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Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) (CBS)

Attention Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) fans: be sure to watch Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) in "Gracie." "Gracie" hits the theaters on June 1. Starring along side Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) will be Carly Schroeder, Elisabeth Shue, Dermot Mulroney, Andrew Shue, Joshua Caras, Julia Garro and many others. According to the Gracie Official Website, "Gracie is an inspirational film about a teenage girl who overcomes the loss of her brother (Jesse Lee Soffer) and fights the odds to achieve her dream of playing competitive soccer at a time when girls' soccer did not exist." "Gracie" is based on true events and is directed by Davis Guggenheim, an Academy Award-winning director.

Aside from "Gracie" ATWT Emmy Award nominee Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) has also appeared in "A Very Brady Sequel" (1996, Bobby Brady), The Brady Bunch Movie (1995, Bobby Brady), "Safe Passage" (1994, Percival) and "Matinee" (1993, Dennis Loomis).

If you would like to find out more about "Gracie" and view a trailer of this upcoming film featuring ATWT Jesse Lee Soffer (Will), visit the Gracie Official Website. would like to congratulate Jesse on his upcoming role in "Gracie," and we send our best wishes to him for all his future endeavors in television and film!