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Jade has won over fans! (Soaps.com)

Elena Goode plays Jade. (CBS)

It won't be long before ATWT fans will be missing one of their new favorites from the soap. Elena Goode, Jade, will leave at the end of this month. She joined the show in 2006 and at first fans weren't sure what to think of the manipulative character and all her tricks.

In the year that Jade has been living in Oakdale she has pretended to be someone else, stole from her family, faked a pregnancy and miscarriage and brought that crazy Cleo to town. Oh, the drama related to Jade!

Recently, though, Jade has won over a lot of people and news that she'll soon leave Oakdale has many hoping she will come back - soon!

GwenWillLover said, "She has truely grown into a better woman and I hate to see her leave especially when I am actually starting to like her. I feel horrible that I hated her so much last year and that I nagged, and nagged until this happened. Ah anyway can't wait to see her exit, I'm sure I'll cry!"

"Jade had so much more to do in Oakdale. She has a talent that has not been seen in quite sometime. Just like when Jennifer Landon started the show. You can see something there and mark my words..Elena will be doing GREAT on her own after the show," said LuvingOne.

ATWTFaithful said, "I don't want her to leave. She is my favorite love to hate character. I really liked her involvment in all s/l's."

"It's a shame they didn't use her for more than manipulation, she had so much more s/l potential," said Tammer.

Elena's run on ATWT will end in late July. There is no word what she will do next, although there have been rumors that she may wind up on OLTL. Whatever happens, will miss her in Oakdale!

We wish you luck, Elena!