Marie Masters Directs Strangers Knocking image

Marie Masters (CBS)

Marie Masters (Dr. Susan Stewart, ATWT) will be directing The New Group's new production, "Strangers Knocking". This new production will begin on Monday, May 14 and will run until Sunday, June 3. Heading the cast with Masters is Talia Balsam, Mercer Boffey, Julie Halston, Stella Maeve, Michael Stahl-David and Jonathan Walker. The performance will take place at The Acorn Theater (410 West 42nd Street) in New York, NY.

According to the synopsis at Ticket Central, "Strangers Knocking takes place on the day of Sophie's first big high school dance, as her budding sexuality throws into relief the strains in the marriage of her frustrated parents, and the rippling effects this has on all their relationships. Tenges captures the subtle tensions of the unspoken in a family." For more information and tickets, please visit The New Group.

Since 1968, Marie Masters has played the role of Dr. Susan Stewart on As the World Turns. Prior to her role as Dr. Susan Stewart, she was also a dialogue writer for ATWT. In addition to Strangers Knocking, Marie was assistant director for Aunt Dan and Lemon, Comedians, Present Laughter, Goosepimples, Curtains and several other plays. wishes Masters all the best in her endeavor! We encourage readers to take in a show!