ATWT Gets a New InTurn! image

The cast of InTurn 2. (CBS)

Ryan Serhart joins the cast in November! (CBS)

For the second summer in a row, As The World Turns fans had a chance to tell the show who to hire. CBS's "InTurn 2" began earlier this summer with 9 potential soap stars in training.

InTurn is an online contest that puts nine aspiring actors and actresses in a house to compete for one television role. You can read more about the contest and even view all the episodes by clicking here. Along with the built in drama of living with complete strangers, the actors participate in acting challenges, interviews and even have to withstand some tough criticism from their favorite stars.

Finalists Dyon, Jessamyn and Ryan appeared on several episodes of the show while fans were still voting for their favorite actor. All played small parts in JJ's kidnapping storyline. You'll remember Dyon played Idaho bartender Kit, Jessamyn played an informant with a clue to JJ's whereabouts and Ryan played one of Kit's employees and a small time thief.

When ATWT fans finished voting, Ryan Serhart became the winner of InTurn 2 - and a 13 week contract with the show! Hunk Ryan, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, will begin appearing in his new role on the soap November 7th. He will play Evan Walsh IV, a biochemist with a proposal for Craig.

The first InTurn Winner, Alex Charak, is still with ATWT. He plays Elwood, and recently helped Cheri plot against Dusty and Alison!