, but she gave up the other room to stay in the room with him she goes to take a shower after they fight.


At the Lakeview, Louis apologizes to Henry for Maddie's sake. Henry buys Louis a drink. Louis tells Henry that he would never hurt Maddie, just trying to help, but now he sees that he just made it worse. He feels the reason he was son aggressive with Henry is that he feels guilty for Maddie sneaking off to that frat party. Henry tells him never to put his hands on Maddie again.

Eve gets a table at Java. Jack comes in and sits down with her. They talk about Maddie Eve doesn't understand why Maddie is spooked by Louis. Eve explains that she and Louis have a complicated marriage, that ever since he got to Oakdale he's been acting strange, she's afraid of him. Jack asks a question, do you want me to be Jack or Detective Snyder? If someone's safety is at stake, is there anything else she wants to tell him? They decide to be friends.

Gwen shows up at Carly's. Carly is so worried about her being attacked, but sees that something else is wrong. Gwen tells Carly she lost Will to Jade. They sit down and have a sister to sister talk about it. Gwen says she can't accept that it was just a one night stand between Will and Jade; every time she turns around they are together. Carly says that Jade is playing a game, maybe she stole Carly's old play book. Don't take what she says at face value. That it would work, tells her to go down to the Wagon Inn and evaluate things for herself. Gwen tells her she's afraid of getting hurt again, Carly says that's a chance she'll have to take if she wants to fight for Will, that Gwen can make the choice to forgive him if she wants, go find out if Jade's reports are accurate. Gwen admits that Jade has lied about everything, decides to go. After she leaves, Simon knocks on Carly's door, just wanting to talk. She tries to get rid of him, she is taking her kids to the drive in, he wants to go with them, maybe it will help him get over what he just saw, tells her about Mike and Katie making love. She invites him in, she admits she saw Jack with Eve at the hospital, that's why she's being so compassionate. She asks him if he really wants to go to the drive-in, it'll be a night he'll never forget.


Gwen knocks on the motel room door. Will tries to explain to her why he was there with Jade. Gwen asks him if they had separate rooms just as Jade walks out of the bathroom in only a towel. Jade tries to tell Gwen it's not what she thinks. Will takes Gwen outside the room, they argue. She tells him that he keeps saying you want me back, but every time she sees him he's with Jade, if you love me, she says, ask yourself how the things you do make me feel. He said he made a mistake, that he was worried about Jade because she was scared. Gwen says yeah she looked scared to death in that towel. He tries to compare her sleeping with Casey to him sleeping with Jade, but she didn't even know Will then. She tells him it's over and she leaves. He doesn't follow, but goes back in the room where Jade starts rubbing all over him with her hands, kisses him and he takes her in his arms and they begin to make-out passionately.


Maddy arrives home alone, Louis walks up behind her. He brought her a gift, but she is very apprehensive. It's the same movie poster she had in her room in Chicago. This causes a flash back. She tells him to go away and leave her alone. He blocks her when she tries to leave the room, he keeps sounding like the guy that molested her, saying some of the same words. She has a major flashback, sees his face there. He asks why she doesn't want to be with him and she says you know why. He locks the door, says they need to be alone.

At the police station, Dallas tells Margo she won't believe what he found out when he went to Chicago. The frat party where Maddie was supposed to have been attacked? There was no party.

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Maddie screams at Louis ...If you put your hands on me I swear I will kill you!...

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