Cady McClain Returning to ATWT image

Cady McClain (Rosanna) (CBS) is excited to announce that Cady McClain will be returning to As the World Turns in July! Upon her return to ATWT, she will resume her Emmy winning role as Rosanna Cabot. "Yes, it is true. I am returning to ATWT to play Rosanna Cabot, who will arise from her coma in Switzerland to what deeds we can only imagine! Who is she now?! What did she dream?! How is her hair?! I am very pleased to be returning, and I hope to have a lot of fun," Cady McClain confirms in her latest blog post.

Cady McClain's last appearance in Oakdale as Rosanna was in July of 2005. During that time, she discovered the truth about Jennifer and Gwen's baby. When she confronted Craig about it, and he confessed to switching the babies, Rosanna dashed of the house, got in her car and headed for the police station. Craig immediately knew where she was going, so he hopped in his car and chased Rosanna down. In an attempt to get her to pull over and talk to him, he ran her off the road causing her to crash! The crash landed her in a comma, which she never awoke from.

Be sure to watch ATWT in July when Rosanna awakens from her comma and returns to Oakdale. It should be exciting!