ATWT Stars: Where Are They Now? image

Tamara Tunie played Jessica Griffin (CBS)

Jennifer Ferrin played Jen Donovan (CBS)

Roles are recast in Soapland all the time. We fans have become used to seeing new faces populate our favorite towns, but sometimes we wonder just what happened to our favorite actors. I did a little research this week and found out that some of our favorites have been keeping very busy post-Oakdale.

Jennifer Ferrin, ex-Jennifer Donovan, left Oakdale in 2006. She is currently working on a television mini-series called "The Kill Point". She plays Chloe. The miniseries forms around a group of soldiers who have recently returned from Iraq and are planning a huge bank heist!

Matthew J. Morrison, ex-Adam Munson, left Oakdale in 2006. Since, he has kept very busy. He played Ray in the Drew Barrymore flick "Music and Lyrics" and Jesse Stark on an episode of "CSI: Miami". He is currently slated to appear in the new series "Lipstick Jungle", which debuts later this year. He is also in pre-production on a film called "Taking Chance". The film is based on the real-life events surrounding a military escort who is taking the body of a fallen soldier back to his hometown.

Tamara Tunie, ex-Jessica Griffin, played double duty for several years, going back and forth between ATWT and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Earlier this year she left Oakdale to focus on her other projects. She is continuing her recurring role on "SVU" as Dr. Melinda Warner. She is also at work on a film call "The Koi Keeper".

Young Giovani Cimmino, ex-Parker Snyder, left ATWT in 2006. Since leaving the show, Giovanni has moved on to movies. In 2007, he co-starred in "300", a movie based on the graphic novel which retells the Battle of Thermopylae in 450 B.C.

Since leaving Oakdale, Bonnie Root (ex-Eve Browning) has been a busy lady! She landed a recurring role on "Cold Case" as ADA Thomas and also played a small part in "Vanished". Currently she is working on a project called "Rails and Ties", the story of a train conductor and his wife who form a strong bond with the son of a woman who killed herself by parking on the train tracks.

We miss our favorites when they leave Oakdale, but it is wonderful to see them go on to even bigger roles!