I Never Want To See You Again.

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Barbara pushes Henry away, Iris is arrested and Emily feels bad.

I Never Want To See You Again. image

In the wine cellar of Fairwinds, Henry and Paul help Barbara and Emily up. Henry tells Barb that he will never leave her again. "I never want to see you again," she tells him. Upstairs, Gwen and Will mull over the events and she can't believe she gave her mom the benefit of a doubt. Emily runs in and is furious when they tell her that Iris has escaped. Barbara joins them and refuses to go to the hospital. Henry runs in and Barbara shouts at him for marrying Vienna. Paul stands up for his half-brother. Emily coughs as Barb shouts at them all until Gwen tells them they should be grateful to be safe.


Chris and Katie are in her bed, kissing after having sex. They talk about how amazing they are and wish they could stay there forever. She gets out of bed to call the babysitter. He rolls over and has chest pains. He swallows some pills and starts to gasp as she returns. Chris assures her that he is fine. She worries. His phone rings. Kim calls to say that Barbara has been found. Katie wants to rush off and see Henry.


Iris freaks out when she shows up at the bank and finds it closed.


At the hospital, Barbara continues refusing to speak to Henry and orders him away. He won't budge and tells her that he heard her on the baby monitor. She refuses to believe him as he tells her that all of this tore his heart out. He asks her to hit him if it will make her feel better. She throws a pillow and it hits Chris as he comes in. Henry worries and asks Chris to run a battery of tests. The doctor leaves to check on Emily instead. Henry continues begging her to stop being stubborn. She admits that she thought all about him when she was captive, but if he really loved her, he would have been immune to Vienna. "I'm meant to be alone," she claims, asking him again to go. He can't do that and makes his case for why he stayed with Vienna. "I love you and only you," he says. She cries, tells him how messed up her feelings have been and how Chuckles talked to her with his voice. He repeats that they have another chance and no one can stop them this time. She says that they let other people keep them apart and she's going to continue keeping them apart. She walks out.


In the corridor, Chris tells Katie that Barb is okay but angry. He walks over to Emily to listen to her lungs. She's okay.


Katie finds Henry sitting alone in an examining room. He tells her that Barbara hates him and he deserves it for making her feel like she was second best. After Katie leaves, Chris comes in to give him a pep talk. Henry wonders why he's so peppy and Chris says there is hope for everyone.


Iris goes back to Barbara's room and grabs what cash she can before heading out. She goes down to the bar to have a drink for the road. When she turns around, Gwen is standing there. She lambastes her mother for almost burning people to death. Iris says she owes her because she gave birth to her, even if she is a 'gross, lying, psycho'. She asks her daughter to let her walk out of her life. Gwen keeps her there, talking for long enough for the cops to arrive. As she is cuffed, Iris tells her daughter that she will regret this. "You consider yourself an orphan," she bleats as she's dragged out.


Paul returns to Fairwinds and finds Emily scrubbing the wine cellar. The only thing she ever wanted was to be a family with him, but she thinks she's put his family though hell and is being punished for it. Em explains that his mom tried to make peace with her and she turned her down. Crying, she can't believe she's been so spiteful.


Barbara goes to her room and is disturbed to find it in disarray. She paces and finds that her money is all gone. After she has a shower, Katie shows up. Barb says she's over Henry. Katie thinks she's just in shock. She admits that she is part of the reason this whole mess happened and tells her that Henry is madly in love with her and would do anything for her.

Chris goes back to Katie's. As he's letting himself in, he has more spasms and downs some more pills. Later, Katie arrives and finds the apartment empty.

Chris returns to the hospital and calls Reid in desperation.


Henry returns to his room and asks Chuckles for some advice. Barbara shows up. He's gobsmacked and rambles. "Will you marry me?" he asks. She asks him to get down on his knee. He drops and asks again. She agrees and they kiss.


Gwen and Will return to Fairwinds to tell Paul and Emily that Iris is in custody. Emily's sorry. There are many apologies and Paul decides it's time for a toast to them as a family.


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