Terri Colombino (Katie) (CBS)

Austin Peck (Brad) (CBS)

UPDATE: On May 7, Terri Colombino (Katie) and Austin Peck (Brad) will begin their journey to Brookfield, Illinois to visit the winner of the "Win a Day with 'Brad' and 'Katie' Contest." The winner is Brookfield resident Robin O'Malley. On the date of May 7, Robin O'Malley will be featured in the As the World Turns episode.

What's your least favorite household chore? Do you hate laundry, or maybe you despise dishes? Are you like my husband? Do you avoid mowing the lawn until it gets so high that you just have to mow it? Whatever the chore, Katie (Terri Colombino) and Brad (Austin Peck) could spend one day performing that most hated household chore for you. Not only will they visit you in your hometown to perform your most hated household chore, but you could also win a cash prize totaling $5000!

I know, by now you must be jumping up and down shouting, "Oh, please, please tell me more!" Is it because you're just dying to meet these two soap stars, or is it because you can't wait to get rid of that one household chore for one day and inherit $5000 too? I know it's all three: Meeting Katie and Brad, doing away with that one household chore for a day and having an extra $5000 in spending money. I promise I won't torment you any longer, so here's the good stuff� Visit Oakdale Now on Thursday, March 29 to submit your essay explaining why Brad and Katie should visit you in your hometown to do that most hated household chore for you. The deadline for entries is April 12, 2007 before 6:00 pm (ET).

Christopher Goutman, ATWT Executive producer said, "This is going to be tremendous fun. Our viewers have been inviting As the World Turns into their living rooms for over 50 years. We are so excited to make this a two-way interaction for the very first time and to literally bring As the World Turns into a fan's home."

Yes, friends, you read that right. It's not a misprint. If you win this essay contest, the ATWT camera crew will visit your home. This contest will soon be a part of the ATWT storyline when Brad Snyder suggests the contest to Katie Kasnoff for Oakdale Now. Katie, of course, will disagree and the two will butt heads as usual. However -- also as usual -- their boss, Kim Hughes (Kathryn Hays) will adore the idea and pull rank on Katie, forcing her to participate.

Now that you have the full details, the only reason you should be jumping up and down is from excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Start typing that essay and good luck!

We wholeheartedly encourage those who win to take loads of photographs and send them in, with your story to Soaps.com!