The original ATWT logo. (CBS)

The 1999 ATWT logo. (CBS)

Since As The World Turns debuted in April of 1956 there have been only five opening sequences. Five! That is incredible when you consider that both daytime and nighttime dramas, sitcoms and even sports shows change their openings as often as every new season.

So, when ATWT changed their title sequence earlier this year, a few fans were concerned. And some were downright not happy about the change. I thought it would be interesting to give you all a little background into the five major opening changes (there have been a few other minor changes). Let's take a trip down Oakdale's Memory Lane.

The original title sequence of an organ tune and a spinning globe was unchanged, other than adding color to the clip in 1967, until 1973. At that time only the music changed - from organ music to a pre-recorded song. From that point the opening credits stayed the same until 1981.

The second title sequence debuted later in 1981 and included sponsorships. These sponsorships were hand drawn logos or names of products that were superimposed over the show title and globe. A CBS announcer would "plug" the product in a voice-over. 1981 also saw a new, synthesized version of the shows original theme song and the globe was changed from a background to simply become the "O" in "World" with three beams of light shooting from the world. You can watch that open by clicking here.

The theme song was slightly modified in both 1984 and 1988, but the next major change didn't happen until 1993. That is when Barry DeVorzon created an entirely new theme song. The show title also changed with the different letters of the title slowly passing by on screen as pictures of the different seasons were placed inside the block letters themselves. A spinning globe remained in the "O" position for this title sequence. You can watch this opening sequence by clicking here.

1999 brought a few more changes - another new theme song and another new opening sequence. For the first time, ATWT star beauty shots were shown as the music played. Rather than using a regular globe for the "O", this time historical clips from the soap were used to create the globe. Click here to watch that opening sequence.

Another new sequence was rolled out for fans in 2002, complete with another new theme song (this one considered a bit calmer), more actor clips in the opening and a blue sky background. Once again the "O" position became a spinning globe.

The final (at least for now) opening sequence debuted in 2007. A newer, dynamic piano-based theme song was created to compliment beauty shots of the main characters and their romantic counterparts. The 1999 logo was retired and a new logo created, in gold Arial style lettering and with the traditional globe in the "O" position.

It is amazing to me that the show's title sequence has changed only a handful of times since it went on the air in 1956. The new title, I think, is very respectful of the past but still looks to the future. We would love to hear what you fans think of the new sequence - or any of the old sequences, too!