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Jeffrey Meek as Craig (CBS)

Scott Bryce (CBS)

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that since Jeffrey Meek took over the role of Craig Montgomery in September 2006, he's not been very popular with some of the As the World Turns fans. Many complained that Jeffrey didn't fit the role of Craig Montgomery. The problem wasn't Jeffrey, though; it was that the role was a difficult act to follow. Personally, I thought Jeffrey was a great actor.

All the drama must have caused As the World Turns to take notice, because Jeffrey Meek's last air day will be April 2. The good news� Scott Bryce, the original Craig Montgomery, will reclaim the part!

Scott Bryce first stepped into Craig's shoes in 1982, and he played that role until 1987. Then in 1990, he returned and played the role again until 1994. Scott's time on As the World Turns earned him four nominations: Two Daytime Emmy nominations and two Soap Opera Digest nominations. Unlike Jeffrey Meek, Scott Bryce was popular among the fans of As the World Turns. In fact, several of those fans agreed that Scott Bryce fit the role better, so As the World Turns decided to bring him back. Scott Bryce will step back into Craig's shoes on April 10. Christopher Goutman, executive producer of As the World Turns, said in a statement, "We are excited to have Scott Bryce back on As the World Turns. He brings with him an invaluable understanding of Craig and the character's rich history."

Since Scott's departure from As the World Turns in 1994, he's starred in Pandora's Clock (1996), Sex and the City (1998), ER (2002), Law & Order (1997 - 2005), One Life to Live (2006) and various other productions.