I Am Ashamed To Be Your Daughter.

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Lily stands up to her mom, Janet gets ready to go away with Blackie and Dusty searches for answers.

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At Worldwide, Lily is doing business and transferring funds to Craig. He walks in clapping and assures her that she will be in charge of the company soon. She doesn't want power, she just wants to move on. He suggests that she try getting some revenge on her mom. Lily would rather prove she is a better person than her mom. "That's not setting the bar very high," he says. She's determined to prove herself. Lucinda storms in and demands to know what he is doing there. Craig confronts her about the perfume factory but Lily stops him and sends him away. Lucinda rambles about Craig and Lily lectures her mom for betraying her. She tells her mom that what she's done is worse than anything Craig has ever done. Lucinda tries to talk her way out of things. "I am ashamed to be your daughter," Lily says. That hurts her mother's feelings. They continue to argue and Lily tells her mom that she will pick Craig over her if she makes her choose. "Whatever, whatever you want," Lucinda says, flustered and suggesting they run off to the spa. They don't give massages deep enough to heal Lily's feelings. She vows to live her own life and it won't include her mother. After she stomps out, Lucinda sinks into her chair and cries.


Dusty stops by the farm house and finds Janet packing a bag. She informs him that she is going away for the weekend... with Blackie, and if he doesn't like it, then tough cookies. He's just there to apologize about Lucy. The image of them together is still wedged in Janet's brain. She asks him to go away. Once he leaves, Blackie calls. She sobs but insists all is well; she just wants a nap. As she writes a letter for Liberty, she finds an old picture of her with Dusty and drops it in the trash.


At home, Carly yells at her coffee maker and then at Jack for jumping the gun with Blackthorn. She moans about how she has nothing now. He tells her that they are a team and can move on together. She agrees to practice that. Before they can start making out, Dusty arrives and informs them that Janet is going to a castle with Blackie so they can be pampered. Jack's furious. Carly insists on being involved in going after Blackthorn and explains the botched surveillance attempt. They hand Dusty the medal they found and Dusty decides to ask around about it. After he leaves, Carly says that Janet got what she deserves from Dusty because she keeps pushing him back.


Dusty goes to Metro and tells Johnny that Teri will be looking after him while they're out in the country. She sends him off to get lunch and then Teri asks her boss what is going on. He shows her the medal and she explains that her dad had one just like it. She explains that members of a burial society carried it to make sure that immigrants get a proper grave if they are poor. She assures Dusty that Blackie isn't in business with Ralph.


Dusty goes to see Lucinda at Worldwide and demands to know everything she knows about Blackthorn. He is sure that he's connected to Manzo and could hurt Janet. Lucinda does her makeup and tells him to blame himself for Janet turning to another man.


Craig goes to the Lakeview for a drink and asks the bartender if he thinks he would be attractive to a woman. Craig gabs about how a woman he's known for years has suddenly become incredibly attractive to him. He just hopes that he doesn't get killed before he has a chance to be with her. Lily arrives to join him. She explains that she told her mom off and finally feels free. He gives her a hug. She starts to cry and kicks herself for not being stronger. He thinks she's magnificent. Lily says her mom wasn't always so terrible but she's had to fight for everything and doesn't know how to stop. After he discovers that Blackthorn has gone to the spa, he asks Lily to go there with him.


Blackthorn goes to see Lucinda in her office. She offers him severance pay to leave but he refuses. He likes Oakdale and might stick around.


Dusty calls Jack and Carly at home and tells them what he found out about the medal and who else was a member of the society. He assumes that Blackie is part of Ralph's inner circle and asks for Jack's backup. Carly refuses to let Jack go. She thinks this is about his brother and Manzo. If he acts without thinking clearly, something bad will happen. He says he has to do this alone.


Blackie and Janet arrive at the spa. She's amazed by it. Jack arrives and starts looking for Dusty. He ends up finding Carly instead.


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