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Matt Cavenaugh (Adam) (

Visit the Players Club at 16 Gramercy Park South, in New York, NY on June 18 at 7:00 pm to watch Matt Cavenaugh (Adam Munson) in his presentation of "How he Lied to her Husband." Written by George Bernard Shaw, directed and produced by David Staller, Matt Cavenaugh (Adam Munson) from ATWT will present "How he Lied to her Husband." Presenting along side Matt will be Karen Ziemba as "she," and John Glover as "her husband." Matt Cavenaugh stars as "he."

The Project Shaw Website describes the show as a "high comedic style." "In the manner of a Lonsdale drawing-room comedy, we meet the glamorous wife who has determinately allowed a beautiful young man to fall in love with her. Romantic letters complete with very specific poetry has been written by the young man, given to the wife, and misplaced. Her husband is now believed to be in possession of the letters…but her husband seems to have a profoundly potent trick up his sleeve," Project Shaw illustrates further.

Writer, George Bernard Shaw died at the age of 94 in the year of 1950. However, while he was still living, he wrote several plays, books and treatises in the English language. Project Shaw is honoring George Bernard Shaw's work by presenting all of the author's plays. It is said that Project Shaw is the first theatre festival to ever do this.

If you would like to see Matt Cavenaugh (Adam Munson) in his presentation of "How he Lied to her Husband," tickets to the show are $15 each. To buy tickets and find out more about the Project Shaw Series, please visit the Project Shaw Website.