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Loving Scott Bryce (Craig) (CBS)

Fans say who they want Jack with! (CBS)

Fans of As the World Turns offer feedback regarding the characters and the storylines.

Jack and Katie fans, .. and critiques

Sam A.: lease leave Katie and Jack together. They are so cute.

Candida C.: I love watching your show. I try to watch it before I go to work @3 if I cannot I will recorded it on my DVR. I want Jack and Katie together. They make a wonderful Couple. Keep up the work. And I will still be watching no matter what happens.

Betty C.: I don't want Katie &Jack together. She needs to find a man no one else has had 'BRAD'

Loving Scott Bryce

Patricia P.: I would just like to thank you for bringing back Scott Bryce. I just could not get in to any of the others who have played Craig. I have been watching since 1975 and have seen so many changes but your show is still my favorite one, and now my girls watch the show to. As The World Turns has been in the family for 3 generations! Thank you for making it. We're still tuning in everyday.

Cindy P.: It is great to see Scott Bryce back as Craig. He was always good in the part, and looks as good as he ever did. Welcome back, Scott.

Marjorie B.: After watching this soap for 50+ years, your writers are causing me to leave, because I cannot hear the actors speaking. They are wasting the time of the writer, actor, camera people, viewers, stars, etc. Everyone involved. The mikes are not picking it up sound good enough to be heard outside of the stage. Another thing, the wardrobe people need to get with it! These clothes they almost put on the stars is unacceptable. I don't like how they show the waist and breast.

Sarah S.: I have watched ATWT since its inception in 1956 on and off as life would allow. I remember Chris and Nancy Hughes' kitchen and all of Lisa's husbands. I wanted to let you know how excited I was to see Scott Bryce return to his old role as Craig Montgomery. No one has done the part justice since he left. I hope he stays. What a joy it would be to see Andy, the real Dusty and the old Paul once again. I just wanted to let you know about how good it was to see the real Craig one more time.

About Cleo…

Arlene O.: It was cute for about 2 hours -- enough already on Cleo.

Lisa E.: What were you writers thinking when you created the role of Cleo Babbitt? She has got to go. Please come to your senses and write her gone. I have been a devoted watcher of ATWT and Y&R since I was 8 years old and on the 17th I will be "40"

Delorise P.: I don't know who came up with this lame story line but, it is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. As the World Turns is great because it has true to life stories and I know it is stooping to some crazy story about a girl who looks like Gwen and that is so farfetched that it is laughable. Please get real it makes up appear stupid for watching such an ignorant story line.

Bring Casey Back!

Chantal T.: Please bring back Zack as Casey on. We want him back because it won't be the same. Casey and Maddie have a lot in common and even though you bring back a new Casey it won't be the same. You'll lose a lot of viewers.

Rita P.: BRING Casey Back!!! ATWT just won't be the same without Casey!

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