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Luke has a crush! (

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Like it or hate it, As The World Turns fans are about to get a hot new relationship going - Luke and Noah!

Our guy Luke Snyder has had a crush on Noah Mayer since he came to town, but Noah has been distracted with family pressures and Maddie. Since finding out about Luke's crush, Noah has been a little bit standoffish, but after a close encounter last week, it appears that there are a few sparks between the two!

Some fans aren't in favor of the match. Here is what they have to say:

Bradshaw said, "NO!!!!! I have watched this show for years and due to this new development I will no longer be tuning in. I have no problem with people doing what they want with their lives, and I even have some homosexual friends. But I refuse to have it shoved down my throat on television. My idea of entertainment is not watching two men make out."

But others are all for a Luke and Noah romance. Here are their thoughts:

manda_carjackfan said, "[Luke] had no one, not even friends really after everyone found out he is gay..I am Happy That They Are getting Closer."

CarJacker4Life said, "YES!!!! Its about time Luke found some happiness. Noah is a great guy and I adore Luke. They are a good match for one another."

MaddieandCasey4eva said, "I love "Nuke" they are soooooo cute!!" Daddysboy said, "It may be interesting to see the outcome for Noah with a family that may not be as accepting. I think it may provide for an interesting storyline, as well as a dramatic one."

baby doxies said, "I am very excited about this storyline & hope it plays out with a lot of dignity & grace for Luke's character. I think Van is doing a great job!!"

New romances are hard for fans to adjust to, but this storyline promises to be wrapped with tension and fun! is all for this type of groundbreaking storyline, but whatever your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts on this pairing!